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  1. Yeah, I’m hoping it doesn’t just stay gravel for parking, but it is Clintonville.
  2. Cannot wait to see this progress. Hopefully it starts more projects in the area.
  3. I have never noticed that, but it is kind of annoying. Even if they just threw some 2x6’s on it, it would look better.
  4. Among the concerns I just heard on the news was that they don’t need a giant monstrosity of steel and glass. And another person said the 11 stories was too much. If they don’t want to be around tall buildings move to the suburbs. You bought a house in a city, deal with it or move.
  5. It’s still strange they didn’t put townhouses in front of phase 1 as well.
  6. I think this is for the second part. I think that apartment structure was the first phase.
  7. I think this looks great. The color of the southern highest part looks better than in the initial renderings. Hopefully it gets approved. It looks good.
  8. When flower child was still there, I remember going one time and the power was out. The lady working said it happened all the time and that the wiring was awful. My guess would be it has to be fixed and updated/renovated before it could be rented
  9. Drove by this today, the old carry out building has been demolished. Can’t wait to see this get going.
  10. The article also said the developer is going to redesign again and try to go shorter.
  11. The columbusunderground article does say the second phase will be 150’ tall. Maybe they are doing really high ceilings on each level.
  12. This makes me feel better. If they don’t do retail, as long as it’s covered with art it will look great.
  13. Hey just let a person dream! But, I’m sure you’re not wrong. That front section of that building is horrible.
  14. This makes me wonder if they know something about the new buildings going on the last plot on the square. Maybe a good sign that project will be big?
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