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  1. These Bialosky designs are putting me to sleep. Surface parking at the northern corners of Auburn I suppose.
  2. Great Lakes Science Center is like a step back in time to 1996, nothing has changed since then. The place is sorely in need of a reboot.
  3. From Clay Herrick's incomparable book "Cleveland Landmarks."
  4. The Old Arcade is between Superior and Euclid. The Euclid Arcade and Colonial Arcade are in the same complex and were rebranded the 5th Street Arcades even though one is technically east of East 6th Street...
  5. There’s been talk of a Bier Markt / Cento redux for a couple years now.
  6. w28th

    Cleveland: Random Photos

    That last pic is at least 14 months old, good one though
  7. ...honestly that’s a tough task in all of downtown (innerbelt-lake-river perimeter) west of E13th. Some of the biggest clusters may only be: + Stark’s buildings at E4th and Prospect (not sure what the deal is here, seems like a no brainer set of rehabs) + Building at E6th and St. Clair (though I think some ground level activity is happening) + Several buildings along Old River Road + Everything on Bolivar and south Obviously new construction is the next frontier to keep residential growth plugging along.
  8. ^^And with that, outside of a couple surface lots and garages, I dare you to find a building that requires new development on Euclid between Public Square and the freeway...
  9. ^Case students party about as little as any college I’ve ever seen. John Carroll makes Case look like the Jesuit school by comparison.
  10. Maybe a place like AJ Rocco's. Coffee and pastries in the morning, sandwiches in the afternoon, bar at night.
  11. The fact of the matter is that any city is a pain to get through, Cleveland is not unique in this sense. Try getting something through Beachwood or Chagrin Falls...
  12. w28th

    Nashville Gentrification Madness 2

    I’m glad we’ve all been able to agree here on this topic. What a love fest.
  13. w28th

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    Do a YouTube search for Jasper Wood’s, incredible streetcar scenes throughout the City circa 1951. You may tear up at the activity, density and transportation.
  14. w28th

    Cleveland: Random Photos

    ^Certainly looks as great as ever.