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  1. It's good to see Montgomery county stable, but unfortunate that the city of Dayton is still bleeding people.
  2. The question, without a doubt, inherently make it likely that legal residents might not fill out the form... and that it the sole intention of the question.
  3. Busy news week. That said, the Penguins development is a believe it when ground is broken thing considering how they keep pushing it back. Yet another reason why sports teams have no place in the development business. This news sounds more imminent though. 'Let’s do something great’ — Penguins unveil big new vision for former Arena site
  4. I hate that this happened. Youngstown just can't get a break. As mentioned, it's not large enough to have other assets, but at the same time it is large enough - and has some geographical advantages that I hope finally get leveraged and realized.
  5. Agreed. I mean, it's ok, but maybe it will look a little better built...
  6. Office complex could be the latest addition to Station Square
  7. I'm not sure if Pittsburgh is developing more than the 3Cs. Maybe if either towers I noted above today get built, but overall, I would think that more is happening in the Cs. Regarding population, it's complicated, but the short answer is that the massive lose of steel (and related) jobs starting in the 70s, but exploding in 80s caused an additional burden on population growth - even as portions of the metro started to gain in migration, the overall population change would still be a net loss due to natural decline. The exodus of 30+ years ago created a unique issue for the metro of more deaths than births every year. Most metros - even ones with net migration loss, still have even modest gains from births. Not Pittsburgh.
  8. New Downtown office building may be in the works
  9. The NFL looks at markets, much like other industries. What a market is varies, but for the NFL it would include the TV DMA plus adjacent areas not close enough to another market of a league team. For the NFL, I assume that Lexington, Dayton and Louisville (unless they fall under Indy) are all part of the greater region that the NFL would consider Cincinnati. Not to mention a lot of non metro counties in southern Ohio and much of Kentucky.
  10. If you hit stop on the browser immediately when a bzjournal article's text loads, the paywall doesn't appear.
  11. I agree that UT hasn't turned Knoxville into a booming area, but that said, its metro has ok population growth. From the metro estimates released earlier this year for TN's biggest metros... metro - 2017 population - 1-year change -% change Nashville...1,903,045...34,190...1.8 Memphis...1,348,260...3,067...0.2 Knoxville...877,104...9,234...1.1 Chattanooga...556,548...4,591...0.8 Kingsport-Bristol...306,659...766...0.3 Clarksville...285,042...4,199...1.5 Johnson City...202,053...710...0.4 I don't know much about Clarksville, but it seems to be close enough to Nashville's orbit to benefit from it. Johnson City, is in the far eastern part of the state and appears to be a struggling smaller metro. Knoxville should be doing better given its assets, but 9K ain't bad in a year for its size Memphis, well, now that's treading water.
  12. The TAMU site has all counties' data going back to 1970. It will likely be a week or so before these are added to it though.
  13. Thanks for sharing. I saw this article in my FB feed just yesterday and when I read about it, I was fascinated. It's funny, I just learned of this building and now I see this post. https://www.citylab.com/design/2018/02/whats-in-the-future-for-cincinnatis-modernist-icon/552968/
  14. Did Macy's corporate treat it differently? Or was it just another store?
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