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  1. Sold! FC Cincinnati plans to scoop up Jehovah's Witnesses property as stadium site grows https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/2019/04/15/fc-cincinnati-stadium-site-expands-jehovahs-witnesses-property/3451867002/
  2. ^Yea, a bridge was proposed at Bender Rd and Rt 50 on the Ohio side. Amazing to think where we would be today had that been built.
  3. A Westside bridge really is a no brainer in this area. I believe it was Jake who pointed it out before, but Glenway Crossing in Western Hills is closer to 275 in NKY than it is in Ohio. ODOT & KDOT spending on this would have much better ROI results of alleviating Brent Spence traffic than any of this Eastern Bypass crap. Where and why are our leaders on either side of the river silent on this?????
  4. I heard or read "Riverview" Music Center or Theater in the past 24 hours but can't find the source yet.
  5. Hopefully this is just temporary and will be the future site of a new Kroger 40+ story corporate tower!?!?
  6. I can't vote to tax myself more to subsidize the rest of the county even more than they are already getting now. Non starter with me. I'm all in for fixing transportation in our region but Hamilton County (and preferably the surrounding other counties) has to be involved.
  7. A couple Cincy locations I've either worked, visited, or lived in in my life. West End - Coffee, beer, and pickles. I love all 3!! Bridgetown - On days when the wind was just right, we could smell the old Lawrenceburg Seagrams/MGP plant Distillery. Carthage - I always got a butterscotch type of smell near Paddock St Bernard - Soap, lots and lots of soap Mt Healthy Heights - Unfortunately for these folks live out there, they get the smell of Rumpke most days of the year. This is one smell I can not take!!!!!
  8. ^^Could be. I count 4 street lights from this one vantage point on Walnut and one directly behind you on 15th. https://goo.gl/maps/ikeyJ1LYvHy
  9. While bus separation may be a stretch, planning any new bridge spans in the region without light rail/streetcar separation would be extremely short sighted.
  10. It is absolutely astonishing to me why a West side connection to the airport hasn't happened by now. I would love to know the shear number of cars/persons who live on the westside and have to travel the BSB downtown to get to their job in NKY or visa versa. How many thousands of cars could we take off that bridge? I would be one. -1
  11. ^I hope so!! It reminds me of the old West End Bank in the Lower Price Hill area of Cincy https://goo.gl/maps/wgQMCEwoM2F2
  12. Good to hear! Man, I hope the old bank style looking beauty on the opposite corner of this tower has plans to stick around for awhile longer. I need to get back up and explore this area soon. Been way too long. https://goo.gl/maps/dCf3XkAASCr
  13. Community partnerships usher in new development on the West Side “Westwood had an infamous reputation for saying, ‘No,’” he remembers. “We were our own worst enemy.” http://www.soapboxmedia.com/features/Westwood-redevelopment.aspx
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