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  1. That's exciting to hear, I'm glad they're all still moving forward as of now. For @KJP or anyone else who may know: Are the "reported relocation's" from the east coast Companies, Investors or just Family's? I've heard about relocation's too, but I was never able to find out that detail.
  2. If they could do it in a classy way, with their logo having the world in it already, that would be sick! Especially since Superman was created here in Cleveland.
  3. Maybe it’s late & I’m dreaming(because he did say Texas/Nevada), but it would be amazing to steal Tesla’s HQ from Cali and make them a part of the Blockland/Tec Hub deal!!! Maybe even steal the plant and fill up the old ford spot on I71. Anyone have contacts within City leadership that you can put a bug in the ear of? It can’t hurt them to make a pitch.
  4. I think something like the above could be great. Another idea is to put the highway and railroad below ground via a tunnel from near the river out past the airport. Then you could have sidewalks, grass or roads wherever you need... and it would be a lot more convenient.
  5. A few pictures I got from someone I know who is working on the North Coast harbor pedestrian bridge. Enjoy.
  6. It really does, I love it too!! I'm hoping for many more like it, and larger, in the areas nearby. Possibly 20-story or so buildings on the lots between Lorain and Detroit on W.25th.
  7. I like that they went with the smaller retail bays, that way the price point will be less per bay and allow for them to remain full at all times(as local small businesses can meet the cost as well as larger chains). I do wish the screen on the parking garage fronting Euclid was a Digital board. Hopefully they'll make that change, if not now, maybe in the future. However, at least it's not bare - I'm glad they did something neat with it and included lighting!
  8. Good eye. I was looking at that too, but it looks to me like the main tower is in the 550-600' range, which had me surprised and excited. It also looks like the Yellow & Red buildings are in the 250-350' range. I know it could be all smoke, but hopefully that lot get's something grand. Also, I Really hope the city sticks to it's zoning requirements for street frontages with this whole development! That's a major entry point into Downtown that has had parking craters for too long, it would be terrible to go from that to inactive walls or parking when it's finally developed. I'm hoping for and expecting that best in both of these situations!!!
  9. Does anyone know, maybe you @KJP , how far off financially Stark was of meeting the original towers cost? I feel like the difference was 100mil(the cost of the 54 story tower was like 500mil and he had gathered 400mil), was that it? If that's accurate, I wonder if Stark could get the whole 100mil offered for this year and move forward with the original plan. Or is there a limit to how much one project can receive from this tax credit? Thoughts? inside info?
  10. I think the parking lot circled in the picture below would be great for the courthouse tower. Last I remember seeing SHW wasn’t buying it, and it’s right next to their current location, seems like the perfect fit.
  11. I looked through this thread and did not see anything referencing the below pic, please forgive me if i missed it. Does anyone have an idea of how much it would cost to expand the rail lines to the setup below(could you give the cost to make all expansions an underground subway compared to the cost for expansion of our current setup along with raised tracks like Chicago where needed)?? Also, does anyone know if this model map has been presented to the new RTA CEO/GM at any of the public meetings she's attended? I think this below map would be a tremendous asset to the city if RTA leadership could get creative to acquire funding from the state and federal transportation funds(without raising current taxes) to see this come to fruition.
  12. This is fantastic news for Cleveland!!! Hopefully the news of all the growth/construction/development happening here continues to spread nationally and CLE is seen as the hotbed among developers/businesses. That's a lot earlier then I expected, how exciting. I can't wait to hear more news! I'm assuming since your renderings for #1&#2 in the pic were not taller than The Lumen that the buildings will be shorter, would that be accurate? Also, what's minimum height requirement to be considered "tall" by Ken?
  13. I remember an article from Ken a while back saying that with the zoning and height district(6) that it was in, they could build a 600' mixed use building without even needing a variance. A 600' or greater would be amazing, plus it would add so much to the feel of the PHS, and even more to the upper east side of CLE.
  14. Just an idea. One block alone of the two Weston SuperBlocks is a little over 100k sqft, if they're willing to build 3-4 stories then that should work fine. That would leave them with the second of the two SuperBlocks, along with the smaller Weston lot to the north of the SuperBlocks for the rest of the buildings and parking garages.... and the Jacobs lot for the HQ. It sounds closer to the plan we originally expected, and it would cause more height from all buildings involved(except maybe the R&D building that would only be 3-4 stories, unless they included parking above or below). I personally think this would be the best way to go(easy to say when its not my money), however, this would put R&D and the HQ as close as possible. It may negate the open space/walking gardens idea(unless they built higher and left room on the ground), but at the same time they would be one block from public square... I feel like that is a great walking space - plus it would activate the square with more pedestrians. Thoughts?
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