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  1. The hiding of the parking and the entire site plan is due to the hard work of a select few in City Planning and Community Development at City Hall.
  2. Dive bars are cultivated over years, decades, of use. Calling something a dive bar doesn’t make it one.
  3. God I hope they didn't use their in house architects at Geis...
  4. ^A line of experienced developers, real estate professional and architects that live in this environment would tell you you're incorrect.
  5. It’s funny that 4 years of moderate construction in any neighborhood of the city is cause to eliminate a program that, first of all has worked, second of all is copied throughout the larger region, thirdly is used, in nearly every instance, in neighborhoods that continue to lose population, and finally that have average incomes well below the metro average. These new residents pay income taxes that often tripled any income made off of existing home property taxes. The idea put forth by “long time” residents and the politicians that are forced to listen to them that new residents get a free ride is hilarious and not surprising in the post truth scenario we live in.
  6. Quick update. There's a backhoe on site in the rear of the property. No parking in the lot today.
  7. Buyers assume there will be no maintenance on a new house, townhome or condo. Even to the extent that when gutters or downspouts become clogged from not being cleaned out for 5 years they think it's a builder/design issue. While this example seems to be partially crappy craftsmanship, these are also 15 years old in many cases, exposed to constant salting during the winter along Detroit Avenue. As a whole this is a recipe for what you're seeing.
  8. Normally I would agree but it seems the newspaper of record uses this site as a content generator at times, I’m sure KJP would concur.
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