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  1. Linden driverless shuttle operator hopes federal review confirms vehicles' safety The operator of self-driving shuttles in Linden says it's cooperating with a federal halt and safety review following a sudden braking incident last week. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration temporarily suspended EasyMile's operations in 10 states after a LEAP shuttle made an unexpected stop while going 7.1 mph on Thursday, and a woman fell from her seat and sought medical attention. The trigger for the emergency stop was unknown. Smart Columbus stopped the service immediately and EasyMile representatives arrived on Monday. The U.S. headquarters of the French company is in Denver. Shuttles won't resume until the city is satisfied with results of the technical and safety review, a city spokeswoman said. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2020/02/28/linden-driverless-shuttle-operator-hopes-federal.html
  2. Studio 35 Expands with Pizzeria & Second Screen Studio 35 is a single-screen theater no more. Taking over the second floor that was once an apartment and a projection booth, the Clintonville movie theater has added a second screen – and its very on pizzeria. Owners Eric Brembeck and Rita Volpi have had their sights set on the second floor renovation since they finished the theater’s first remodel earlier this decade, which saw new seats in the main theater and the draft lines expand from 15 to 40. Operating as a one-screen theater had its challenges. Volpi says they had to be right all the time. When screening a Blockbuster film, the movie studio sets the number of weeks it needs to run – no matter how quickly the audience might drop off. More below: https://www.columbusunderground.com/studio-35-expands-with-pizzeria-second-screen-sp1
  3. Fog in... Atlanta London Sydney And the legendary fog in... San Francisco
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