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  1. Wasn't it at 95% a few years ago? Is 92.6% really something to be excited about? It makes me fear people are just headed to Lakewood or Cleveland Heights over Downtown Cleveland
  2. We can't even provide decent retail on Euclid Ave, how would the city be able to support retail along Ontario at all?
  3. Invest in what? How often do you walk Ontario? The number of times I've been panhandled, followed, verbally threatened, offered by drugs is more than one deserves in a lifetime. Didn't a woman get sexually assaulted there? I know for a fact there have been 2 robberies this year just on that block alone. That street is not viable at all. It's too concentrated with poverty.
  4. Another downsize, and nothing even started yet. Where have we seen this before?
  5. It will still be a dead zone when there is nothing there on the ground floor. E9 & Euclid, Euclid where Chipotle is has a few vacancies in the last few years, there is literally nothing in Tower City or the Euclid Arcade, The Garfield on the E6 side has been vacant - since it's been built. Put something else in the ground floor because if it's retail, it'll be siting empty for years
  6. I don't understand why this is such a problem for downtown Cleveland. We have seas of parking lots but places like Cinci, Minneapolis, Columbus, I never here about complaints of parking as a reason to move fortune 500 companies to the suburbs. Are we in Cleveland seriously this obsessed with parking?
  7. Next update will be this project doesn't happen. It happens every time in this city
  8. Contrary to popular opinion, but companies that moved to the burbs like Eaton are doing just fine with talent acquisition, same with Progressive who is exploding with growth and new hires. That millennial and Gen Z thing doesn't really apply in NEO. Here, it's all about the suburbs maaaan.
  9. They could make this stuff while they're in the suburbs. Suburbanites are cheerleaders all the time but would never call Cleveland proper their home.
  10. The city better give every incentive possible. The repercussions of losing Sherwin even to the suburbs is damning
  11. I'm sick of dreaming. I want actual growth in this city. I'm sick of dissapointment and project failure.
  12. The possibility of Sherwin leaving Cleveland proper is very real. Don't even start with this troll accusation. The Jackson administration has an awful reputation with corporate business downtown. I can't even count the number of huge corporate headquarters the city has lost to not only other states, but to its blood sucking suburbs.
  13. Why are we making renderings in downtown when time and time again companies continue to leave Cleveland for other states or NEO suburbs?
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