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  1. I don't particularly like their solutions to adding storefronts. What really bothers me is the high street side and the first section of the state street side do not match. I think if they matched, it would go a long way to improving the aesthetic.
  2. This is probably the most infuriating thing I have read on this website. I don't know that I have words..
  3. CU hasn't seen this much action on its comment boards in months. Quite a show. But.... heres an interesting tidbit... We may be getting new flag!!!
  4. I don't hate the design totally. Just not for the location. It could be seen as being Not in Their Backyard-ish but I'd gladly welcome it in my backyard to replace a strip mall or two in Old North or I think it would look great in Franklinton or on Summit or 4th in IV or downtown but for some reason, and perhaps it's because we saw much better proposals, I'm just not feeling this for this particular location.
  5. AEP did that over 77 at the Hall of Fame in Canton... (this photos is from when they tested it)
  6. A pipe dream, if you will, but It would be nice if they would work with an artist and make the stacks sculptural (or at least the facades sculptural in some way). I understand the need for the plant but it need not be solely utilitarian. Would be nice to have something more unique than a regular stack with some decals at best on it. Especially given the location.
  7. So.... the commission is buying into THIS design rather than the previous designs that had far more details and blended some of the historic elements with modern touches beautifully..... the commission was so concerned with density they gave up on a higher quality development for.... this?
  8. This likely explains why the cascades at Franklin Park have been off as well. Perhaps we don't have a lemon this time afterall!
  9. Good news is they were under construction and not occupied. I'll take that any day.
  10. We've heard from Rockbridge. But they are only one piece, no? What about the North Market, the City, the Wood Cos, NBBJ, etc etc (I don't recall all the players)? To my knowledge Rockbridge is going to manage the hotel component. They aren't necessarily the lead developer(s) and I'm not sure what their financial interest is in beyond running the hotel component? I'm not 100% certain on how its all divided up but I would sure feel better if we were hearing from some of the other major players involved. I may have them confused on the roles and apologize if I do but it just stood out to me that Rockbridge is the point man. Maybe a media company needs to reach out to the other players and see if the message is consistent.
  11. These have been 2 of my favorite buildings in Franklinton for a long time. It is a shame to lose the third floor but after 2 engineering and feasibility studies, I think the commission should be a bit forgiving with 80% of the original structures remaining. In my mind, one could almost create a metal structure that shows the original shape of the building and then use that as structure for rooftop amenity cover etc. Makes sense in my head. Maybe not here lol.
  12. I'm not willing to throw in the towel just yet and I still think it has a decent chance given its partners, but again, it just follows the patterns of other projects in many other places that don't come through. The list of projects that come to fruition 5 years after announcement, multiple delays, etc jn any city is relatively short. I use Arshot and Stark as local examples but there are plenty more in other places. Additionally, its not like an IBEW site issue where the commission is pushing them back. Where you have that kind of back and forth for years, those projects are more likely to come together but this is getting pushed back and delayed for largely financial reason it seems. Come winter/early spring, if we aren't seeing solid plans to put shovels in the ground next year, then I'll probably be ready to put a fork in it myself. I will say this. Those who noticed the parking vendor change were correct in assumptions that the market would have only done that if they didn't plan on breaking ground for awhile.
  13. Yes we read it. But it reads no more committed than any of the quotes since the design contest was launched in 2016. Every proposal had that same lofty language in it. The announcement stressed how important this project is to the city and how they are going to move to get it done by Spring 2020.... [taps watch]...
  14. Not to be too skeptical but this project is giving me SPARC, Millenial, NuCLEus etc al vibes. If I am to understand the article correctly, they won't be starting construction on Market Tower until 2021 now? It also strikes me that the relatively recent proposal for the peninsula would take immediate priority over something in the works for much longer. They still haven't given much in the way for the delays other than 'we want to get it right' and changing the design entirely. I just want them to do something feasible. If Columbus isn't the place for 30 story buildings right now, so be it. Stop waiting around years upon years trying to land the right tenants and build what is feasible. I would have taken a completed 10 story building on that lot today over waiting another year for the possibility of construction. Don't mind me being a bit salty over further delays.
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