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  1. It's really fascinating to drive south on W25th and see how small the West Side Market's clocktower looks relative to the crane. Funny to see something you've been familiar with your whole life next to something else you're familiar with and how their scales look relative to one another.
  2. If this is the project I think it is, I’ve heard a prominent local realtor say that the design has the look and feel of “a women’s prison.”
  3. These developers come up with some terrible names. There’s more coming too.
  4. Hey make them blend in so we can blur our eyes and imagine the real thing
  5. ^then you wouldn’t like these, pretty sure it’s fake/thin brick
  6. So what? Reconsider what this city could be. Sorry western suburb commuters, but Columbus can be something better.
  7. Ground floor looks terrible here. The city has fought so hard in the neighborhoods to make the townhome code create active first floor spaces, due to the actual zoning of the downtown district they're probably limited in what they can do to force developers to create that. Unfortunately buyers don't typically care about active 1st floors...
  8. It’s Rick Maron, he’s trying to do these ridiculous micro units all over the city. He’s notorious for not wanting to pay for architects, these are examples of that mentality. He believes he’s owed preferential treatment because his kids actually did some decent projects. These old time developers still think it’s 1981 and Cleveland should accept whatever crap they expell.
  9. I’d say that intersection is a bit of a mess for all modes of transport.
  10. Trying to be self deprecating to draw the Akron folks in, my bad.
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