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  1. So a tall but single-use structure with adjacent 'parking garage rooftop swimming pool'?
  2. This courthouse design included the clock tower / steeple from when it was built, around 1890. It has probably been refurbished and cleaned a few times though. A fun fact is that the tower was originally planned for the center of the structure, but poor foundations required that they move it slightly to the side. It looks quite strange when viewing it from directly in front.
  3. This block has come up on some endangered buildings list recently.
  4. The CAC chairman has decided to delay the vote until next meeting, July 2nd, instead of giving a tie-breaker vote. Two new commissioners are starting terms before then, including the chairman (moving away) and the head of the zoning committee (voted out of office)
  5. Cheyenne, Wyoming Capital of Wyoming Population chart: 1900 ~14,000 1950 ~32,000 2010 ~60,000 Metro just under 100,000 Find the following for fun: State Capitol; Train Station; parking garage imitating historic structures; unfortunate cladding; a couple theaters; clouds that will become a tornado fifty miles east; some good looking buildings; and some other buildings
  6. After the developers gave the presentation, they allowed people to ask questions and give comments. (They had time to do about a dozen.) A few people voiced concerns on how they thought it was too dense. Some people thought there wasn't enough parking. Some wanted a shorter building. Some were concerned about traffic patterns on Brighton and the alley. Following each question/comment, the host asked for a show of hands from the crowd about whether they felt the same way. Of the probably 50 people there, there were probably 30 or so that raised their hand with each concern. One lady spoke highly in favor of it, and she received clapping equal to the guy that said it would ruin the small town feel of Clintonville. /// 5 floors. Retail, appx 17,000 sq ft total on the first. Third through fifth are apartments, twenty on each floor. Parking garage on second floor and behind building. Walkway through the middle. (Think of the Bank Block in Grandview Heights, but taller.) 62 ft planned, which requires a variance for the last 27 feet. Height was mentioned to be about the same as school across street. About 160 parking spaces planned, which needs a variance from 200 minimum. Variance also needed for triangle sight lines in the alley. Little abandoned shack behind the old Clintonville Electric space could not be purchased(next to Brighton). (The developers were sad that they couldn't include that parcel in the plans. They tried, and owner refused to sell at any price.) Parking is accessed from that point on Brighton, and also from the alley off Broadway. The alley would be widened and repaved. Rent prices were unknown they said. The cylinder shaped corner piece isn't for sure what they want to do in the corner.
  7. ========= [br] ===___== [br] __________ |||||||||||||| |||||||||||||| |||||||||||||| ======== |||||||||||||| [] [] [] [] [] --------------
  8. I think it means that the view is from the northwest corner of Goodale/High streets. [edit: oh, or maybe what you said in your edit]
  9. I've decided to take their rendering and give it a few much-needed adjustments:
  10. Lynn, Massachusetts Population ~90,000 ______________________________________ Malden, Massachusetts Population ~60,000 -Converse Memorial Library (HH Richardson)
  11. The hotel is about 200 feet up, right? From Google Earth, this might be the northern view out of the hotel-
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