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  1. Design Innovation Hub at Kent State is coming along nicely. Very cool building.
  2. Construction delayed til spring 2021 https://www.record-courier.com/news/20200519/seventy-new-jobs-coming-to-davey-tree
  3. Are there any eyes on the ground? Did any additional equipment arrive or did any drilling happen?
  4. Yes, thank you! What I find so cool about this building is that during the day it looks silver or blue depending on the angle but at night it takes on a green and black hue! She’s a chameleon!
  5. First time I’ve seen her in person. She’s BREATHTAKING...
  6. Silent Matt

    Ohio Music

    Recorded in my basement in Kent. Psychedelic Rock must never die!
  7. Silent Matt

    Ohio Music

    That was good. Perhaps rock is NOT dead.
  8. Larry, you know I gotta ask...any word on the height/Sq. Feet of the office and apt. towers? A bit upthread you really had the pulse on how SW’s main tower was going to be built first with staging on the Weston lots.
  9. I like crackin’...




  10. Thank you KJP for tirelessly working your buns off to get this article done tonight! Now let this man have a well deserved cat nap!
  11. ^^^ This guy right here. Non stop! Do you ever sleep, Ken?!
  12. I have to believe they will at least use 25,000 sq ft plates. Stokes Courthouse officially listed as 18.7 ft per floor. 877,000 sq ft with 25,000 sq ft floor plates = 35 floors. At 16 ft per floor = 560ft. At 18.7 ft per floor = 654.5 ft. 1,077,000 sq ft with 25,000 sq ft floor plates = 43 floors. At 16 ft per floor = 688ft. At 18.7 ft = 804 ft. This could be a massive tower. I hope they use 18.7 ft floors.
  13. In that massing the main tower looks to be 500 feet. I know it is unofficial, but Ken, is this based on any inside info you have about it’s height?
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