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  1. Knowing the development team, this has little chance of being built as designed.
  2. Also, understanding the difference in nomenclature of streets, avenues and roads.
  3. Funny, but they reused that lion on the front entry as the "Coliseum" sign for the party center.
  4. They're probably still there...
  5. ^I've seen that photo before but haven't been able to place it in the past. Amazing.
  6. And another dead zone along West 25th is cemented until this thing can be torn down in 40 years...
  7. I’m surprised it would even be ahead of Mississippi.
  8. Zoning code changes continue to happen incrementally but this parking requirement is pretty ridiculous. Luckily we have an accommodating Board of Zoning Appeals. Without it you wouldn’t see 80% of the development we have here.
  9. Rumor has it, a large contingent of Chicagoans (Ohio City Legacy LLC) were at Bakersfield tonight partying. Probably feeling out the local vibrations for a night or two after closing on the sale of the property.
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