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  1. Just pretty much said don't listen to rumors nothing has been decided and not to talk to the media. Same email came out in May I believe when Ken wrote we were moving, but that email just was a no comment email pretty much and not to talk to the media. In either case we got an email a day or 2 after both of Ken's articles.
  2. In any case I'll have to be checking my email after work hours now just in case. We were told the announcement will be made to employees first media second. If anything is sent I'll fwd it on...
  3. Later today? We got an email from Morikis this week saying no news and no decision in response what I think was Ken's article.
  4. I don't want to be negative here, but I really hope the city leaders realize if SW leaves it's going to be more than the income tax they lose. Just walked down E4th on this beautiful Cleveland Friday and let me say I'd guess at least 20% of the people I saw spending their money at these local businesses are SW employees. I'd say a higher percentage Mon-Thurs given no games.
  5. Yes, parking is a concern as it is either very expensive or if you are like myself you park in the flats which is a 13 minute walk, not the end of the world but could be better. A LOT of employees use the RTA system, rail and bus. Actually, downtown traffic isnt even all that bad because of that so that's another reason why I personally feel Cleveland is better than the burbs.
  6. Personally I think Cleveland and I would have thought that 100% until I got myself in trouble and looked at sites like this. I believe they want to consolidate so I personally feel it would be a hard move to move all of Cleveland and Minnesota. So then that leaves Minnesota, but we are the parent company. I have seen others say the tops dont care about Cleveland. They do. The company donates a lot to the local charities with time and money. Plus it's very cold there. Also, most employees have a long tenure here and that will be hard to replace. Will people follow? Yes, but a lot of employees have a successful spouse at another company. These are only my opinions of course. Also, and this is public, back during our 150th anniversary we had Frank Jackson speak and this is paraphrasing here but Jackson mentioned something about us better not leaving and the CEO assured him we are dedicated to Cleveland. A lot can change in 3 years though.
  7. I should also say that during the same meeting different topic he said that we outperform our competition because of our employees and not because of systems etc. So there is that. Maybe I'm just optimistic but I see that as worth something
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