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  1. My point still remains the same - none of those projects required Elford to build something larger than 4-5 stories. There's a reason that larger projects such as hilton 2, the joseph, etc haven't selected Elford.
  2. But I think it's telling on what their intentions are. If I'm looking to do build a new oil refinery, you can bet I'm not selecting a contractor that historically only does office buildings for example. Now if they selected someone like turner construction or brasfield & gorrie; then we would reasonably expect something relatively 'big'
  3. Do you guys really think that a mid or a high-rise will be built on this land? Them selecting Elford as their development partner pretty much says exactly what they're looking to build on this parcel of land; another 5 story max mixed use development. Picking Elford essentially guarantees we see the exact same thing that is being built at the white castle headquarters, Jeffrey park, Harrison west, etc. They're about as innovative as Nationwide when it comes to 'groundbreaking' developments...
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