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  1. From what I've understood, some central Ohio departments of health are interpreting it as construction (including private home contruction/remodel) is not essential and it is expected that most projects in town will likely come to a halt for awhile. I'll be curious to see what the ultimate decision is since the local health departments are the ones making the determination. Will the big 3 come to the same interpretation or will some see them as essential? I guess we'll know shortly. I wish the state had been a little more clear on that.
  2. Looks like the Crew Stadium Experience Center is completed. Whether it's open or not I'm not sure.
  3. That was my interpretation as well. Her mention of 'shelter in place' several times seem to me that it is on the radar and that if they want to get that number down, we are likely to see an order of the closure of all non-essential business, banning of travel unless to and from medical providers or essentials stores etc. My guess, we *may* see a shelter in place order later this week or early next if the numbers continue to track up like they are. I do know that we should expect more orders before the weekend's end affecting more and more groups and functions.
  4. Other than that corner building, which could easily be incorporated, that's quite a chunk of land once the warehouse style buildings are cleared. Hopefully something decent.
  5. At least GV hasn't created a formal non-profit organization to raise fund for legal battles to fight development like a community in Sandy Springs (Atlanta) did.... yet... that's a comfort, right? Lol
  6. Pavey, King and High. They made shirts for Pavey if I remember correctly. There was a less concerted but still vocal opposition to High and Thompkins as being too tall... it's all speculative but I have little faith in many of the commissions in Columbus anymore.
  7. 'It needs to fit in with the neighborhood, it's too big. We want more businesses but we hate how yellow brick and olde towne tavern affect our parking and complain about it. Why cant it match what is existing. And NEVER. NEVERRRRR. WILL WE ALLOW A BUILDING TO BE A HANDFUL OF FEET TALLER THAN OUR ELEVATED 2 STORY HOMES WITH FULL ATTIC! THATS TOOOOOOO TALLLLLLLL' But in seriousness. How does a city develop beyond log cabins if the argument is that it always has to match? Columbus needs to find that happy place between Chicago and where Columbus is now in terms of community control. For smaller projects, these kinds of conversations are moot. Modern gets build next to old. 4 stories next to 2. And infill is rapid. (There are many more nuances and issues in Chicago than that implies but for the purposes of a project like this, or the GV Hotel etc, people don't *usually* bat an eye, let alone get caught up in year and years of approval processes). Let the commissions have their say on designs and materials and that's about it. I can't wait to see the crap show the day that the lot behind houndogs in ONC eventually gets developed....
  8. Sounds like it went exactly as well as we would have thought... 'We want a walkable neighborhood... but we are super concerned about parking... and don't want any added density to make it MORE walkable. That's preposterous. Absolutely NO HEIGHT. Oh. And make it a Trader Joe's (as if that's the developers choice)'
  9. I was going to go with home ownership age in these communities and income. Along the lines of Gcrites it is who has the time to participate. I would love to for Old North but I travel too much for work to participate so I just email my thoughts each time but could not hold a spot on the commission until i make a career change.
  10. They want single family homes and *maybe* 2 story retail to identically match the next block over. Which is fine. Probably could have worked years ago. But due to cost of land, construction costs, etc etc, that kind of small project isnt financially feasible. But they don't care about that.
  11. So now we're dealing with NITBY's. Frankly, they should petition support among the immediate neighbors and use that to bolster an appeal to the city. 5 freaking designs. That's a lot of patience. Kudos to them for that at least.
  12. Interesting! And perhaps the new development can do more to pay homage for it. Could be an interesting opportunity for perhaps a parklet with a sculpture or a mural that makes it a photo opportunity for buckeye fans. Anything is better than this I suppose.....
  13. According to CU, Gordon Biersch has closed the Arena District brewery along with other across the country. I hope, that with the insurgence of craft and local brewing since 2001, a local or nearby brewery taps the market and takes advantage of the location. Maybe, just maybe, we can finally see Rhinegeist enter the Cbus market... or Cleveland's Market Garden Brewery can keep up a tradition of being next to public markets here.
  14. This could get fun. And those aerials really put the massive size of the property in context. I've never realized how large it is all the times I've been down there. So much potential for a thoughtful development, with a touch of spite if the right people get involved. A rooftop bar 12 stories up overlooking GV and Schiller Park sounds like a wonderful start. Make sure it includes a hotel with glass and steel (not that I think that's what should actually go there but.... ) Edit: I had some more free time this evening to dig a bit deeper. Not only does GE sit just outside GVC territory.... it seems to go around the GE... this is the map of the commission territory from Columbus.gov
  15. That seemingly came out of nowhere. What commission has formal review of it? I honestly can't see any scenario where anything substantive will get approved. I want it to but I fear GV will put up a nasty fight.
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