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  1. I highly doubt some outsider from the suburbs goes to a place like E79 to rob and shoot people
  2. Have you never driven through that neighborhood or even look at the crime statistics?
  3. I will never understand how some people couldn't give a damn about driving business/retail out of their own community.
  4. Prospect Ave right outside downtown has some great architecture and the housing looks pretty intact. I mean it doesn't have the ammenities like Tremont and it is a very large, I think some parts of Central could be desirable.
  5. When you've witnessed retail pack up time and time again and downtown have numerous "revitalizations" only to be blighted shortly after, it's not really trolling anymore
  6. I don't understand why people have such a hard time understanding that there are criminals and gangs throughout this city, and that they are more than capable of causing destruction, harm, and looting especially downtown. This was not antifa, this was right in our backyard.
  7. He literally provided numbers and facts of how tax revenue is generated in Cleveland. I get some people hate the negativity of this region, but alot of it is pretty sound. Just because there are people with money moving into luxury apartments doesn't mean the citizen wealth of the city has significantly increased. The city proper is still quite poor and still heavily relies on the hundreds of thousands of suburbanites who commute for tax revenue.
  8. It amazes me for 14 years of Frank Jackson, there has not been one qualified or serious candidate to actually challenge him. Seriously, THIS is the best we have to lead the center city of the region? I really hope a guy like Kerry McCormack runs in the next election, new, fresh, and young leadership is sorely needed.
  9. They wanted to burn our courts? These people have freaking clue what justice is.
  10. Or maybe it's the fact that there is legitimate concern revitalization will be severely slowed in this city.
  11. I've been waiting for hears for the corner of EUclid and E9 be filled up by a business. Years for the ground floor of the Standard to be rented out. Tower City completely dead for years. So I don't blame anyone concerned about long term vacancies of these once popular storefronts to become a real possibility.
  12. I was downtown this morning cleaning up the glass in front of Shake shack. Where exactly were you? Are you aware that there has been a curfew going on since noon? I respect how you do your due diligence to provide us the information of development in the city, but seriously take your blinders off. What if these rioters came to your neighborhood in Lakewood and looted every single store front on Madison Ave? Until that happens, I think I have the right to be upset regarding the neighborhood I've called home for 3 years was completely vandalized, looted, and the business owners I call my neighbors basically lost all fruits of their blood sweat and tears in a single night. Living downtown for years, I see first hand the difficulty in building here, while visiting those three cities you mention, a new business opens almost instantaneously. It's always a suburbanite like yourself telling people who actually live in this city how we should think.
  13. The Cleveland Clothing Company removed all their inventory the morning before the riot yesterday. Was any business informed or advised to do so by the city leadership? So much of this could have been prevented if our mayor had any foresight to what might happen.
  14. I'm getting sick of this "Property can be replaced. Lives can not." Yea you're right. But how in the world is that an excuse for our neighborhood downtown to be completely destroyed. Not all property can be replaced. Tell that to Geiger's whose whole inventory was wiped out in a matter of minutes. How are they going to absorb that cost? Tell that to Intro on Prospect and every small business in the arcades. Property is the only thing people lost. These businesses are their livelihoods. The cop was arrested. Justice is in process. Enough of this crap.
  15. Really you're going to compare the capital of the midwest to one of the poorest in the nation, the biggest city in the UK, and a city driven by tourism. You can't even open an urban target downtown. The owner's of Intro on Prospect literally stated they don't know if they will reopen. Cleveland doesn't have any where near the amount of investment as the 3 cities you listed. Did they rebuild Hough? Did they rebuild Glenville? Are those areas not economically depressed over 50 years since those riots happened?
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