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  1. The trash chute plan was to build a tower of scaffolding on the roof of the 6 story building, line it with plywood and cut openings down the garage. Much more effective that plastic trash chutes, which clog and have limited capacity for massive amounts of demo debris.
  2. Heard rumors this week that the dual Hilton flag hotel at 4th & Walnut Center is on hold again. Not sure why? Does anyone else have any information on this?
  3. Fountain Square Far West in the making? https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/columnists/politics-extra/2020/02/20/millennium-hotel-can-cincinnati-avoid-another-development-disaster/4787256002/
  4. By definition, a "skyscaper" is between 150-300 meters high (roughly 40 stories to 80 stories). Above 300 meters is defined as a "super skyscaper". In the US, it's nearly impossible to build a 40+ story building in a year, even 2 years can be a challenge if you''re building an underground garage or have other site issues. Schiff is probably not thinking about building a true skyscaper, but building anything of scale in a crowded urban environment would likely take well more than a year, and this doesn't include demolition of the existing structure, which is minimum of 3 months. North American/Northpointe/Al.Neyer's multi-family property at 8th and Main will take more than 2 years to complete.
  5. Yes the roof is a mess and the top 2 floors destroyed by water and mold. As you go further down it gets better, but still has been totally neglected for 20 plus years.
  6. Costs of renovating these historic buildings are a challenge, but I think all 3 of the unstarted developments will happen as all are still being worked on. It’s just taking longer than many expect to get the projects started. Unfortunately the Terrace Plaza appears to have the least chance of success due the damages from many years of neglect.
  7. I'm even more confident a new hotel won't open in less than 5 years on the Millennium site. Maybe the over/under should be 10 years. Maybe the bet should be: Which gets completed first: a hotel on this site or the Brent Spence Bridge replacement? https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2020/02/07/millennium-hotel-project-54-million-and-counting.html
  8. There's a long way to go with the Terrace Hotel building. First, ownership rights have to be decided in court. I'm told JNY Capital has title currently, but that is being challenged by Anderson Birkla who had a contract on the property when JNY bought the Seller (brilliant move) and enforced provisions of the contract putting A-B in default and canceling their contract. A-B has sued for breach of contract and I believe that suit is to be heard in April, but who know how long it will take for a final legal decision. If ownership gets resolved there are still questions as to whether renovation is financially feasible and if what is feasible will be allowed by City, historic agencies and preservationists. The building has not been maintained for many years and the water damage has been extensive. It would be fantastic to bring this building back to life, but can anyone afford to do it?
  9. Agree 100%. Planned pool deck on 18th floor roof will give residents an opportunity to appreciate at least some of this craftsmanship.
  10. Photo from our exterior survey crew at Union Central Tower. This photo was taken hanging 22 stories up just below the 23rd floor cornice. The faces shown are approximately 6’ tall.
  11. It's highly likely (if not a certainty) that less parking space will be needed in the future with autonomous vehicles. Forward looking developers are building garages with flat floors so they can be converted to a different use in the future. I expect that 84.51 didn't foresee a definite need the extra floors when the building was built and didn't want to build unnecessary floors. With the many office buildings downtown being converted into hotels and apartments with little to no new office construction, it appears there is not much demand for new office space, particularly this late in an economic cycle.
  12. It is a done deal. Not sure why it is a tragedy as it helps capitalize the revitalization of the building.
  13. Definitely at least 5 years before a new hotel opens on this site with no financial support. Had to happen, but wish City and County were better stewards of funds and leveraged them with other long term funding sources.
  14. Be careful what you believe as stats tend to say whatever the presenter wants them to say. Passenger traffic at CVG actually peaked in the early 2000s, at more than double the current traffic counts.
  15. Renovation would cost far more than $59 million and the basic shell and lack of historical significance is not conducive to an upscale hotel or apartments.
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