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  1. I do think it would be cool to have something like this(obviously with a better design. But something unique and iconic to go with the Hall) by the Rock Hall. If they did, they could add the neck of the guitar in as a "sky needle" type observation tower.
  2. Man I really hope that "So there isn't much new to report since my last article came out, except that a high-level source reiterated that SHW will have a much larger presence downtown." means the main tower is at least 1,001ft or taller. Not that I don't appreciate just the importance of them staying in downtown Cleveland, or that I wouldn't love any new major building(or buildings) they add to our CBD, density or skyline. The reason I'm so hopeful that they build a 1000+ft building is because this is CLE's best chance for the foreseeable future at having a landmark, skyline shattering, national/international statement tower in our city -- adding Cleveland to the thousand-foot club. I don't see any apartment/condo buildings reaching that height, at least for a VERY long time. I don't see any businesses, big enough to build something that size, looking to build in downtown in the foreseeable future. Our best chance would be Progressive, but that is unlikely - at least for a long time. However, future apartment buildings; condo buildings, office buildings and other businesses(big, but not SHW big) would be able to add more 300-900ft density buildings in the near future. This is our best chance at joining the 1,000ft club, and I really hope Sherwin Williams makes it happen for Cleveland!
  3. To me, this would be the ideal Downtown Loop/Rail setup. Obviously it would cost money, but if/WHEN we do it, I think this would be the best way. The ORANGE line would be the new path for the outer eastern portion of the Loop. The PURPLE line would be a crossing rail that would enter from the OhioCity/HingTown station at 25th & Detroit. This would give people in the center of the loop better access to it and allow for flexibility for all riders. I really hope that this gets done in some way, shape or form. I also hope they continue to expand our Rail System(instead of the busses), I think this would be a huge boost for our city!!! Hopefully as our downtown population and job opportunities grow it will prompt more Rail System growth!
  4. I agree with the UO sentiment that there are plenty of lots to build the Courthouse Tower(CT) on in the CBD. The quick sketch below are my thoughts. As stated earlier; SHW gets the Jacobs and neighboring Weston lot, then the Courthouse Tower has three close options. Depending on the size of the CT I think ideas 1&2 are perfect(if large, use #1 - if small, use #2), it makes sense as they're the closest to the current site. Worst case, they can go with #3 -- I'm sure there are plenty of other options, but these are just the close parking craters.
  5. @KJP Glad to hear more info saying SHW is staying in CLE. @Watertiger1962 I agree, it would be pretty disappointing if the tower was only 40 stories. Hopefully that is just a safe number they are tossing around and it ends up being bigger, maybe with higher(20ft+) ceilings!? I do hope they end up building near the square to fill in the empty lots. It would be great if they just purchased the Jacobs lot and the one Weston lot next to it, leaving the second Weston lot for the Justice Center and thereby requiring SHW to build their tower a lot higher.
  6. Please be taller then Key Tower, please be taller!!! Hopefully the main tower is at least 1,001ft.
  7. By “one site” do you mean that the HQ and R&D will both be in Cleveland? Or by “one site” do you mean that the HQ+R&D will both be on the same piece of property(Jacobs Lot, or Weston Lot)?
  8. Good point! After seeing his house, the new HQ+R&D might surpass all the wishful thinking/dreaming we've done here at UO
  9. @KJP What I saw and I learned was that Somera purchased the 1020 Bolivar OH-Bell building from Frangos group, which I’m assuming is the same Frangos Group that owns 3.5 acres on E. 14th? If so, do we think this $10+mil deal is a part of them gathering funds for their big development on the E.14th properties?? To quote the companies tweet in June 2018 “DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND DEVELOPMENT — THE BIGGEST SURPRISE IS YET TO COME — 2020” Thoughts? Have any of your sources heard anything?
  10. With construction expected to begin soon, and the website launched etc. If pre-sales hit 50% by March(or sometime early in the year), how long are you hearing they'll wait until they start moving forward with the E. 9th tower? Also, from what you're hearing, would extremely good/quick sales impact the height of the E. 9th tower(ie.. if things go good would they build a taller tower with more units?)
  11. One thing I think would be neat is if SHW had an interactive store/shop on the first floor of their HQ tower. A place where they can sell some merchandise, but also have some interactive booths where people(adults) can paint small, somewhat quick paintings. But also some finger-painting booths for the kids, and a place where they can mix paint colors to learn what different color combinations make -- what kid wouldn't like that Kind of like the M&M store on time square in NY. I think that would be a great way for them to interact with the community while also providing some 1st floor activity for their building.
  12. Have you heard any more about the total build height? Hopefully 500+ ft......
  13. Overall I like this plan. I think the Superman Statue is a great idea, I think it will become a tourist destination kind of like "The Bean" is in Chicago(plus when you add the stainless steal globe from SHW on public square, if done right these could be must see sites for tourist in CLE - plus you have the chandelier in PHS - exciting!). I do have a few concerns when looking long term. When we finally do away with Burke and develop the property, would someone be able to walk/bike from MLK to Edgewater on the water through this development? Also, it would be nice to have some tiny shops/restaurants along the 1st FL of the buildings for pedestrians walking along the water, kind of like San Diego and other places - I know it wont be nice weather year round, but with the neighborhood developed there they should be fine.... and it would help those living/working near by not have to travel across downtown for amenities. Also, I agree with @troeros in that I would like to see a Venice Boardwalk, Navy Pier style site on the water near that location. I don't think it has to be in this location, but maybe for phase 2 it could be on one of the dock locations to the west of the Browns stadium in-between it and the river entrance. I think it would be a huge boost for the city and our lakefront. then you would have a very active and vibrant lakefront with a lot of options. Non-stop action from Voinovich Park, to the Rock Hall and Science Center, to the Pace Community with a park and Superman Statue and nice waterfront walkway, to the Cleveland style Navy Pier and then the entrance to the river with all of its options! If done correctly, this could be Huge!!!!
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