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  1. Yes it is part of the WT complex. But it's actually the Cushing Building and there is nice writeup about it here. https://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/814
  2. Agree. + Kizer's inaccuracy. Hard to tell how many of the inaccurate passes were bad routes and/or miscommunication between him and the receivers or just plain inaccuracy. I'm pretty worried that it was the latter.
  3. https://www.medmutual.com/About-Medical-Mutual/Corporate-Profile/Leadership/Board-of-Directors.aspx
  4. That poutine is wondrous too. Hope the accident doesn't affect business for them too much.
  5. This might be part of the land swap with the city, which included getting the small strip of parkland at the northwest corner of Detroit and West 25th. That makes sense.
  6. That's right. They have the state permit, but the city is sllllllloooooowwwwwww........
  7. This. I planned on going but was exhausted after an 11 hour day at the parade and rally.
  8. Me too. The site was cleared at the same as the Breakwater Bluffs development. I actually thought that parcel was a vacant lot. Streetview shows that.
  9. ^^which leg is this? When did it officially open?
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