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  1. We are still searching for the correct mortality rate, whatever that is. To see it increasing with no change in the comparative metrics (confirmed cases), on a relative basis, is troubling. It means the mortality rate for confirmed cases could actually be closer to the 3.4% that was initially reported. There's no debate over the data and testing limitations, so we have to work with what we have available. The only way to accurately determine mortality is to identify those exposed, by Ab test vs the number who die from the disease.
  2. We are still searching for the correct mortality rate, whatever that is. To see it increasing in relationship to the comparative metric (confirmed cases) is troubling. It means the mortality rate for confirmed cases could actually be closer to the 3.4% that was initially reported. The 1.2 - 1.7% was probably an aberration because testing for confirmation got off to a slow start. The preference would be that as confirmatory testing became more widespread, we would maintain a lower (1.2 - 1.7%) mortality rate; it's just the reverse.
  3. The concern is the increasing number of fatalities. Confirmed cases are confirmed cases, but the percentage of those that are fatal is increasing.
  4. Who says you couldn't have widespread Ab testing? They're cheap and fast with very high throughput, on various multiplex systems. If we learn anything from this pandemic, it should be that we need to manage public health differently than we have in the past. SARS-CoV-2 is not the first, nor the last global pandemic threat. They are coming more frequently and with increasing virulence; H1N1, SARS, MERS, E. bola, etc. We currently conduct Ab tests before administering HBV & Shingles vaccines. Before running HIV RNAs (viral loads) and CD4+ counts, we conduct Ab screens. If you're sexually active, we may run an STD panel that may, in addition to syphillis, gonorrhea and chlamydia, include Ab tests for HBV, HCV, HIV, HPV and HSV. Bottom line: it's not unusual to test for Ab to different viral antigens during a routine physical.
  5. "Now we have the hydroxycloroquine thing. It clearly alleviates the symptoms, test after test has shown this. I may not be a medical expert but I have a science background and a very strong feel for statistics, and I'm feeling this is a game changer. To the point of making it no longer a crisis. Why the delays?" The manufacturer needs to demonstrate safety and efficacy through human clinical trials. The trials have established therapeutic endpoints. We live in a litigious society. As the attorneys know, we have ongoing lawsuits for drugs/devices that have received FDA approval. You see ads every night on tv and on Facebook. Imagine for the moment, an unapproved or hastily approved medication. The manufacturers and approving agencies are risk averse and would never approve a product without the appropriate trials, documentation and review.
  6. Serology (Antibody - IgA, IgM) will be a game changer because it will enable us to identify everyone who was infected, symptomatic or not.
  7. Unless the patient or caregiver authorize the release. The father of jazz musician, Winton Marsalis died in NOLA from COVID-19.
  8. I hate to demonstrate bias and make generalizations, but I have stopped being amazed at some of the stupidity coming from these so-called leaders, particularly in the southern and central states. It's as if they live in a parallel universe, full of lies, half-truths, alternate realities and conspiracy theories. As a scientist, I focus on empirical data and facts and it is so difficult to get my arms around these people's decision making processes.
  9. What has become very concerning is the rising mortality rate. As anticipated, once molecular testing became more widespread, the mortality rate decreased from its initial 3.4% to a range of 1.2 - 1.7% As of this moment however, the current US mortality rate has increased to 2.4% 5648 fatalities/236339 confirmed cases. Not a good sign because the rate of fatalities should decrease as the number of confirmed cases increase.
  10. As I recall the South and East sides of the building were supposed to have these verticle stripes; the North and West sides were not.
  11. ^ I was referring to the post by Gruver. The Nikolai, doesn't look like affordable housing. In general I like Knez, but I also wouldn't even consider paying 1/3 mil for one of these until they redesigned the entryway.
  12. ^ Could be "affordable housing." You aren't neccessarily going to get all of the frills you might find in market rate developments. They are however still needed because not everyone can afford $2000/mo rents. The city needs more affordable housing units, as should be abundantly clear on this 1st day of April, in the midst of a global pandemic, a collapsed economy and massive unemployment.
  13. Doesn't the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County have more financial skin in the game than the State of Ohio? It may seem like doom and gloom at the moment, but this first SARS-CoV-2 wave will be the worst; it will get better with subsequent waves, as we approach some semblance of normality. This project included.
  14. Might have something to do with: 1. Govenor Ron DeSantis keeping Florida open for business, still 2. 100s of thousands of Spring Breakers partying on beaches, even after pandemic announcements 3. Cruise ships with thousands of exposed passengers/crew allowed to disembark without quarantines
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