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  1. So why in the hell are the Metroparks getting involved in this? Seems outside of their scope.
  2. If this neighborhood wasn’t wiped off the face of the earth it could have been the City’s finest.
  3. That, the Hickok at E9th and Euclid, and the Hippodrome, what a shame.
  4. I’m sure the designers at NADAAA would say it’s without a style, but is simply “contemporary.”
  5. Employees are often the last to know. The owner of the business, can’t remember his name, may have been told. Or maybe August isn’t the timeline anymore.
  6. I assume you’re referring to the City Planning Commission?
  7. It is going to be ugly, but I won’t argue with the density.
  8. The CSU building across the street with its worthless lawn is an annoyance, but great shot for sure.
  9. Terrible, maybe the worst of them all in my opinion. The logo looks like an Action News logo.
  10. One of the few instances where the developer didn't screw up a spoon fed project name. A few examples: Tremont Place Lofts The 9 Athelon
  11. He had the building for sale recently but wanted more than what any reasonable development could swallow for a land purchase price. Ideally this thing would be rehabbed into condos or apartment with ground floor retail (what a concept). But anyone paying the $1.5 million he wanted for it would need to make it a high end product, yet would have no parking. Unfortunately that doesn't work here.
  12. Now let’s get something built on the garage east of 200 Public Square.
  13. Par for the course for NRP, and this is what happens when you have a cheap developer with in house architects.
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