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  1. Based on this news and past hints, my first guess would be a new Canon Medical Campus in Fairfax (along the Opportunity Corridor maybe). There, the Toshiba and Quality Electrodynamics facilities could be unified (and hopefully expanded upon), and be much more convenient to the hospitals, Case and CSU.
  2. Metroparks recently updated (or just created?) their master plan for the Lakefront parks. It’s cool to see the vision mapped out, and I especially love that they’re targeting water taxi stops at Merwin’s Wharf, Canal Basin, and Wendy Park. https://www.clevelandmetroparks.com/getmedia/a9b31afb-6ac9-4f7d-bea0-5f3f299e8f5e/LAKEFRONT_M_P_DEC2019.pdf.ashx
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