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  1. They aren’t, it’s been a topic of great stress for all involved for years.
  2. They did a decent breakfast and lunch, good bar staff, Brenden the owner is a great guy. The tenants of the Caxton are the real losers on its closing. A very useful place to have on the 1st floor.
  3. The coffee shop to bar is a great amenity, unfortunately we're losing one next month. AJ Rocco's in the Caxton Building is closing December 20th...
  4. Well, that particular house. Some one else could build there of course
  5. That house has been pulled from the docket and will not be built. Sorry...
  6. In regards to construction cranes necessary, to quote LeBron.... not 2, not 3, not 4.... honestly though, assuming they do this all at once there could be 4-5 tower cranes for this beast.
  7. Public art in the window displays, I’m sure it will be top notch. That’s was a joke. Nothing can make up for the loss across the street of Ontario Street Cafe.
  8. Would love a large animated neon sign atop a 60 story building for "Cover the Earth." It's interesting but "Cover the Earth" has a potentially unfavorable tang to it these days considering its inherently environmentally unfriendly vibe, not to mention the whole lead paint side of things.
  9. With this Justice Center bs now tied into the Jacobs lot I can just imagine we’d trading one parking crater for another (vacated JC site) until market forces align again in 30 years...
  10. This is the whale that Jacob's has been waiting 30 years for, can't imagine they have another company that could/would pay the price SW would, though I'm sure SW knows that. I think Public Square is going to get it in the end.
  11. how about the 200 Public Square garage on Euclid? Not sure if it was built to support additional stories though. Ironically parking would probably be the holdup for building atop that one since I assume the existing office building fills the garage daily.
  12. Nothing. Typical BS from people that want Cleveland to stay in the 1950’s.
  13. There was, not sure why it wasn’t posted
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