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  1. My mom is heavily into all of these conspiracy theories. Even the really-far-out-there ones. She really does believe them, too, without proof. It's also worth noting though, that she's diagnosed Bipolar and Schizophrenic... I'm starting to wonder if the online conspiracy community and Alex Jones' radio show functions as a support group for those with certain mental illnesses who are in denial about it.
  2. The FBI can focus on multiple things at the same time. You are arguing that the FBI should not look into anything other than terrorism. The only thing bogging Trump down is his 6 months he's spent golfing aka grifting tax payers to funnel money to his properties. In fact, the FBI has separate divisions and departments under the Attorney General for counter-intelligence and terrorism, criminal investigations, cyber security and lab work. The FBI also has field offices in 56 major cities including San Juan, and 400 resident agencies in smaller cities whose purpose is to assist local to state authorities. Their function isn't to take over cases that are escalated to them from city, county or state-level law enforcement, rather, it is to assist them with national resources. I doubt the field office in San Juan gives a hoot about Trump. Although it should be a crime to pronounce "puay-tow-ree-ko" as badly as he does.
  3. David


    If you're wondering how to identify a millennial, in a professional conversation they almost always start their sentences with "So..." and raise pitch at the end of their sentences like they're asking a question when they are just stating something. I'm technically a millennial but I never do that; in fact, I think it's really annoying even though it's trivial.
  4. Dude, I just watched that movie a few weeks ago! I had never heard of that movie around the time it came out. Like most people, I had only heard of it after Donald Trump was elected. The movie is hysterical, clever and worth watching and paying 3.99 or whatever I paid to watch it, online. It's truly prophetic, unfortunately.
  5. I don't know why but I really enjoyed watching an extremely advanced and agile robot slip on a banana peel.
  6. You know who I can't stand? Laura Ingraham. She's so ignorant, hateful and annoying.
  7. I loved this song I'm not sure what that has to do with my point.
  8. I don't doubt that you all have good intentions but I do believe you're sheltered and misguided.
  9. You and many others on this forum live in a fantasy world.
  10. What the hell are you talking about? Can any of you explain further than that? Jesus Christ. I have two brothers who are half-black. They deal constantly with people asking them what their ethnicity or what they're mixed with. They somehow pass as white most of the time but I've had to hear the "N word" or "colored boy" used frequently right in front of them. You're just not going to convince me that race is just some social construct that isn't real and something to be dismissed. It's too wide-spread. It's real and there's real hatred and real ramifications. This is stupid.
  11. You're asking me all these questions like I'm supposed to have all the answers. I got pulled over in Kentucky of all places when I was 20 and swerving all over the place, and managed to get out of a DUI when I had obviously been drinking a lot. I guess that's one instance in which I realized I was white.
  12. David

    Off Topic

    Ironic name regarding what? If his name was BrightandSunny, I think I'd actually deem it ridiculous. In fact, I think I'd think of him as a looney-tune in that case. I think he has a cool screen name.
  13. What race are you? How do you know? I'm white. Like 99% of this forum. I guess I just know that because it's obvious. Hell, I don't know.
  14. David

    Off Topic

    It's Good Friday and I only know that because I happened to get today off, from work. To be completely honest, I'm not at all sure of what that means because I'm not religious at all. I just know that I just came back from my favorite Asian Buffet and when I went up front to try to pay my bill, this random guy in front of me snatched my bill from me and paid for my lunch and we ended up meeting and shaking hands. I thought that was really cool and a really nice gesture. Next time I'm out, I want to pay someone else's bill.
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