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  1. I know for a fact Mentor/East side has been booming as well. Sold my condo in a day for the highest price ever in the development on the Mentor/Concord border. Then bought my house the day the listing came up.
  2. Sounds like they’re doing a solid job.
  3. Why doesn’t RTA at least try to propose a levy like Laketran successfully did to try to raise revenue?
  4. Cleveland Scene laid into them: https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/04/09/plain-dealer-editor-tim-warsinskey-is-a-liar-and-advance-publications-doesnt-give-a-sh*t-about-cleveland?media=AMP+HTML
  5. Don’t they need to replace all of their rail cars? They should probably do that.
  6. I can vouch for people doing home work during all of this. I am one of them, $700 later at just Sherwin Williams alone.
  7. They’ve been posting that kind of stuff on social media.
  8. I ended up going Friday to stock up on meats and try out the different vendors that were recommended. I definitely see myself going a lot more now especially after all of this is over. And people weren’t kidding, the vendors were still stocked up on everything and there were a lot less people. Though pork chop shop was not open (I have been there before).
  9. I was talking about Cleveland, and I disagree for all of the above. But this is off topic. So I’ll leave it.
  10. For people that want more activity in Cleveland, you guys sure have a weird thing against people from the suburbs. I live in Mentor and literally no one I know complains about parking. Some of you live in Lakewood and I consider that a suburb (I’ve lived there before).
  11. The Indians are one of the most successful teams in the last decade. Constantly one the most well run too due the the front office and coaching that are put into place. Player development is also top notch. I’m not getting into this debate though.
  12. Nothing for the Cleveland area though?
  13. Go to real Cavs fans. Great website for all three Cleveland teams. Reddit is ok. I left Cleveland.com long ago. Pure trash.
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