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  1. It would be a great time for the 5th Ave road diet. Worst designed street in the city with a lot of potential.
  2. So the taxpayers spent $27 million to add a redundant southbound exit. Why? I think ODOT builds stuff just to justify keeping their jobs. We should be trying to maintain the many crumbling bridges that already exist, rather than building extra unneeded ones.
  3. Yeah, that parking in front of the building isn't appropriate. Nor is the next door parking garage that comes all the way out to 5th street. You'd think that with control of the entire block that someone would have done some planning.
  4. Yeah the High and Cherry project is very upsetting. The commission should have held them to their word.
  5. It will be a huge mistake if the city loses an arena, and the tourism dollars associated, over parking minimums. Just one more clear example of parking minimums holding Columbus back.
  6. I'm surprised they are planning on getting 48 residential units out of it. That seems like a lot.
  7. Well, they somehow rented out 600 Goodale, and this location is better than that one.
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