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  1. Congrats on your degree. I'm an Senor VP for one of the largest real estate owners in the US. I've been in commercial real estate in Chicago and Miami for over 30 years. Call me when you have more results to show for your degree.
  2. The Amazon facility is a HUGE wine for Cleveland. The I71 corridor is a total eyesore. If Google or Facebook wanted to build a 112,000 sf facility at the entrance to the city would Cleveland want it hidden by trees? NO! they would want to showcase it so that all that drive on I71 could see it. Also – I live in Miami – I was listing to Elvis Duran this morning. They had a segment on the mayor of Cleveland in which he stated that everyone perceives Cleveland as being an ass hole – are you kidding? Cleveland’s reputation has improved dramatically. Cleveland needs a new mayor who knows how to court business. I think we know who the ass hole is.
  3. TR

    Police Use of Force

    Great article about Misconceptions on Crime put out by Princeton and Stanford professors "Explaining Misperceptions of Crime Jane Esberg and Jonathan Mummolo" https://scholar.princeton.edu/sites/default/files/jmummolo/files/crime_perceptions.pdf
  4. TR

    Police Use of Force

    Just the facts – 2019 Police state for the entire US · 10 million arrests · 1,004 fatal shootings · 41 of the 1,004 were unarmed o 19 white o 9 black · 89 cops were killed · 82 people were shot in Chicago last week.
  5. The Main Avenue Bridge was built in 1939. It is 8,000 feet long (1.5 miles) and 100 feet high. The cost to replace and repair is huge. Re-locating the Shoreway along the train tracks would save maintenance cost and open up the area. The cost to build a tunnel under the Cuyahoga River is $20M to $80M per crossing depending on conditions. Miami used the figure of $40M per crossing in there analysis of the Miami River. Over $60M was spent on repairs on the bridge in 1991. A tunnel under the Cuyahoga River is a much cleaner and efficient solution.
  6. I think that it would be great if the Memorial Shoreway could be relocated to run along the railroad tracks in the Flats and Whiskey Island. This would free up a lot of valuable land and open up the area. Rather than a huge bridge hanging over the area there could be a tunnel under the Cuyahoga River much like the tunnel on US1 in Fort Lauderdale that goes under the New River.
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