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  1. It would be really nice if they bury the parking or at very least place it in the center of the block similar to the Mercer Parking Garage and surround it with residential/commercial etc.
  2. I personally have reached the point in the past few months to where I don't even bother going to Cincy.com on a the daily like I have for years. And Hell with freeze over before I click on a Jason Williams article. It's just a waste of time and energy.
  3. oakiehigh

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    ^Oh I won't argue that. Thanks
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    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    A guy at work this morning was questioning me about a bar in OTR that was featured on FOX 19 this weekend which serves wings and also has a basement which allows you to swipe a card and pour your own beer. He didn't catch the name and I can't find a feature cast on their website. Now I'm not into the bar scene quite like a I used to be but I am drawing a blank on this one. Does anybody have any ideas what place this is that he is talking about? Is it The Pony possibly? I've been there but don't remember a basement that was open.
  5. ^Right you are and word on the street is he's out of money.
  6. ^They are trying to avoid fines from last years West End Blitz (NEP). I assure you, this is nothing to get excited about yet. I'm fairly convinced that the current owners Zada, will not be the ones that see these projects through. (Bloom and Herbele School) http://zadadevelopmentgroup.com/
  7. Actually not much at all compared to just a few years back from what longer tenured residents say. Hope not to jinx myself, but other than the typical graffiti here and there I personally haven't seen nor been victim to any type of crime in the 3+ years I've been down here. For what it is worth, more people walk their dogs in this neighborhood than did my last hood. Some friends and I stood out on the front sidewalk/street for a few hours til midnight just shooting the shit after the Reds game Friday night. Last words they said when they were leaving to head home were "Man, surprisingly it's really quiet down here"
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    Cincinnati: Historic Photos

    Wow! That's amazing!
  9. 929 sold in a week and a half. 809 has been on the market for two or so weeks. 1007 for about a month 909 was listed yesterday It'll be interesting to keep an eye on. The potential for 1007 Dayton is incredible if someone had some deep pockets to put it back together.
  10. Some interesting for sale prices popping up in the Dayton Historic District 909 Dayton https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/34247733_zpid/globalrelevanceex_sort/39.118627,-84.528738,39.116908,-84.531181_rect/18_zm/1_rs/ 809 Dayton https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/34236513_zpid/globalrelevanceex_sort/39.119155,-84.526483,39.115717,-84.53137_rect/17_zm/1_rs/ 1007 Dayton https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/170613084_zpid/globalrelevanceex_sort/39.119146,-84.52809,39.115708,-84.532977_rect/17_zm/0_mmm/ 1907 1905 Baymiller https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/2093533513_zpid/globalrelevanceex_sort/39.118516,-84.527892,39.116798,-84.530335_rect/18_zm/0_mmm/ This one sold this month for $316k according to the County Auditor Site 929 Dayton https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/34247729_zpid/globalrelevanceex_sort/39.118627,-84.528893,39.116908,-84.531337_rect/18_zm/0_mmm/
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    Cincinnati's Homeless Population

    I can't help to suspect their is an outside organization supplying these people with tents and guiding them where to place them for political reasons or to advance an agenda. You very rarely seen these before and now they are cropping up in the most noticeable places. There are now two tents on Findlay St under I-75. Conveniently, this is the exit a lot of suburbanites from Southbound 75 take to go towards Findlay Market
  12. ^A bunch of West End streets were done last year in the manner Jake speaks of. See Baymiller and Freeman. The streets were in better shape prior to the shoddy repaving job they did.
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    Oak Hills High School
  14. ^This makes me very happy!