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  1. It was started by some sort of explosion. We felt it all the way over by the middle school. Heard multiple people walking around this evening saying the same thing. Hopefully they weren’t working on a Sunday and the site was empty.
  2. Don't get your hopes up. There's a reason 4 story stick frames on top of a concrete podium are so common now a days. The building code changes and makes buildings much more pricey once you go above that 4th floor.
  3. I'll chime in one more possibly thing I haven't seen mentioned on the contamination and that is time. I'm not sure how much it impacts their decision, but sometimes cleanups can be very time consuming, and permitting on them can be a very lengthily process on its own depending on the severity (whether or not the City is involved doesn't always help speed anything up). If they want to build both campuses at the same time I could see the time factor on the cleanup being taken into consideration on choosing a different site.
  4. I haven't been this distracted hitting F5 since the day the state started releasing the PE exam results. Killing the work productivity!
  5. To add on to the reasoning for a survey, any sort of development site, big or small is going to need a survey for everyone to use as a baseline for design, and a project this big is going to need quite a detailed one. The elevations across the property are only a minor part of a survey. (And for what it's worth, an 8' difference in grade across the properties is no where near a flat site. What may seem flat to the common eye, can be an engineers grading nightmare.) The survey will most likely include all the underground utilities, which considering this is in the heart of downtown is going to be a huge amount and extremely time consuming to sort out, and any easements, rights-of-way, property boundaries on the existing parcels.
  6. As someone who lives on the West side I would say this would give us an extra reason to spend a few days downtown every year. Another thing to remember, outlet malls a lot of times have stores that don't just pop up along streets in cities or towns. They seem to be "outlet" specific. I could be wrong, but I believe stores like Nike Outlet are completely separate and offer different product from say a Nike store that would open up as a stand alone downtown storefront. So I would lean towards saying an outlet mall here and a future retail frontage along Euclid aren't mutually exclusive.
  7. Ohhh! I'll take this as an opportune time for my first post! Yes, any sort of development the engineer is going to need core samples. Civil's prefer them, Structural/Geo-technical need them.
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