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  1. Let's be honest, besides the little shop of cookies and boutique stores, who actually buys the stuff in the 5th street arcades? I never see anyone in the shops except maybe Johnnyville Woods and even then I wonder how that guy stays afloat. The stuff in that arcade isn't stuff alot of people are looking to buy. People can downvote me but it shows the mind boggling paradox of retail downtown. No one, including downtown residents, continue going out of their way to the suburbs to shop.
  2. Brookpark Rd is parallel to 480. I doubt the poster means along Brookpark Rd stating "south of 480" But this digresses from the subject at hand.
  3. Um no, hopefully remaining in the city of Cleveland and not another loss of business to the suburbs.
  4. Suburbs trying to poach businesses from the city like it's the 70s. NEO is so backwards.
  5. They already tried this when Tower City was a retail hub and it failed.
  6. I'm sorry but how exactly is Beachwood development considered urban?
  7. The retail went under in like 15 years. A train station, atleast in Cleveland, is not a good place for retail. Especially when rapid ridership continues to dwindle and suburbanites in this region want automobile catered suburban retail. At this point just turn Tower City back to a full on train station. If there was actual demand for tower city, changes wouldn't be taking this long to be made.
  8. Wasn't it at 95% a few years ago? Is 92.6% really something to be excited about? It makes me fear people are just headed to Lakewood or Cleveland Heights over Downtown Cleveland
  9. We can't even provide decent retail on Euclid Ave, how would the city be able to support retail along Ontario at all?
  10. Invest in what? How often do you walk Ontario? The number of times I've been panhandled, followed, verbally threatened, offered by drugs is more than one deserves in a lifetime. Didn't a woman get sexually assaulted there? I know for a fact there have been 2 robberies this year just on that block alone. That street is not viable at all. It's too concentrated with poverty.
  11. Another downsize, and nothing even started yet. Where have we seen this before?
  12. It will still be a dead zone when there is nothing there on the ground floor. E9 & Euclid, Euclid where Chipotle is has a few vacancies in the last few years, there is literally nothing in Tower City or the Euclid Arcade, The Garfield on the E6 side has been vacant - since it's been built. Put something else in the ground floor because if it's retail, it'll be siting empty for years
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