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  1. Don't be fooled by the cladding on these, it's thin-brick.
  2. It's unfortunate that City Hall has basically shut down the approval process. Nothing can move forward at the moment.
  3. ^^Amen KJP. I could speak for hours on this issue...
  4. The developer is Rick Maron and he's trying to do these around town on landbank lots. They're terribly unattractive.
  5. It somehow got worse than the original. What is that pattern at the top left?
  6. What a great message from a great establishment and a guy that clearly gets it.
  7. Here's the sequence of design review in this portion of Ohio City if I'm not mistaken: Local Block Block OCI Design Review (Local Landmarks) City of Cleveland Landmarks Planning Commission (if necessary depending on the project) Board of Zoning Appeals if there's any variances Submit for Permit Review by Building Department You typically need to have gotten approval by each sequential review committee for things to go smoothly. You can technically not get approval from block club or OCI, but get approved by City Landmarks but it's very rare. Once the project becomes contentious it really slows down the whole process which is usually the motivating factor for developers. This block club, Franklin Clinton, is run by some real obstructionists, one of them is also on the OCI Design Review Board. Certainly can't submit for permit before Zoning and Landmarks approval. Not sure what "filing" permits means.
  8. DeCeasar craps out some of the worst designed projects in the City.
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