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  1. I dont know if this is the right forum for this but I walked through Middlebury today. It seems like they've finished the fire station. Middlebury Commons across the corner seems to have made a lot of progress as well.
  2. I took a few pictures today while waiting for the bus. I dont think it looks as bad now that they are finishing it up.
  3. I wouldn't doubt it. It was a bit crumbly even when I was a student 6 years ago. That and half of it would flood anytime it rain.
  4. Taken the other day. I thought it looked great from the street with the sun shining down on it.
  5. I just happened to be on campus earlier today and found that they've taken out the bridge in front of ASEC. I guess they might be rebuilding it?
  6. I took these a few years ago but I think that was taken in Sanxia or Tucheng which would be part of New Taipei City but still only a half hour train ride from the center of Taipei. That area would be to the left in the first photo.
  7. This is my first post but I've been lurking for awhile. Reading through everyone's lists made me made me start to miss my favorite city, Taipei. I moved back to the Akron area last year and, as great as living here can be, I really miss the mountains, the trains, the narrow little streets, not being the only person walking around on the street, etc. Here's my list (both international and US): 1.) Taipei, Taiwan 2.) Portland, Oregon 3.) Osaka, Japan 4.) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 5.) Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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