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  1. there are several rectangular "Now Leasing" nuCLEus signs affixed to perimeter fencing around a couple of the parking lots near the arena. It's nothing significant, but if the project is indeed dead, hoping they remove these trophies of lost hope. Hope you are right, @KJP!
  2. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that local media is letting Stark get away with overpromising and underdelivering (er, not delivering at all) on something he has been front and center pushing for over five years. Where is the criticism directed against him? Why isn't any reporter at least hounding him for an interview so he may publicly comment on the latest status with this project? I have no idea who Stark is or what his reputation is among developers, but as a new resident to this area and as an urbanist who wants nothing but forward momentum for Cleveland, he seems like a colossal disappointment (Beacon notwithstanding). Bottom line: reporters should be pressuring him for a public comment. Developers like him need to eat crow if this is dead. Those nuCLEus signs near the Q ought to be removed. And he owes Cleveland an update after years of benefitting from free media and big promises on what would have been such a nice transformational project.
  3. it's unfortunate the people behind Real Life's website did not apply any basic editing or due diligence in their copywriting. I looked up their domain registrant/WHOIS information and the web hosting is based in Israel. Clearly whoever authored their marketing content does not speak English as their primary language. Too bad, because it is leaving a horrible impression with visitors to their site.
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