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  1. For some extra context, here's an article and video from the end of 2018 discussing Container Homes USA's single-family projects in Cleveland. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/e-team/shipping-containers-could-help-make-home-ownership-affordable-in-more-places-throughout-cleveland
  2. Seems pretty apt for a NuCLEus rebranding, but just confusing here.
  3. That article...was a finely woven tapestry of detail. What a logical and coherently threaded piece of journalism. @KJP must not just be busy homeschooling, he's schooling everybody in the game right now. Edit: and by a happy mistake, I've bumped the link back to the top of this new page as much as Ken hates to see stories get buried in a previous page
  4. In the last round or two back of articles, it was said that the city was open to proposals from developers, including possible demolition. (Some good photos here too): https://www.cleveland.com/news/erry-2018/03/04bbf6163a/inside_clevelands_vacant_warne.html The Cleveland historical article touches on the history and redevelopment starts and stops over the years, but I think it's more tangibly laid out here: https://abandonedonline.net/location/warner-swasey-company/ The Cleveland historical article: https://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/623 Doesn't seem like demolition was the last recourse until much more recently as neglect really accelerated the damage, but fortunately we now have the much happier plans put forth by Pennrose materializing.
  5. Not to derail this thread, but here's her announcement- looks like we were all slightly late to the party (May 11th tweet, May 10th announcement) Happy for us to have her talents once more put to good use, can't wait to see the flurry of NEOtrans posts we will be sure to have in our future
  6. The following projects were awarded 2020 Housing Tax Credits in Cuyahoga County: Churchill Gateway https://ohiohome.org/ppd/proposals/2019/FamilyUrban/ChurchillGateway.pdf Detroit Shoreway Homes https://ohiohome.org/ppd/proposals/2019/SingleFamily/SW-DetroitShorewayHomes.pdf Warner and Swasey https://ohiohome.org/ppd/proposals/2020/SeniorUrban/WarnerSwasey.pdf Woodhill Homes Phase II https://ohiohome.org/ppd/proposals/2020/HUD-Subsidy/WoodhillHomes-PhaseII.pdf News release: https://ohiohome.org/news/releases/2020/taxcreditawards.aspx Map of applicants: https://ohiohome.org/ppd/funding.aspx
  7. These two projects were awarded 2020 Housing Tax credits in Summit County: - I PROMISE Housing (Affordable Housing credits - New Affordability: Urban Opportunity Housing) - New Frontier Homes (Service Enriched Housing credits) https://ohiohome.org/ppd/proposals/2019/PSH/NewFrontierHomes.pdf https://ohiohome.org/news/releases/2020/taxcreditawards.aspx
  8. TravelCenters of America Inc. will focus on franchising TravelCenters of America Inc. (Nasdaq: TA), the Westlake-based company that operates truck stops in 44 states, announced Wednesday, May 20, that it expects to add at least 19 franchisee-run travel centers by the end of the first quarter of 2021. https://www.crainscleveland.com/retail/travelcenters-america-inc-will-focus-franchising
  9. Are there many similar spaces nearby other than Krenzler field and St Ignatius's fields? I think we all want Civic spaces that are not closed off to the public, one reason Church & State's public spaces are praised in contrast to CCF's fortress developments. I think execution will be key, but given that the flats is an entertainment destination, the parts that are redeveloped seem to cater to public uses. If Stonebridge's parking could be shifted to the garage and some space could be opened up for a linear park on the Viaduct, I don't know that an open space on the rooftop would be at odds with the linear park. Other green space in the semi-immediate area like Settler's Landing and Wendy Park seem more appropriate for informal pickup games like ultimate Frisbee, kicking a soccer ball around, or throwing a football back and forth more than something requiring a clear, level playing area of large enough size. I can see both sides to this, but at the very least having a connection from the dead-end on the viaduct seems exciting to me.
  10. Evidently some fresh asphalt got laid today in the flats section of towpath. Not my pictures: https://imgur.com/gallery/HI24IZb
  11. Yes. The sheet piling is intended to hold back the soil for the excavation for the underground parking. edit: Mendo beat me to it. You can also see it used in the water e.g. at the north coast harbor pedestrian bridge project: Picture from @NR
  12. I've also seen a location is coming to Summit County in the Montrose area based on a site plan posted to the Architectural review board there. I pegged it as being the Michigan chain expanding their presence to Northeast Ohio. Looks like they're planting a few flags to start.
  13. Following a common tune, any chance it is related to this? Elyria evaluating Midway Mall plans https://www.morningjournal.com/news/lorain-county/elyria-evaluating-midway-mall-plans/article_2c2d6fd0-395f-11ea-884b-273668efa08d.html Sears JCPenny Best Buy
  14. Lordstown plant could get spark from partnership GM, Honda to join together to develop 2 electric vehicles LORDSTOWN — Two all-new electric vehicles General Motors and Honda pledged jointly to develop for the Japanese automaker could increase demand for battery cells from GM’s proposed next-gen technology plant. The propulsion system in the vehicles is based on GM’s new proprietary battery platform, the cells for which will be manufactured at the planned $2.3 billion plant in Lordstown. https://www.tribtoday.com/news/local-news/2020/04/lordstown-plant-could-get-spark-from-partnership/
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