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  1. I love Cleveland, but despise the municipal/political fragmentation. It lends to such a misleading representation of metropolitan region. How would you go about measuring the population within a 50 mile radius of Public Square? My estimate would be 3 million. Population (2016) • Urban1,780,673 (25th) • MSA2,058,844 (33rd) • CSA3,515,646 (15th)
  2. When Amazon was looking for their new headquarters site, I really thought E.79th would be an amazing potential site. It still would be an amazing location for a national/international company based on the location and infrastructure. Imagine a corporate campus spanning the length of E.79th between the two stations. The pitch could could be very transit oriented in nature with profiles on all the stops and respective neighborhoods within minutes of rapid transit travel time (Airport, Westpark, West Boulevard/Edgewater, W.65th, Ohio City, Downtown, University Circle/ Little Italy, Shaker Square, Cuyahoga County Community College, Flats East Bank, Northcoast Harbor (Rock Hall), etc. From Wikipedia: Amazon's request for proposals outlined several core requirements, as well as optional preferences. Metropolitan areas with a population of over 1 million Within 30 miles (48 km) of a population center Within 45 minutes of an international airport Proximity to major highways and arterial roads 1–3 miles (2–5 km) Access to mass transit routes Up to 8 million square feet (740,000 m2) of office space for future expansion I worked briefly for one of the largest tech companies in the world, and it was just mind boggling how much ground transportation expense there must of been for all its employees (corporate and personal expenditures).
  3. Work has begun along University in Tremont! About a week ago traffic was closed and the excavators were digging up asphalt.
  4. I don't believe that restaurant spaces are cursed. Location is an important factor, but not as much as people think. It probably has more to do with the landlord not properly vetting the potential occupants' plans, rent, poor product/service/hospitality on the part of the operator. Salsarito did have some great food. Some of it was too much with overdone flavor combinations and sauces. Unfortunately the service and hospitality aspect of the place was just bizarre. They were in such a rush to bring chips and salsa, but would never bring water without a request. The whole proper steps of service and timing was really poor. Bartenders were not qualified and beverage program wasn't where it should be. Menu should have been just a little slimmer and more straight forward. Also, the lights were too bright and it never felt warm or a cool place to be. I am sad it didn't make it, because I honestly loved some of the dishes, but I'm not surprised.
  5. I really think Heinen's is the best choice on the second level balcony. I think you can also make a reservation or some plans ahead of time if you want (depending on the size). https://www.heinens.com/In-Store/Downtown/Downtown-Cleveland-Corporate-Catering
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