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  1. Actually I would. It gives a lot of light but still gives a bit of privacy. Not to mention that it probably puts really cool shadows on the wall
  2. As a matter of fact , he did. Along with John Carrere and Arnold Bruner.
  3. Not surprising since it was designed by Chicago architect Daniel Burnham who designed the Carson Pirie Scott building and the Marshall Field building.
  4. It only took 13 months to build the Empire State Building. Which considering the improvements in technology and construction techniques since 1930, this timeframe is well within reason.
  5. It looks like every other retirement home built in the last 20 years. Nothing special.
  6. The economy has just had a huge shock, even if (and I think it will ) get better, it may take some time to get back on track.
  7. This is disappointing. The signs have been up for 4 years and this is what it is?
  8. I would bet it’s arson. Fires don’t burn that fast without accelerant.
  9. At some point the building will be torn down and that corner will look like the one directly across West 3rd. A small parking lot surrounded by a garage.
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