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  1. That's a good point. Biking 50 miles burns like 1800 calories. Driving 50 miles - maybe 18? Haha. If it's not muscle-work in a gym or on a sportsball field, it doesn't count, though.
  2. Admittedly, I was 'all dolled up in lycra, helmet, and sunglasses' but I was out for a 50-mile ride. He probably does hate cats.
  3. Just this past weekend, I went for a ride with some friends north from San Francisco in to Marin County. Part of the route takes you across the Golden Gate Bridge and down a local access road that passes through a tunnel under HWY 101. The tunnel is narrow; two lanes in each direction with no shoulder, and about 75-100 ft long. When I ride through, in either direction, I always ride in the middle of the the lane. On this particular Saturday, some asshole in a pickup truck decides he wants to pass. This isn't that uncommon, though it is dangerous, as the sightlines are obscured by the curve in the tunnel, but people will pass cyclists in the tunnel all the time - usually tourists. What was uncommon was that this particular asshole decided he was going to squeeze me over while passing by moving right in the lane. By the time he actually passes me, I'm nearly up against the wall and he's only a couple feet from clipping my front tire. I scream 'hey' and wave my arm in case he can't see me, but I can see he's watching my in his side mirror. At the stop sign just after the tunnel, he has his window down as I catch up (there's a bike lane in the shoulder at this point) and he hollers 'share the lane, bro', to which I respond 'You nearly ran me in to the wall back there'. He repeats himself and starts to pull away, so I said (i thought not loudly enough for him to hear since he was rolling up his window) yeah and you go F*ck yourself. So he slows down and proceeds to pace along side me on this downhill passage in to Sausalito saying 'don't be a tough guy' and I repeat "you almost ran me in to the wall" and he repeats back 'share the road'. So I told him to go f*ck himself again. Eventually he pulls away from me. Up ahead is an area of rougher pavement, and since it's downhill and I can get up to about 25-30 mph, I took the lane again so that I can be sure I don't wreck in the messy pavement. I see him pass one of my friends again who is also taking the lane, and he squeezes him over to the shoulder. This whole incident pissed me off to know end because he used the 'share the road' slogan against a cyclist. We have no quick quip to respond with. I was so livid and also a bit frightened by it.
  4. Now we just have to hope Trump/Heritage Foundation don't win out on the budget and zero out the entire FTA 5309 Core Capacity Program as was proposed in his skinny budget. California, and the Bay Area have a number of projects coming up in the near- to middle-term that will be seeking 5309 Core Capacity funds.
  5. Too bad they can't run 2-car trains on those really busy days. That would help with weekend crowding.
  6. Because fares can't be used as local match for Federal grants, they should use the VTICA as one (along with ad revs and other non-fare revenues) to apply for FTA 5309 Small Starts/Core Capacity/New Starts funds for expansion (assuming, of course, that the program doesn't get zeroed out). Cities all over the country are using this program for streetcar, LRT, and BRT projects. This, of course, would also require a city administration that's on board. But SORTA could pursue this on their own as well.
  7. Perhaps Kislyak is just such a bore and so not-memorable that everyone who meets with him forgets that they do so. That's clearly a better explanation than treason.
  8. Jesus. 80 parking spots?? Cut that in half, add the floor that was chopped off back on, and then the developer can afford to add the 'affordable housing' the neighborhood activists want. This kind of shit drives me bonkers. Right now these are EMPTY LOTS. By adding 110 units, that's 110 more units than were there before. It's not like people are being displaced by a building being built on an empty lot.
  9. What amazes me is that all the letters/memos are from May 9. In what bureaucratic world are decisions like that made and memos forwarded up that chain that quickly? This seems to be orchestrated the remove Comey due to the increased scrutiny the administration was facing under the FBI, and the screen they came up with was to point to Comey's failures in the email investigation.
  10. This is exactly the format of the transportation bill that just passed in CA: a gas tax increase with a separate registration fee increase for EVs.
  11. That's Delta's policy. I volunteered once at the $1200 level on an overbooked flight. Ended up getting a seat as there was another no-show passenger, though.
  12. Probably banking/finance. There is a Federal Reserve Bank and a mint. There used to be the Pacific Stock exchange. But there is also tourism, apparel (Gap, Levis, are based here), port/trade/transportation, and healthcare.
  13. No need to apologize. A few posts of mine way back in this thread (like in 2009-10) addressed the issue. I could only find the one below. I didn't mention one item -- that routing via Akron caused overall ridership projections to fall. The addition of Akron riders didn't make up for the loss of Cleveland riders, even though Cleveland would still be served. The Akron routing added about an hour to the Cleveland-Columbus trip... Pittsburgh to Cbus via Ytown and Akron/Canton should be its own line.
  14. Neville

    Health Care

    I believe the GOP would call that a 'feature' not a 'bug.'
  15. it's funny... is that the same silver/gold pick-up truck and black sedan? haha
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