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  1. The second rendering made me lol! Love it. Thanks for the nice sketchup, would love to see your first rendering a reality.
  2. Thanks for making this rendering! I say just submit it to Sherwin Williams.
  3. Ha, thank you! And thanks for sharing all your knowledge over the years. I’ve been surfing through these forums for a long time and finally thought I’d chime in.
  4. Such great old photos! There were still a lot these buildings in the mid-80s when I was little. My mom used to take us on the bus downtown to Woolworths and when we got to this stretch of Euclid I thought I was in New York City or something. They left such a huge impression on me... staggering to watch them all go, but encouraging to see so much sprouting up in the last few years. Thanks for sharing all this knowledge in these forums, everyone
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