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  1. I would love to see a lighter, brighter cladding to give it a more Lumen-like appearance.
  2. But the Ronettes looked nice. The stadium was operated by the city of Cleveland at that time and likely did very little maintenance since it opened.
  3. Just wondering what is the reason for making it taller? Isn't it mostly vacant now?
  4. Yes, he was. I agree. So many boxy buildings went up in the 60s and 70s along E 9th and E 12th - Erieview, Federal Building, Bond Court, Diamond Shamrock, etc. It was refreshing to see someone finally thinking "outside the box".
  5. Charlie Brown is portraying white boys as blockheads. He needs to go. Homer Simpson is portraying white men as fat and stupid. He needs to go. Mr. Magoo is mocking the visually impaired. He needs to go. Oh, wait. They are white. Never mind.
  6. The media is already champing at the bit for this year's protest. https://www.wkyc.com/article/sports/mlb/indians/indians-home-opener-protest-planned-over-name-and-chief-wahoo/95-d1014241-9ee0-4c73-843b-a3e46e25e9f3
  7. Cleveland is the Forest City, so how about Lumberjacks? Yes, that was the name of a former Cleveland hockey team. IIRC, they had a logo which featured a beaver.
  8. How about the Cleveland Flames? I don't think the folks in Calgary would mind.
  9. I'm not sure how they would have been able to squeeze a 70,000 seat facility between Mall C and the Shoreway.
  10. Yes, @KJP I'm sure there was a nationally televised event that night. No way there would be so many workers in those buildings at night, especially in the Cleveland Board of Education building which was being underutilized at the time. The old Cleveland Public Library east wing doesn't look so bad there. At least it blended in better with the surrounding buildings than the Louis Stokes wing which subsequently replaced it.
  11. Here's more on Flats South. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/whats-going-on-with/a-new-neighborhood-with-its-first-big-name-tenant-has-been-preparing-for-the-spotlight-for-a-year
  12. The point of protests nowadays is to get on the nightly news or front page of the newspaper. Protests would stop if the media stopped covering them.
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