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  1. I remember visiting Kensington in London a number of years ago and really loving the density of that neighborhood, even though I don't remember a single structure really being any taller than 8 stories. I would a larger network of these types of condos in this part of downtown, especially a few blocks east. I like tall buildings, but would prefer more density if given a choice. Not a big fan of the townhouses by 13th and Superior, feel they need to be 3 stories taller.
  2. Expensive may have been one reason for Constantino's downfall. Most of my students avoided shopping there because of the cost and would instead hike up to Dave's at CF or just get takeout. Since the primary market in that area are students and some local residents, a more affordable, less boutique store may be better.
  3. I'm curious why bike parking spaces are being asked to be eliminated? Doesn't like they are squeezing a big building into a small space here.
  4. LAND Studio is a consultant for the city that helps facilitate the projects. They are involved in a lot of good projects for the city that will have a very positive impact when complete. They are though used too much and personally I'd like them to utilize more local artists/designers rather than relying their more favorite NYC ones. Disclaimer: I'm working with them currently on a project and so far have mixed feelings.
  5. It's less about the institutions not teaching about resources and more about the complacent culture of students. My wife, who is from Pittsburgh would roll her eyes to a comment calling that a big hill...
  6. I'm envisioning a mailbox with a cloud in it. Can't imagine the city is capable of opening an online dropbox...
  7. As a near east-sider I don't make the effort to drive to the D&B in Westlake, but I would drive downtown or stop in if I'm there for something else. Plus this would be accessible by public transit.
  8. @KJP are any of the towers you're hearing about projected to be at or taller than 700'?
  9. Even without the construction of the new building, there is no crosswalk connecting the RTA station to the bus stop on the west side of the road. RTA riders usually jaywalk through oncoming traffic to catch their bus. Someone missed they idea when designing this stop that public transit riders usually have at least one connection.
  10. It's already proving to be somewhat successful. I teach in UC and am told by students that the building next door and the one that replaced Mi Pueblo are leased by this model and are full. Students these days eat this up. Just wish the building was 2-4 stories taller...
  11. Would this be downtown, or another part of Euclid like UC?
  12. A friend of mine who works for DCA told me once that the pylons for the Ameritrust tower were poured before the project was cancelled, so Jacobs would never put in a building there under 40 stories. Anybody know if there is truth to this comment?
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