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  1. thanks for the first useful reply :evil: Since I've got an audience now, anyone know about Denver? My wife is going to do a fellowship and while Chicago is her top choice (at the moment), Denver is 2nd. We've both been to each city quite a bit, but getting info from the locals can get us started in the right direction. thx
  2. Moving there in about a year. so many neighborhoods. I know the Lincoln Park area but will probably want something less expensive. any good forums you are aware of?
  3. I'm old enough to remember this episode... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZByndN_ffyw
  4. Wanna take the wife, but the good tix are like $65. ow. any coupons posted or anything like that? yeah Im cheap
  5. Worked at WTXF (Fox29) from 1996-1999, then went to the agency side. I dont miss that business at all, but miss some of the people. Fox was young then and exciting. Are you from PHL?
  6. Went to Temple University in Philly. Got a BA in Broadcasting, worked in that biz for 6 years, then got into sales and now sell copiers, printers and document management software here in Cincy. Going to XU for MBA as well....to get out of sales eventually. Anticipating burn out in 5 years or so.
  7. just a guess that its cincinnati bell collection service, and that you had a phone in your name sometime in college? look into it
  8. having lived there from 93-2004, there is a lot I would suggest to contrast cincinnati but is sounds like you have just 24 hours or so. I suggest walking through all of the litle cobblestone streets that go through Old City and Society hill. start at Eldfredths alley (the oldest street in the USA that has been continuously inhabited.) Check out the sub 6' front doors. while youre in that area there are probably 100 active art studios. If you happen to be there on the 1st friday of the month, it will be a madhouse...thousands expolring the artwork. like final fridays here but with craploads of people. head south from there and see society hill's perfectly preserved italianate architecture. the historic stuff is every 50 feet here, and liberty bell/independence hall are in this area. a little further south is South street, which is kind of like main street meets Mainstrasse, but with a lot more activity day and night. hafve a slice of Lorenzos (3rd and south). good shopping. the nicest of the parks is at 18th and walnut (Rittenhouse Square), and coincides with the high end boutique shopping. There is no tax on clothes in PA so go nuts. More amazing architecture in this area. THe quintisential euro-trash-wanna-be-famous-writers hang out at La Colombe (19th and walnut). If you want advice on dining, let me know. you will probably stay near chinatown, since thats where most of hte newer hotels are. Penang is the most popular asian eatery in this neighborhood, if youre into malasian. You shoudl eat some italian when youre there, and La Viola at 16th and spruce is a cheap BYO that's family run, or Ralphs, which claims to be the oldest italian restaurant in the US is at 9th and Christian. That neighborhood is intersting, but extremely gentrified today. still charming, but not as many Sopranos types around as 10 years ago. It's the Italian Market neighborhood...picture Findlay Market times 10. I'm heading there in a week. Pm if you want any advice. just ditch the car....everyhting is walking. your feet will hurt. enjoy!
  9. Just an FYI...Kyuss dissolved into Queens of the Stone Age, who are about 5 albums deep on a major label. They are huge. There are lots of derivatives of Kyuss out there. They may be regarded as the forefathers of stoner rock, but Monster Magnet was doing in in 1991 and so were others. Oh and my favorite Ohio musicial is the genious of Robert Pollard and all 30 of his side projects including GBV.
  10. Ya know those billboards that are all over the Cincinnati area proclaiming that "God Listens"? I think its an ad for Mike McConnell on Am 700. I heard on the radio today that one of them got some additional verbage added by some graphitti artists so that it reads "God Listens to Slayer". Has anyone seen this? I heard its on the west side. I would LOVE a pic of it if anyone has seen it.
  11. lol. are you offering to impregnate his mom?
  12. I'll secong Montecarlos. I've been here for 2 years now and have pretty much given up on walking into a pizzeria and getting a coupla slices that meet my specifications. Flying Pizza is acceptable by my NYC/via New Jersey/12 years in Philly standards, but its not great. Fratellis is hte best Ive had here. Havent been to Aponte's but its now on my calendar. I cant stomach McPizza or god forbid Larosas with the vomit extract in the sauce. Seriously...when we moved here, w ewent to larosas andbrought the leftovers home. I forgot it in my car for a n hour or so after I got home...went out to the car and swore someone farted in my car. that sauce smells so bad.
  13. where did you get that pic of the grid with robbery stats? pigboy....btw great city photos
  14. anyone hear anything about this lately? all seems to be quiet over ther
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