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  1. Was in town for a wedding this weekend and met up with some friends who just moved into the Quarter. Check this out: there's always a free keg of beer there for residents at the pool. Really cool huh?
  2. I've not hear of Mat Lee, will check him out.
  3. ^ FYI I'm not sure RT is anything but a Russian propaganda device.
  4. As a driver, I prefer this new setup vs. waiting at the traffic lights, which on this busy stretch used to back up traffic considerably. But I'll agree to the extent that yes, the islands and lane reduction and the pedestrian crossing signals (not pictured) and clearly marked crosswalks, they all work in tandem and are necessary. And it's not complicated for pedestrians at all. It's actually much nicer walking along outdoor patios, etc.
  5. This is near where I live. Take my word for it, this setup is very much an improvement for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and all of the businesses fronting the road (which is the Pacific Coast Highway by the way).
  6. Not necessarily. It's all how they're designed. Check out this before and after shot of La Jolla Blvd in San Diego. It's a world of improvement for pedestrians. https://www.cnu.org/publicsquare/2018/01/10/road-diet-bridges-barrier-boosts-safety
  7. Respectfully couldn’t disagree more. The current convergence of speeding traffic is so dangerous for cyclists.
  8. ^ you know all those movies where the ugly girl that nobody likes turns out she’s really gorgeous underneath the messy pony tail and Salvation Army-baggy clothes? Thats our never ending storyline lol.
  9. Fair enough. I’m interested in hearing about what you think about the program. Specifically what positive effects you expect it to have.
  10. Well I get that. It’s a good message to encourage people to educate and empower themselves. But this article seems to have a different tonal message and altogether different, top down oversimplified solution to what we know is a very terribly complex problem. I’d like to get a better idea of what this program really does. My initial thoughts are that it’s limousine liberal approach that won’t get any traction. I hope I’m wrong.
  11. My family’s Italian, German and African American. There’s lots of hugging, well, 66% anyway...German side, not so affectionate. Looks like neither you nor I could run for President haha. #biden
  12. Manner hands! Keanu Reeves Keeps His Hands to Himself Jason Kottke Jun 12, 2019 When I saw this photo of Dolly Parton & Keanu Reeves after it went viral earlier this year, I noticed something interesting about it. Can you see it? https://kottke.org/19/06/keanu-reeves-keeps-his-hands-to-himself
  13. Ha! Too true. Kyrie to NY’s version of the Clippers is interesting. Actually the Nets would dream of being as relevant as the Clippers.
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