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  1. But see my reply above. Apparently the business community in CLE is fine with such service.
  2. Then thats part of the problem. Then they must be satisfied with lower fares that include connections. If european service matters so little to those global companies, you will not see it happen
  3. Theres enough room for another legacy but UA will defend its turf.
  4. The critical mass is a substantial number of premium seats at good yields to one particular destination. As ive written before, CLE has alot of Star loyalty. UA and LH codeshare. They are both Star. Four or Five times a week to FRA or MUC should be doable. But business must commit with revenue gurantees while route develops
  5. United, at the time, was in cost cutting mode. Shrink your way to profitability. I beleive Smisek wanted Cleveland gone by any method possible. Once the hub was dismantled and whatever write-downs and accounting associated with that are completed, i dont know how easy it is to build that back-up. Certainly, the retention of a mothballed terminal building is a method to ensure no competition arrives in Cleveland in a substantial way.
  6. Quite the opposite. The weather can be similat but not really the same.
  7. I cant imagine at this stage that if SW were moving out of Cleveland someone wouldnt have spilled the beans already.
  8. No. The A321 order compensates Airbus for the delay and most likely eventual cancellation of the A350 order
  9. United bought those A321's because they want to defer deliveries of the A350's until 2027 which means they'll probably never take delivery. The A321 order is to make that reasonable to Airbus
  10. And very importantly winds aloft. 150kts on the nose westbound in winter will take an enourmous toll on range making fuel stops necessary. It was 6hrs westbound to SFO today
  11. But thats just it. They wont be downtown. Itll be on the fringe in a sterile compound full of stores and restaurants. The visitors of which will have scant incentive to get out and walk downtown
  12. Ok, but they will drive to a big box full of stores and never once set foot on downtown streets. This will be a sterile shopping area with no interaction . Its kind of like a sold out browns game with 80,000 people in a stadium downtown but nobody on the street
  13. How true...that was my initial thought as well. Wouldn't it be marvelous if these stores could be integrated on say Euclid Ave or another street? As you say, they dont have to be connected or in the same building. Imagine the foot traffic!
  14. Speaking of Southwest, they initially thought of using Burke as their Cleveland airport. In fact it was very close to being done
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