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  1. Had this conversation in another thread. If we had a similar sized downtown by miles, I feel like columbus would be bigger or extremely close to Indy in terms of population.
  2. It really is. It would be awesome if in the future they could build an addition up to the street
  3. That area does have more home owners that live in the houses, or so it seems. You never know. I’m hoping the Thompson’s project starts a trend in ONC, I’m glad that project got approved.
  4. I feel like that area won’t be opposed. It’s mostly campus housing still. So I don’t see there being a lot of people outraged, but then again you never know.
  5. That would be great. I went to the Facebook page for the project and said they should just take it to the city, the guy commented that they are planning on it.
  6. Yeah the best way to get transit is for easton, Polaris, Dublin and hopefully more outliers to keep building density instead of sprawl. So it is a great thing. Hopefully Polaris starts going taller and taller.
  7. One of my favorite projects by far. It looks great and fills in a huge section. Hopefully it fills up good and the developer builds more and higher. Also agree with the out of state developers. I think once a few are here and show that they can make money, it will bring in others.
  8. They could always develop the land right by the road. I’m sure that won’t happen, but you never know.
  9. I wonder if that is why they didn’t include the 2 story building. If they eventually sell that budget I feel like another building can actually go there. Even with windows facing that side.
  10. Didn’t realize this was going to have that many units, a potential to have 200 or so people move into downtown is always a plus. It also looks great and is something different for once.
  11. Yeah, I would give it 5 years and that whole area will hopefully be completely different.
  12. I think that’s why they didn’t do much to the garage. That building is going to basically be behind everything else.
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