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  1. That's Awesome!!! Plus, the 44113 area doesn't include most of the new development down Detroit to the West and Euclid to the East, those have to be huge numbers as well.
  2. Ok @KJP, I think I have a good guess as to who the secret Mega whale is that you hinted could come to Cleveland. Last night I was thinking about Cleveland-Cliffs acquiring AK Steel and how nice it will be to have three Fortune500 companies on public square. Then I started thinking about how great it would be for CLE to pull in other Fortune500 companies, the possibilities and how we could do it/what we could do to offer them more to move here. I started to think about the mystery company you mentioned and how you said it was bigger then Progressive (#99 on the Fortune500), I was wondering what company out of the other 98 would move to CLE. You said its none of the names that have been mentioned on this forum, plus its not major Health Company, IT company or MedTech company. I began to think what kind of company, outside of those sectors would have any motivation to move here (outside of the most simple cost of living perks)? Then it hit me...... The kind of company that could potentially benefit from moving to Cleveland would be an airline company, we have an airport that needs updating and has been rumored that updates are in the works. Plus we have a rail line that runs from the airport to central downtown. So if the city could work a deal with a major airline to move their HQ and HUB to Cleveland in exchange for a some tax brakes and other incentives to build their HQ building downtown(like they are for SHW and like other city's do when trying to steal a major HQ) and also a new updated airport with their own customized section or wing if you will(pun intended) for their HUB...... that could really be a nice draw for an airline company. With all that said, the one that makes the most sense to me would be Delta. They are ranked 69th on the Fortune500 list, 20 higher than Progressive, and they have over double the employees. They have roughly 5700 employees at their HQ in ATL, that would be huge. Plus there was talk in recent years of Delta leaving GA due to political issues, and an Ohio Congressman was trying to lure Delta to OH during that time. See the article below. How great would it be to take Delta from ATL after they tried and failed to take SHW from CLE https://www.ajc.com/business/birmingham-and-new-york-woo-delta-headquarters-airline-faces-political-turmoil-georgia-over-nra/Minv2ROyNVzcGItY7yE1OI/ Something that big, with that much involvement from the airport; city, county and probably the state would definitely require an NDA while they tried to workout the deal/details. Sooo...... am I on to something? Or not close?
  3. I saw this quote a few pages back, I think it may be from one of @KJP articles, but this thread was locked before I could respond. While I do see the reasoning behind it, and im not saying its wrong, i think it is important to note that "Groundwater removal" has been used in construction of very large buildings that do require caissons. I believe both The Aqua Tower in Chicago (82FLs and 859' tall) and The Millenium in San Francisco (58FLs and 645' tall) had "Groundwater removal" prefourmed on the projects. This should give hope to all those who are dreaming of a iconic tower on the Jacobs lot!
  4. That's GREAT news! How many more residents will The Luman; Beacon, TowerCity and others that are very close to opening, or will open before the end of 2020(I cant keep track anymore, what am I missing?) bring to Downtown?? Will those push the numbers above the threshold, and what is that number?
  5. Also the Browns Stadium Development/Cumberland lakefront development; a potential PHS 2nd tower on Chester/E13th and a Super MEGA but also super secret whale company that's bigger then progressive
  6. All of this new SHW info Fantastic, exciting and I love it.......... BUT don’t let it distract you from the fact that @KJP said there is a new Mega deal in the works that is bigger then SHW and Progressive!
  7. Outside of Progressive, which Ken said it's not, the only companies that are "Bigger" in Ohio are: Cardinal Health, Kroger, Marathon Petroleum, Procter & Gamble, Nationwide. So if its outside Ohio there are plenty of options. However, the only two that we've heard any rumors of, to my knowledge, are Amazon and Google. Perhaps the CityBlock/Blockland development has inspired Amazon to re-engage in its HQ2 plans, or maybe similar with Google and that's why their putting a Datacenter in central OH. I'm sure they'd both be happy with the opportunity to have a nice location attached to the TechHub with the view of the river/river park. From what @YABO713 said and @CleCaneFan referenced, I'm guessing the "cultural centers" would be more like the Science Center and Rock Hall. I agree, we need more breadcrumbs!
  8. @KJP I know you said there is an NDA in place and therefore you cant give anything about who the company is. However, you said it would be "Bigger" than a Progressive HQ downtown. Seeing as Progressive is bigger than Sherwin Williams(from a quick search) and is 99 on Forbes500 list, whereas SHW is 177 on Forbes500 list, then they would in theory be able to build a bigger HQ then SHW. So are you saying this new mystery company is bigger than Progressive and would build a bigger facility then theoretical Progressive? If so, would it be that they are relocating their HQ to Cleveland? Or, are you just saying that a company is going to have a small presence in Cleveland that will make a big impact? Sorry for the mixed up questions, I'm just trying to understand the hints a little better.
  9. @KJP Or anyone else in the know.... Does this new Stadium plan/development include Cumberland & Pace, or would they no longer be apart of it? Would this be a whole new group? If so, did Pace lose the leasing rights to the land?
  10. So I think I have found the happy medium of "corporate campus" and urban high-rise. The Tencent Headquarters in China. Here is a quick description I found of their Corporate Campus: "The traditional model for corporate design places companies in a singular high-rise or in multiple low-rise buildings. The design of the Tencent Seafront Towers merges the concepts by bringing the best of both together. Dubbed the Synergy Tower, the building provides the value associated with high-rises in urban locations with the connectivity of a low-rise campus." The video in this link gives a great look at and overview of the Corporate Headquarters. The video is Must See: http://www.nbbj.com/work/tencent/ The materials and look can be adjusted as needed for the desired appearance, but I believe the overall concept/design is much better than a bunch of low or maybe mid-rise buildings. Those belong in a suburban location. Plus I love the Green-Space that Tencent has on the top of each connecting bridge. Very well done and providing great views for your employees.
  11. @KJP Have you heard anything more from your sources as to when they will decide and announce the new location?
  12. Something interesting I noticed in this article on Cleveland Zoning from 2016, see quote below. I wonder if this would have any impact on either SHW or the Courthouse Tower if they were to build on the Weston Lots, would they require shops/restaurants etc. on the first floor of the buildings? "The city's Planning Commission recently approved using a version of form-based zoning for a two-block development proposed by Weston Inc. and Citymark Capital in the city's Warehouse District." Full article here: https://www.cleveland.com/architecture/2016/03/new_zoning_will_require_cultur.html
  13. That would have been so much better. Actually, anything else would have been better... our current convention center setup is a terrible design/plan.
  14. Sherwin Williams should definitely get first choice of where they want to build, especially since the new Courthouse Tower is so far down the road. I hope SHW get's the Jacobs lot. However, I don't see why the below graphic couldn't work to solve both needs. SHW gets space to build a multi-building campus and the Courthouse Tower still has a site near Public Square.
  15. I hope this actually comes to fruition. However, I just really hope that along with the financial change that other things happen to allow Stark to build the originally planned tower!
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