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  1. I can’t see why anyone would invest in commercial real estate right now. I’d guess it would have to either be converted to residential or else scrapped entirely:
  2. I thought this would be part of the huge apartment development they’re doing at the end of the street. Is this unrelated to that?
  3. That does seem like a bizarre move. Maybe he’s assuming their budget is going to get majorly reduced next year and is thinking their depleted resources will be needed just to manage existing parks?
  4. All of this seems reasonable, but I think everyone here agrees that there is complete uncertainty here. It makes the decision on how to invest 10s or even 100s of millions of public dollars really challenging when there is so much we don’t know on the future of the market so because of that it might make sense to either choose the conservative approach or hold off making any decisions for a little while and see how everything shakes out.
  5. I don’t think it’s as simple as ‘a really bad quarter.’ From talking to people in tourism related industries, it’s expected that the fallout from this could be years, and there’s a chance it ultimately changes the way we view conventions and large gatherings for a long time. Its just an extremely uncertain time to be making projections about tourism and conventions.
  6. From what I remember they’re currently evaluating different options for size of the hotel and whether to expand the convention center. I’d guess that with the near term uncertainty in the convention and tourism industries, they go with a conservative approach. Maybe this is shortsighted and a few years from now people have totally moved past this scare, and we’d regret not going bigger, but I could also see this changing how conventions function in general so it’s a tough call to make.
  7. Anyone here have any updates on the Liberty Street narrowing? I remember seeing somewhere it was supposed to start this summer but not sure if that’s still the case. I’ve heard 3CDC is involved now, which seems like it would help speed things up.
  8. I feel like the Port Authority needs to just come out and level with the public on what’s going on here. Theres too much money involved and too many of what seem from the outside to be massive red flags that I would hope that there’s more to this plan than what is made public. Overpay for a large functioning hotel to demolish it with no concrete plan or financing to replace it- when you already own a large buildable lot a block away- seems so insanely dumb and risky that there just has to be more to this you’d hope...
  9. New banner on the Flatiron building saying flats and ‘Neighborhood Retail’ coming this summer. Any idea what the neighborhood retail is going to be?
  10. I think the issue is that being totally objective the architecture does look out of place, but it’s hard to discuss this project objectively, when most of its detractors were basically against its right to be built at all. Totally reasonable if you just objected to the appearance and design, but thinking back to its conception, many of the most vocal detractors seemed to have completely unfounded criticism, so when people hear others trash the hospital expansion, the immediate reaction is to assume the person complaining came from this group. Also it does make a huge difference that Children’s Hospital is one of the best employers and most altruistic organizations in the region, so if anyone should be given a little leeway to make some sh*tty design choices with their development it would be them.
  11. Yeah, you really hate to see a world class institution that saves children’s lives expand in our city...
  12. that’s kinda disappointing. I feel like it could’ve been a great restaurant spot.
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