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  1. $236 psf is awfully expensive for a renovation. You already have the garage and exterior shell, even if your are going to replace the curtain wall, that is very high. Maybe that number includes the vacancy losses until they can find tenants. LOL And I'm not sure this means 1,000 new jobs for downtown. It likely means 1,000 jobs moving from existing Class B & C buildings downtown.
  2. Some interesting facts about Union Central Tower (aka PNC Tower) from Emporis: When completed this was the 5th-tallest building in the world, only behind buildings in New York City. Originally colored brown; was painted white circa the 1940s. Tallest building in Cincinnati from 1913 to 1931; surpassed by the Carew Tower. The building appears on the skyline mural over the staircase at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza, one block north. Connected by two skyways at the 1st and 5th floors over Ogden Place to the PNC Building (now City Club Apartments CBD) located just to the south. It was originally built as the headquarters of the Union Central Life Insurance Company, which was founded in Cincinnati in 1867. The firm left the tower in 1964, relocating to a new corporate complex in the northern suburb of Forest Park. The Mitchell Building, one of Cincinnati's earliest high-rise buildings, and H.H. Richardson's Chamber of Commerce Building, formerly stood on this site.
  3. Former Verbarg's Furniture Store has been demolished to make way for a new Graeter's Ice Cream store on Montgomery Road just south of Galbraith.
  4. Unfortunately there are serious hazardous material abatement issues with the US Playing Card site. It's too costly to save many of the buildings as abatement during demolition is significantly less expensive than abating in place. I doubt they will even keep all the structures shown in blue above in full.
  5. The is demolition in process on several floors of Carew Tower. Is it exploratory in advance of a full renovation?
  6. Has anyone heard what's happening at Fourth & Walnut Center? It was supposed to be converted to a hotel and tenants were moved out at the end of 2018, but since then there has been no activity.
  7. I've got it. The City and County will get together and demolish a key piece of real estate with plans to re-develop it as an economic engine for the area. Sounds strangely familiar to The Banks, which is years behind schedule and an economic failure for most businesses except on Reds game days, because the City and County can't get along.
  8. Demand for retail space has definitely declined and restaurants seem overbuilt in Cincinnati. What worked for 3CDC in the past may not work in the future.
  9. He just did something the City couldn’t and was afraid to do. Don’t blame him for being smarter and a better business man.
  10. This property has already been developed by Neyer Properties.
  11. Construction of Queen City Tower wasn't started until the recession hit and costs came down, even though it had been planned for years. W&S understands "buy low, sell high".
  12. What is Greystar planning to build across from Liberty Center?
  13. They should build the garage wrapped with retail (1st floor) and shared work spaces (upper floors) on Central Pkwy and Liberty sides.
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