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  1. Great news @KJP! Hopefully the exterior of the building doesn’t change too much. I’ve always though it was a beautiful example of the style.
  2. Not by revenue, but obviously there are other ways to judge size. Pilot is private, so it’s a weird comparison to Progressive. Nevermind, I just realized that's not the question you're asking.
  3. @KJP‘s hints on these looming megaprojects have everyone on this forum like “Alexa, fast forward to Friday 2024.”
  4. Clevelanders should ask themselves if they actually want to live in the cities they compare Cleveland to. Okay, Dallas has bonkers economic growth, but would you really want to live there? Okay, L.A.'s arts and entertainment scene is stronger than Cleveland, but wouldn't you rather not spend 25% of your waking hours commuting? Okay, Columbus has done a great job of consistent economic and population growth, but what does Columbus have that Cleveland doesn't? This city is on the way up with big wins like SHW. We have an incredible foundation of culture and cultural institutions and also have ample room to grow without becoming unlivable. How many cities in the U.S. have both of those?
  5. How great! That’s exactly the sort of amenity the area needs more of. You can’t build a really diverse and vibrant neighborhood out of 1 bd apartments and fast-casual joints.
  6. "Downtown headquarters campus" is almost an oxymoron. The vast majority of "headquarters campuses" are way out in the 'burbs, and the vast majority of "downtown headquarters" either aren't really campuses or really aren't campuses. So it's sorta hard to picture what SHW is planning (and obviously most all we're doing is guessing and playing SimCity).
  7. Have you seen Coventry recently? Or Lee Rd in between Cedar and BottleHouse? I’m not saying the health of CLE Hts retail is awful; it’s not. It’s fine. It’s not great though.
  8. I'd love to see something along the lines of this, although obviously it would be done at a smaller scale. I've got a sinking feeling the HQ may look more like a 6-acre, 6-story brick, but a guy can dream!
  9. Believe it or not, there was some reporting from Ideastream this morning that the PS/Weston-Citymark location had been selected. Otherwise, crickets.
  10. Mostly agree, in that CLE Hts can't keep businesses open in its existing retail districts let alone support a new one. But there's still a decent amount of retail in Severance right now. I don't think there's anything wrong with a Severance redevelopment that keeps a retail aspect and mostly adds residential. Trying to revitalize it into Beachwood Place is an unrealistic, bad idea. But if you just infill a bunch of single-family homes and duplexes (i.e. @Terdolph's suggestion), you're basically creating a subdivision that is pretty isolated from amenities. I think keeping at least 10,000-20,000 sq. feet of retail is basically necessary to create a modern, quasi-walkable neighborhood.
  11. This is an incredible win for the city and region, and I think most folks on this forum have the perspective to agree that is point number one. From a design perspective, I will wager most on this thread have stood in Public Square, looked northeast, and pictures a 1200’ tower. I know I have. That dream dies hard. So if the Jacobs lot ends up with an 11-story, 175’ building on it, a lot of people will still look at the site and picture the Ameritrust Tower. Maybe that’s just a part of Cleveland. We’re fixated on our past failures but also on our past and current successes.
  12. Thanks as always for the great reporting, @KJP. Wish I had more specific info, but I know the project is going to be huge for the region.
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