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  1. surfohio


    At Comic-Con one of the issues is trying to get attendees out of their hotel rooms. Apparently a significant number don't visit bars or restaurants, they order-in.
  2. Quick, somebody phone up Toad the Wet Sprocket and the Gin Blossoms!!!
  3. Dink used to practice at The Daily Double in downtown Akron. They were LOUD. I must've heard the song "Green Mind" about 1,000 times....while I was out rollerblading.
  4. @GISguy Nah I found it on google, but there's not a lot of pics out there. I think I've only been through that CLE tunnel once or twice. Detroit's is like an acid trip!
  5. Good lord, maybe some of the out of work commenters can get a job editing.
  6. Hmm. I did think that his "mixed use" comment was a bit telling. He's an urban planner, but then again so was "Disastrous" Dona Brady lol. Maybe Zone has some intel on an Elon Musk dual proposal for hyperloop and burying the Shoreway.
  7. Okay, fair point, but surely it doesn't need to be a bunker all the way up to the sidewalk. Combine that with the suburban looking setback in front, and it's like the worst of both worlds.
  8. Well, Zone and McCormick do bring up good points. Does anyone have a ballpark idea of how much the required infrastructure improvements will cost? And frankly I'm a little perplexed as to why the developer hasn't been in constant contact with McCormick. He said he had no idea about this! Crazy. Here's hoping this is not blind obstructionism. Who knows. Maybe it's the beginning of something constructive; that will end up making the project more viable and part of a more cohesive overall strategy.
  9. ^ Best line from the article: Zimmerman, through an affiliate company Jobu Needs A Refill LLC......
  10. I am surprised that you can still design such prominent blank walls along the street and sidewalk. Shouldn't this be against zoning?
  11. Hear you on that. Do the Indians have a good presence on reddit? That seems like a logical place for comments during games.
  12. She was married to a renowned urban planner and somehow still couldn't get a plan in place. It's inexplicable really!
  13. They're back! I love the folks at Phoenix, they are such good people. Hopefully they and Rising Star can both do well along this stretch. There are a LOT of great coffee spots in Lakewood.
  14. No matter what side you're on regarding this proposal, this all points to just how worthless the Jane Campbell era Lakefront Plan really was. The areas suitable for retail should've already been mapped out. The funds for utilities should've already been allotted for projects that meet an already set and acceptable criteria. Public access would be an integral component and not just an afterthought. Nope. It's still the wild west in many ways with no discernible plan in place.
  15. Love it, a true best case scenario! But I'm holding out some unlikely hope that the ground floor tenant is Bi-Rite.
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