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  1. I'm loving this so far. Although I must admit, I hope Sherwin Williams pulls a Chrysler Building move & reveals late in the game that this thing will be much taller than we were led to believe. Back in the day, the developer of the Chrysler Building pulled the spire out of their back pocket late in the process in order to take the "Tallest in the city" title from another building going up across town. Imagine the views, I admit I'm greedy.
  2. I started working there a year ago today, crazy the difference made in that time.
  3. It's amazing to see the Urban streetscape evolve at that section of Detroit. I'll never forget over 10 years ago seeing a picture of that corner from the 1960's and wondering what happened to the density. Safe to say we've found it. I also love the brick crosswalks, never noticed that. It's truly a great time to be a Clevelander/development enthusiast.
  4. I can confirm this. Being a Parma guy once dating a girl from Westlake, it was borderline offensive the reactions I would get to telling people I'm from Parma. I guess since my family originally came from the St. Clair-Superior area of Cleveland, I failed to realize some people in the outer ring suburbs view Parma the same way we view or old neighborhood. I felt like Eminem in 8 Mile, or Will in Fresh Prince of Belaire, it was odd to say to the least. lol But overall, I like the plan. Like, not love just to be clear. The current re-do of Parmatown works, but I will never not criticize the mostly vacant crater that faces Day drive. They could have done better, but screw it, I guess they're trying. I agree with J-Mich that building a small, intimate street grid could have led to the creation of a poor man's Crocker Park. Who knows if it would have worked, but it would have been interesting. One last thing before I get this thread closed for going off topic: To those of you only familiar with Cleveland's largest suburb from a distance, I encourage you to visit for a day. My recommendations include: Rudy's Bakery, Collaza's Bakery, Gentile's, Mizu Sushi, Little Polish Diner, Sittoo's, Chuppa's Market Place, PV Euro Mart, and Schnitzel Haus. Also, I know this last one is in Parma Heights, but East Coast Custard. Ours is drastically better than than Mentor & Fairview's, outdoor seating & googie architecture for the win. To summarize, just a very underrated area overall. That's it, I promise I'm done now.
  5. I love it, I've been in carpentry classes this week out in Richfield. Heading back north to Parma on 77, you get that view of downtown as soon as you get over the hill by Independence. But you've always been able to see the far eastern half of downtown way before the rest of downtown thanks to the angle of approach, and I actually mistook the Lumen for the Erie View plaza the other day. It has a very dramatic effect on the skyline, it's height and white lines help it stick out from a distance. My favorite part about it though, is that it elongates our skyline from the southern view. It reminds me of Philadelphia after they built the first Comcast Tower (although to a lesser extent) because it made Philadelphia's skyline look more imposing. That's what the Lumen does for ours, too.
  6. Call me crazy, but I feel like the Shoppes at Parma should have been redeveloped into an outlet mall with spin off retail. Between Lodi Station & Aurora Farms, they're both a pain to get to in my opinion. I really believe putting Outlets at the old Parma town site was a viable option at a time of need & would have kept that monstrous lakefront proposal from ever being devised in the first place.
  7. Looking at the building, it'd be cool if they could turn it into a townhouse type of deal. Separate it into individual 2 floor units, cut an entrance with stairs into each unit's exterior facade, and make it truly urban. As for me personally, call me crazy but the place looks haunted. lol
  8. I like it a lot, reminds me of something bigger cities would have. Buildings like this always stick with me after a trip to NYC or Chicago. I think it's refreshing, although it could use more consistency if you really wanna nitpick.
  9. That older building, upstairs tower room on the right: That's where my dad's family lived when they first came to America. Also went to the school when it was still St. Vitus. I hope it continues to expand, might be the key to saving that neighborhood until they do consider moving the highway for better lakefront access.
  10. The apprenticeship center for the carpenter's union has started doing some mass timber framing classes, or at least I know they're getting ready to organize them. Many of the instructors attended a conference in Las Vegas to prepare for it or something like that. The whole reason is this project. I know it's not really a legitimate update, but if the local unions are updating their curriculum to be better prepared for this thing, it must be a good sign. We need more projects like this, call me crazy but I think West 25 & Hingetown have a higher developmental ceiling in the long-term than North High Street in Columbus. That's exactly what Market Square reminds me of architecturally.
  11. As a Parma High graduate, I'm actually pretty furious about all of it. I've been a part of the Fernway Elementary School renovations in Shaker Heights recently, and I know that facility was built in the 20's. The idea that Parma Senior High is beyond repair having been built 30-40 something years later is incomprehensible to me. Having been a student as recently as 2012, I would say that beyond the HVAC not doing the best job, the building isn't falling apart by any means. Don't like the walls? Ok, build a new wall right in front of the old ones, cover them up like Fernway. 3-5/8"s track with a 5/8"s layer of drywall, or maybe as big as 1-1/2" hat channel shot to the wall where applicable & then the aforementioned layer of 5/8"s drywall over it. Do it on both sides, you've lost a grand total of 8-1/2" inches of hallway at the most, not too awful if you've been in there before. Need new HVAC? There's enough ceiling height in some of those rooms to install a suspended ceiling & cover up brand new HVAC & lights. I could go on, but I just feel like they didn't consider all their options here. Not at all surprising considering the gross financial ineptitude of the previous regime running the school system.
  12. So far as I could tell when I worked there, yes. I wasn't assigned to those floors, so I only got a good look at the area 2 or three times. However, I'm fairly certain the purpose of the atrium was to provide porch space to Interior units. At least that's what it looked like. You have units along the exterior of the building with views of the city, and it seemed some Interior units where the atrium is probably the main selling point. On the bottom floors, everything in the middle of the building is parking. But who knows, maybe those weren't rentable units. There were no finishes at the time, and I wasn't involved with the framing or backing. But that atrium roof cover did appear to be temporary.
  13. Meridian right now. I've been with a few places so far, still waiting to catch on with someone for more than 4 months.
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