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  1. ^Totally agree. Even on days without events at the Q/Progressive Field the restrictions seem to be in place
  2. This story further confirms Scranton Averill is a parasitic organization with literally no other motive than making money doing as little as humanly possible. The doing as little as possible often seems the bigger motivator than money somehow. This city carries so much baggage from the past it’s a wonder we’ve gotten to where we are to date.
  3. Too bad it’s not going all the way up against 668 to obscure that ridiculous parapet/cornice detail
  4. Is the vegetation hanging off each window maintained by individual tenants, or is it a landlord issue?
  5. It almost never really has anything to do with the context of the article. I’m tired of it, maybe an email or two could spark some recognition of this lame perspective.
  6. Nucleus may even sneak into that vantage point if it’s ever built.
  7. ^you may have a point about the nonconforming use. Mapped setback negates it I think though....
  8. Cant do the triangulation method from a corner building, even if you could go past a mapped setback (which you can’t).
  9. Considering the uphill battle that exists to make these wood frame / podium apartment buildings look like anything other than an uninspired compromise (the Edison, Quarter, etc) due to budget, I think this is a pretty successful design.
  10. He also legally can’t get a front yard variance, Franklin has a 10’ mapped setback in this area, so there’s no way the project can even be approved at BOZA on Monday. It will take an act of City Council to get the current site plan approved. They’re wasting their time.
  11. The density is great, and wow, that’s now the worst building in Cleveland
  12. ^Don't let reality get in the way of screaming residents, apparently that's all that matters.
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