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  1. I'm envisioning a mailbox with a cloud in it. Can't imagine the city is capable of opening an online dropbox...
  2. As a near east-sider I don't make the effort to drive to the D&B in Westlake, but I would drive downtown or stop in if I'm there for something else. Plus this would be accessible by public transit.
  3. @KJP are any of the towers you're hearing about projected to be at or taller than 700'?
  4. Even without the construction of the new building, there is no crosswalk connecting the RTA station to the bus stop on the west side of the road. RTA riders usually jaywalk through oncoming traffic to catch their bus. Someone missed they idea when designing this stop that public transit riders usually have at least one connection.
  5. It's already proving to be somewhat successful. I teach in UC and am told by students that the building next door and the one that replaced Mi Pueblo are leased by this model and are full. Students these days eat this up. Just wish the building was 2-4 stories taller...
  6. Would this be downtown, or another part of Euclid like UC?
  7. A friend of mine who works for DCA told me once that the pylons for the Ameritrust tower were poured before the project was cancelled, so Jacobs would never put in a building there under 40 stories. Anybody know if there is truth to this comment?
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