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  1. Yep, same operator – CycleHop ran the prior bike share system, with UH as lead sponsor. CycleHop now does business as HOPR – without a sponsor in Cleveland. Not sure if HOPR is looking for a new sponsor, or pivoting to a different business model. HOPR claim's to be getting into the scooter game too, not sure where. Prices do seem a little steep. Better ride fast on that pay-as-you-go plan!
  2. Saw a few HOPR dockless bikes appearing in various locations around Cleveland today. Wade Oval across from CMA and Random Road in Little Italy. Seem to getting deposited where the old UH Bike Stations were located. Way more expensive than the nonprofit sponsored bike share systems. HOPR is $1 to lunock/$0.15 per minute or $15/day, $30 for a 30 day pass w/ 60 minutes per day. Would prefer pricing like RedBike at $100/yr, CoGo at $75/yr.
  3. Why am I not surprised that KJP got this new up before I wandered down the block to snap a picture. Saw some heavy equipment roll in last night. Work commenced with removal of portions of the Washington Place Inn parking lot -- starting in the back corner.
  4. Seems that Top of the Hill is finally underway – at long last. Trees coming down today in the lots on the Euclid Heights Blvd side of things. Wouldn't have been too surprised to see folks picketing.
  5. Dream Hotel might lack the charm of this vision, but still a welcome addition.
  6. Largely true, but then your employer decides they don't want to reconfigure the open plan office and tells you to work from home - 300 sq ft might start to seem a bit too small.
  7. NIH announces $1.5 billion, ‘Shark Tank’-like initiative to accelerate Covid-19 testing. "WASHINGTON — The National Institutes of Health on Wednesday announced a new $1.5 billion initiative to rapidly develop coronavirus diagnostics, an effort it says will result in the deployment of “millions of tests per week” by late summer or fall of this year. The agency said the effort relies on a “national Covid-19 testing challenge” in which scientists and inventors developing coronavirus tests across the country will compete for a share of a $500 million pool earmarked for diagnostic development. Successful entrants will eventually be paired with manufacturers and business experts who can help to quickly scale up production of any tests developed during the project." Complete article: https://www.statnews.com/2020/04/29/nih-initiative-covid-19-testing/
  8. 2100 Random is the old Singer Steel building – gusty winds have been blowing pieces of decaying roofing material all over that block recently. At a minimum some attention to whatever is left up on the roof would be welcome. The Business Center was a proposal way back in 2006 - here's an inactive listing from LoopNet: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/14908288/2100-Random-Rd-Cleveland-OH/
  9. What a great add for Larchmere! Maybe First Interstate Prop. can work some magic on Shaker Square while they're in the area. I know Shaker Square is "off market", but it could sure use a little sprucing up – disappointing the way things have played out over the recent past.
  10. They've been working off and on in the gelato space on Mayfield. Most recent addition was a Vespa parked inside the front corner a few days back. In other news, someone was painting in the "Blue Sky Brews" – otherwise slow progress in the old Rising Star space at Cornell & Murray Hill. I'll add 12501 to my watch list...
  11. Long term lurker, first post. It appears a number of 12992 Edgewater residents over many years have a connection to the US Coast Guard - with at least a few Admirals in the mix. My guess - housing for District 9 Commander. Maritime lights indeed - red, right, returning.
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