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  1. Is there actually an east side suburb that could satisfy BOTH of these criteria though?
  2. Now THAT is a gorgeous rendering. Awesome scoop @KJP. This has got to be hands down the most exciting proposal east of the CBD.
  3. It's a very nice design with a nice color scheme. At a high level, it's similar to One University Circle, which is an attractive building. I appreciate what @KJP said about now being the time for critiques. Personally, I assume there's enough criticism to go around without finding things to nit and pick about. The design is very Miami-esque, which would be a concern if there were two ounces of overlap between the issues Miami currently faces as a city and the issues Cleveland currently faces as a city. Let's get a few more Miami-style buildings first, and then I'll start complaining about them.
  4. I actually think the CH nimbyism is a lot worse than the Flats folks opposing 2208 Superior Viaduct so as to hardly be comparable. Some of the folks in the flats are going to have a lake view blocked, even if it's not a good lake view. The CH nimbyism is very different. A Cleveland.com article came out months ago talking about lackluster design and making a contrasting comparison to the Flatiron Building in NYC. In the follow up, I saw a number of people on the CH Nextdoor forums seriously arguing that the top of the hill development should have the same architectural impact as the Flatiron Building. It's just beyond me that there are actually people in CH who think their little inner ring suburb that's barely paying its own bills should reject new development unless it would appear on the front cover of Architect Magazine. Anyway, thankfully this thing is actually going forward notwithstanding the opposition. /end rant
  5. I am very surprises there haven’t been more O-Zone projects under way. Lots of proposals, but few if any shovels in the ground. The O-Zones funds are basically time-sensitive free money. If you’ve got a bunch of capital gains you don’t want to realize there is basically no better investment.
  6. Wow, these (Warner and Swasey) are very affordable. It's always nice to see affordable infill along with all the luxury and quasiluxury (e.g. a $1200 400 sq. ft. studio) developments. This is still a city where 1 in 3 live in poverty.
  7. Beacon is from Stark who, by the way, appears a little better prepared on the marketing front and a little more poorly prepared on the numbers front than the typical developer I mentioned above. Anyhow, that's all I will say before this gets too derailed.
  8. In my experience many developers are very good with numbers but not as good with sophisticated marketing. I bet your pet peeve is picking up on that.
  9. $1200/mo. for a 421 square foot studio and there's a wait list for those units but not the others. Very interesting. That may bode well for City Club Apartments.
  10. I can't be the only one itching to know what this means.
  11. Awesome work, @Geowizical! What a dramatic difference. By the way, here are some of the Stonebridge views that would be impacted by the 2208 tower.
  12. Wow, awesome scoop as always, @KJP. If this all comes to pass with the speed it seems it may, we’ll have to rename the area Tall Hingetown.
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