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  1. On the bright side, the building looks very impervious to a military assault.
  2. ^ You've got a great point. I think years of living in Cleveland just conditioned me to automatically assume the worst!
  3. I’m rooting for Toronto tonight. If CBJ loses to them, so be it. But I am so damn sick of Boston. I’m gonna call some of my old Sicilian neighbors and ask them to sports-curse that whole city.
  4. I wish I could say I never signed up for credit cards to get a free 2L bottle of soda. But I did. Several times in the Akron student center. So dumb lol.
  5. surfohio

    Ohio Music

    I just finished Keith Richards autobiography. Really good! Being earnest and devoted students of American music they were welcomed openly into the segregated black communities.
  6. MONORAIL! Some interesting links in this post.
  7. Thought I’d pass along this important message. RAISE THE FILM TAX INCENTIVE *The government vote is this week* This is very VERY important for Cleveland and to me as a filmmaker in Cleveland. We have huge Films that want to bring their productions to Cleveland (Including the Russo brothers of THE AVENGERS) which will stimulate our economy with *hundreds of millions of dollars to local business. There is currently $250 million in film projects on the table awaiting the verdict, ready to come here this year. Please take a moment to send this prepared letter from The Greater Cleveland Film Commission to our governor. Visit this google doc link for the letter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i77hncO1dpHnOyrx-EFG0n8bqcs6uHORUsQMpgzRar8/edit?fbclid=IwAR3lVYcBSobz7PFji9gq50K0bkJoSO80DO9StF0TJVyN4jMiFpks2sQdfJM Send to: -contact@governor.ohio.gov – Governor Mike DeWine -laurel.dawson@governor.ohio.gov – Governor DeWine’s Chief of Staff -rep72@ohiohouse.gov – House Speaker Larry Householder -obhof@ohiosenate.gov – Senate President Larry Obhof -Cody Sherrill
  8. This guys in Mentor but he handles my buddies properties in Lakewood. https://www.howardhanna.com/Agent/Detail/Michael-Burrington/53875#my-listings
  9. ^ Two CLE gems. Now that is a good marriage.
  10. Seems like this is an okay thread for this. I didn't realize downtown Tampa was getting so much investment. https://urbanland.uli.org/development-business/3-billion-project-transforming-downtown-tampa/
  11. Right. I’d like to see some idea that they’re going to properly address the clumsy separation between buildings. That is one aspect of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor - the sensible pedestrian flow - that I wish we could just blatantly steal.
  12. Cautiously optimistic. I need to see more. What is the outdoor pedestrian flow going to be like? Is this merely going to be a ground floor gerbil tube for winter use? We need to see more asap!!
  13. surfohio


    Agree! Huge problem to legislate. It forces clumsy and inconsistent (and arguably unconstitutional) results. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the scientific-medical basis behind a tri-mester. But the alternative of not legislating or wishing it away is not a real option. A line still needs to be drawn....somewhere. Ps somebody mentioned how preventable this all is. It is frustrating that with all our advances, unwanted pregnancies are still so prevalent.
  14. surfohio


    It’s absolutely relevant. We are discussing how we should regulate abortion. Your last sentence uses the word “people.” This is what is so difficult about the issue; the definition of personhood is a controversial one where even the most brilliant minds in medicine, ethics and law have much disagreement. Also just some friendly advice in general, i’ve found if you want to encourage meaningful discussion it’s best to avoid extreme comments like “All conservatives....” or “all liberals...” it’s really no better than a straw man type argument.
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