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  1. As someone said, first it's 7 buildings. Then it's an entire block, then an entire neighborhood. It's demolition creep and I don't doubt many people invested in this stadium project echo a sentiment in this thread that the West End is "lost" and should just be razed and rebuilt. That's how you end up with a disjointed and unlivable basin that's just a playground for suburbanites.
  2. There are a fair amount of restaurants on main that get plenty of foot traffic. They're just all concentrated south of E 13th. The northern part of Main happens to be more retail and a few bars sprinkled in. What would be better for foot traffic further north on that block would be making a more comfortable/seamless pedestrian crossing experience on Liberty. The road diet could have done that but...
  3. If you wan't an actually self-sustaining downtown core, you can't cater everything to the "average visitor/tourist". If suburban/exurban visitors think OTR is just Findlay Market, Rhinegeist, and Vine Street, cool. They were probably never going to explore anything outside of those areas *anyway* and there's no good reason to try and steer them elsewhere. Continue aiming for a sustainable mix of commercial/residential/office that is interesting to people who want to spend more time in the other parts of OTR. I much prefer Main because it has a really organic, eclectic mix of ground-level storefronts and is frankly good people-watching material. There's nothing interesting to me about standing on the patio in Bakersfield and watching the same groups of suburbanites bar hop. However, sitting on the patio outside MOTR is fascinating because of the mix of people doing different things--going to the park, biking, bar-hopping, carrying furniture, etc. Good urban development isn't categorized and micromanaged block by block. It happens organically when the barrier to entry is low (ie, no parking minimums) for development so you get a variety of uses that respond to residents and occasional visitors.
  4. Hi all! This is my first post here. Been lurking since '14. If this is in the wrong topic I apologize in advance. I follow the Wasson Way project on facebook and they posted this link today. 6 SFH proposed along Wasson Way and the new trail, across from the HP Kroger. This would've been a great spot for 6 multifamily fourplexes instead.
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