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  1. Does anyone remember if there was this kind of criticism of the BP Building when it was proposed? Because I think that building has aged worse than the nuCLEus tower will.
  2. I'm not surprised DU closed. they had a whole host of problems: their clothes were too expensive, the location was awkward (the crowd coming from bars and baseball games around that area are probably not looking at buying $200 sundresses), the space was massive, etc. to be honest, I don't even know where a store like that would do well. I couldn't see a boutique of that sort doing well... anywhere in Greater Cleveland. if they downsized it and moved it to, say, Gordon Square or Ohio City and lowered prices they'd do OK. but they kind of came in the wrong way. sad that this is the store that's closing and not CLE, since DU's staff was really nice and CLE's was... :wtf:
  3. I'm dying at Keith talking about how amazing and what an urban oasis Minneapolis by having a new grocery store downtown, zzz. I agree with natininja. living in Tokyo for years now has made me realize how sad even the most urban areas of America are.
  4. umm are you saying Minneapolis is on the same level as Portalnd? or was that a typo
  5. omg Kimmy Z looks flawless there her wig is on point
  6. not surprised by that list, Cincinnati does seem to fit the bill IMO
  7. Checking their phones when customers were struggling to find stuff, not greeting, not saying anything when i made my purchase, dicking around on their iMacs, etc. Totally different experience compared to Dredgers Union.
  8. I had my first experience at C.L.E. Clothing recently and it was not good at all. I couldn't find any sizes, the staff was incredibly unhelpful, they didn't assist me at all and they were rude when I bought the shirt. They need to wise up because I will never shop there again.
  9. Again, I'd like some actual proof since I'm pretty sure Tower City's current low-budget lineup is not exactly paying exorbitant amounts of money in rent. I'd say, for example, a Ralph Lauren or Abercrombie outlet would certainly be able to afford rents that the dollar store in Tower City can. A mid/upper-mid end outlet would do extremely well in Tower City IMO.
  10. MTS you got any sources to back up those claims about TC rents being too high for outlet stores? cuz sis that doesn't sound true at all looking at its current lineup.
  11. ^umm ya they were, my youthful brain does not forget things like this tbh
  12. weren't quite a few of the stores in Tower City outlet stores? I remember waiting to go shopping at the Abercrombie outlet there on school field trips to the film festival because everything there was so cheap. I think Banana Republic too.
  13. OK, comparing the Pittsburgh casino to the one being built here is bad enough, but comparing it to ones in Cripple Creek, Colorado? really?
  14. ^No I'm really just looking for decent neighborhoods with good, older housing stock (I don't wanna live in anything newer than 1960 tbh). also I'm gay so I have to wonder which city would be better in that regard. the job part doesn't really matter, I can find a job in my field in either city really easily. does Pittsburgh have the Detroitification that Cleveland has in so many neighborhoods? the thing I worry about with Pittsburgh is that it feels too small-time for me. it's very dense but a lot of the time it looks like I'm in some river town in West Virgina or something, there's not much of a ~big city feel~ I guess, but I could be wrong (and I'd love to be corrected if that's the case) also FOOD is important since I live to eat. But I think CLeveland has Pittsburgh beat in that area tbqh! thanks for all your nice replies everyone, if you have an experiences or knowledge please continue to share because I haven't made up my mind yet!!
  15. It really doesn't have to. if people are just objective (which is what I need) it will be fine :) I've had a hard time making this decision because friends and family from Cleveland are so anti-Pittsburgh that I can't get any REAL answers or facts, and vice-versa!
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