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  1. The lighting on the Prospect side of the building will be an extremely dramatic improvement. It will eliminate that dark stretch of Prospect between Ontario and E. 4th.
  2. As it should be. After all, it does have one of Cleveland's premier addresses at 200 Euclid on Public Square.
  3. This is perhaps a good thing. It may be a contributing factor to keeping them in Cleveland.
  4. Some types of "retail" will come as CBD population density increases. The developments on Euclid are providing that increased density. The target audience for the Outlets is not the same audience seeking urban retail, as discussed repeatedly upthread.
  5. Credit has to be given to these guys for investing in the community and for providing a vehicle for those less fortunate to also become part of the community redevelopment. Love it! Kudos to Knez and Miketo!
  6. Given their target audience, I think this project has the potential to do very well in that location.
  7. Perhaps the nicest interiors to date. It's a shame this hasn't come to fruition.
  8. As illustrated in KJPs rendering below, demolition of the JC would leave a huge gap in the skyline between TT and Key. It needs to either be refurbished or another skyscraper to replace it. No parking lots!
  9. It would be nice if it was that simple. "Stupid" or not, it throws a wrench in the process. As mentioned above, Finance is involved and now there's a political slant.
  10. While not personally a fan of brutalism, it is nonetheless an architectural form that may be worthy of protecting.
  11. Thanks for the perspective Ken. Sure would be nice to have another 100 ft on that SW Tower....
  12. This is a tough one.... https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/01/janitors-union-says-sherwin-williams-shouldnt-get-public-funding-for-new-hq-worries-about-lost-jobs.html
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