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  1. I think the issue is that being totally objective the architecture does look out of place, but it’s hard to discuss this project objectively, when most of its detractors were basically against its right to be built at all. Totally reasonable if you just objected to the appearance and design, but thinking back to its conception, many of the most vocal detractors seemed to have completely unfounded criticism, so when people hear others trash the hospital expansion, the immediate reaction is to assume the person complaining came from this group. Also it does make a huge difference that Children’s Hospital is one of the best employers and most altruistic organizations in the region, so if anyone should be given a little leeway to make some sh*tty design choices with their development it would be them.
  2. Yeah, you really hate to see a world class institution that saves children’s lives expand in our city...
  3. that’s kinda disappointing. I feel like it could’ve been a great restaurant spot.
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