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  1. Right. Unemployment rate is around 4%. And 4% was considered full employment when I was reading Economics for my degree
  2. Actually, there were rumours about that move. I remember reading something in the Times
  3. Yep...its a cash crunch - not credit. Fed announcement this afternoon
  4. And dont forget the poster who had lunch with someone in the know who said it would be built on the Nucleus site
  5. This is what I was getting at upthread a bit. They have moved some ops/people from Twin Cities to Cleveland already. I would think such moves would have been postponed if they were seriously considering leaving for other climes
  6. Also, citing a lack of a hub is an easy excuse to relocate because the city in which they are leaving cant replicate it. It's easier to justify leaving because of no hub than it is because the new city gave great ax breaks and lax zoning
  7. Well if they have already decided to leave, there's nothing preventing them from announcing that now...and provide details later
  8. I meant have they actually made a move other than the press release which would indicate that they might leave. Such as were there any consolidation of operations to be undertaken in CLE that have been postponed?
  9. Well you actually have given some definite hints already: namely a general timeline for an announcement and the fact that they are looking out of state
  10. I agree....has SW engaged in any activity which would lead one to beleive that they are considering relocation?
  11. Could be relative silence because it's a done deal except for the fine print
  12. I've lived in Manhattan for decades and I've never really paid it much mind
  13. Seems like a pretty pro-forma announcement that SH is building a new HQ and that their options are open. At least they acknowledged what everyone knows.
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