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  1. It really does provide more of a suburban environment, right in the heart of the city. It'll be great for those who want easy access to the city's amenities without all of the challenges/issues that come with it.
  2. Have they integrated the face of the garage with that of the building itself, or is there still that abrupt transition?
  3. But if you consider baseball, football and hockey, Pittsburgh is in. Detroit has four.
  4. Pittsburgh counts. I think it's metro population is just slightly larger than Cleveland's. Metro-Detroit (4M) is twice the size of metro- Cleveland (2M). Regardless, Cleveland still has 3 professional sports venues downtown, the RRHF, Playhouse Square, CMA (a world reknowned art museum), the Cleveland Orchestra (one of the best orchestras in the world) and CCF (one of the world's best Medical facilities). Who can complain?
  5. IMHO, this project resembles an "urban" suburban community development. It has all of the characteristics of a suburban development (Any of the new high-end, family-oriented suburban community developments), but within throwing distance of downtown.
  6. I have confidence in d*ck Pace. He appears to have a good relationship with the city and, while he's cautious and methodical in his approach, unlike some other developers, he does deliver. So far, the development has been impressive. I do miss Captain Frank's though.
  7. I'm trying to understand how it relates to major civic cooperation with large corporations vs significantly less civic cooperation with individual developers.
  8. Agreed. What is your point? That cooperation from the city/county led to the downfall of these corporations?
  9. In most cases, the politicians do what their constituents request. There has been and continues to be demand for freeways to support exurban spread. As I've mentioned throughout these threads, at one time, Cleveland (as well as, believe it or not, LA) had built phenomenal infrastructure to support urban transit. It was all ripped out in favor of freeways and turnpikes to support suburban sprawl. In the case of LA, its documented that GM purchased rights of way, shut them down and ripped them out to make way for the automobile. The table is turning. It is up to the citizens to demand that their elected officials support greater utilization of the urban core, by focusing on rebuilding the infrastructure to support urbanization. Increased demand will drive prices, which in turn will foster continued development and growth.
  10. Cleveland is a phenomenal city with a very rich and colorful history. It has rich cultural institutions and unrivaled assets, that are the envy of many other cities, and for those younger forum readers, take pride in your incredible city. While it has had and continues to have its challenges, it also has so much to be proud of. The Lumen is a stunning example of one of Cleveland's world-class cultural institutions putting it's best foot forward.
  11. I'm not on the inside, but from the various responses I've seen from civic leadership, it's been pretty much all important stakeholders, except for the Mayor's Office. Remember, they were the last to respond to the news. KJP can probably provide better input from a local perspective.
  12. Yeah, I get the sense that the Mayor's Office is not leading the charge on this project; just tagging along for the ride.
  13. What gives here? Are German Cruise ships now making Cleveland a port?
  14. The other option being to take mass transit, and Cleveland has a decent Rapid. In most instances, it's cheaper, but you sacrifice time and flexibility.
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