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  1. No no no!!!!!! You don't need either of those two to win a super bowl.....but you do apparently need an owner who will "get busy" down in Florida.
  2. Oh yeah, they can market themselves as the Killer Bees!!!! Good point. And we found out the libertarian faction was just an urban legend.
  3. Come to think of it, I would bet that the vast majority of Bernie supporters just assumed - like most everyone - that Hilary would win regardless of whether they voted or not. How much can we blame Trump's win on the media and bad polling?
  4. I don't think the RNC anointed Trump as much as it was Trump's supporters absolutely overwhelming the RNC.
  5. Okay I gotta ask...can you point me to a development in Cleveland (or anywhere in USA) within the past 50 years that you can point to as "too dense" in your opinion? Because yes, I agree there is such a thing as too much density....but Cleveland? I just don't see any tangible, real world issue here.
  6. Policies and party platforms are for political nerds to argue about. I'm going to say most voters really have no idea of such things. They vote for the candidate they like, or are told to like.
  7. If I had some extra spare change I'd be investing in either Cudell or St. Clair-Superior ASAP. Anyone else think differently?
  8. The book doesn't shy away from his flaws, that's for sure. One thing that was interesting to me was that Alex wasn't really allowed to play guitar with the Box Tops, he was too much of a novice then. Unsurprisingly the label insisted that studio musicians play on the recordings. But when the Box Tops toured with the Beach Boys Alex became close with Carl Wilson, and Carl really taught him to play. Now I think Carl was a darn good player, but Alex became a darn great player imho.
  9. One reason for the close proximity may be to cut down on those arctic winds off the lake.
  10. Didn't Nestle already set the tone for this area though? They brought "build to the sidewalk" to the extreme. It may as well be a prison.
  11. But it’s going to “fade into the landscape” haha. This things gonna be a graffiti canvas, which could actually be an improvement. Im with you though. This isn’t the National Park or some pristine, unique ecosystem. It should absolutely Provide for commercial development.
  12. First they came for our plastic bags, and we said nothing lol. Okay Brutus_buckeye you've inspired me to actually read what's in this GND thing once and for all.
  13. The trail will be separated on the west from RTA’s tracks and a maintenance road by a 6-foot-high chain link fence coated in black vinyl to make it fade into the landscape. Sorry I have to laugh at how terrible that's going to look. Anyhow here's hoping we can somehow get enough cooperation for the greeenway AND some housing/retail to coexist here for the win-win.
  14. I read the book on Alex, "A Man Called Destruction" this year. Some crazy stuff. I think few realize his career went way beyond the Box Tops....guy was literally at the forefront of power pop and the seminal punk scene at CBGB's!!! p.s. CLE needs to revive Upbeat asap.
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