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  1. This is the situation every evening
  2. I wish the neighboring US Bank building on E 14th had a lighter exterior. It looks a bit drab.
  3. I would be OK with a new stadium at a different location when the time comes. Before the lakefront site was selected, wasn't there talk about building it on property west of Ontario/Orange Ave?
  4. I wish Buffalo was in the AFC North instead of Baltimore. They would be a better geographical rival for the Browns, and probably for the Steelers as well.
  5. There was some talk of building something there several years ago, but it never happened. I'm not sure if it is large enough for a justice center, but it would be nice to see something built there. That parcel has been unfinished for nearly 90 years.
  6. It would be nice if they can try to design the other buildings to blend in with the existing Warehouse District buildings nearby. It's a shame they didn't do that with the Pinnacle Building which was built on the parking garage a while back.
  7. Hopefully, the exterior will be a lighter color. There are too many dark, drab buildings downtown. A glass wall would be nice. The Terminal Tower would appear in the reflection. SW has an opportunity to make a bold statement and greatly enhance the Cleveland skyline. I hope they build it tall enough, at least taller than Terminal Tower with a tapered spire. Key Tower looks rather lonely standing 200+ feet above Terminal Tower and 200 Public Square.
  8. The rail yard just to the north most likely resulted in the less than optimal design.
  9. No, it's not a striping problem. It's the short distance between the I-71 entrance ramp and the airport exit ramp.
  10. Perhaps, but in this case, adding one lane for a small section of I-480 would alleviate a traffic problem. Motorists entering I-480 WB from I-71 NB would be able to stay in the current lane instead of having to quickly merge to the left.
  11. You are correct, it was the city that prevented Sohio from exceeding the height of Terminal Tower. For some reason, I had thought it was Sohio's decision.
  12. I hope they think big. They have an opportunity to make a bold statement and greatly enhance the Cleveland skyline. Sohio had the opportunity to do that with their building in the 80s. Unfortunately, they were too worried about exceeding the height of Terminal Tower and instead built the shortish, stocky building which was a bit underwhelming IMO.
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