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  1. KJP ... "for-sale townhouses lining Prospect Avenue". Really? That would be great! Part of the grand plan?
  2. First, Cleveland would need to grow population and jobs.
  3. john hartness brown should start in October. Not sure about the others.
  4. Ummm, Ok ^Oh boy... You're not the architect are you? One does not need to be a architect to have a valid opinion, just as one does not need be a musician to have good taste in music!
  5. I wonder when the $25 million state tax credit award expires. Something needs to happen or day are in danger of losing it.
  6. Cleveland will submit a competitive bid for the Amazon headquarters. DCA & GCP are evaluating several sites, such as Weston's superblock, and will soon support a single location and facilitate the bid. The state and county will need to step to the table to create a compelling proposal. This should be interesting!
  7. Well said!! "Meanwhile the high school newspaper "Cleveland Scene" is slamming this deal citing that it would set a precedent of the schools being a TIF ATM for future projects. I don't understand the logic by the naysayers. Continue as a surface lot, collecting $360k a year or transform into a vibrant city center with thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of permanent jobs - oh and wait - an upfront payment of $18 million."
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