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  1. Construction of Queen City Tower wasn't started until the recession hit and costs came down, even though it had been planned for years. W&S understands "buy low, sell high".
  2. What is Greystar planning to build across from Liberty Center?
  3. They should build the garage wrapped with retail (1st floor) and shared work spaces (upper floors) on Central Pkwy and Liberty sides.
  4. Does anyone know who the developer is for the Gwynne Building? Supposedly being renovated into a hotel.
  5. The conversion of SR 73 will finally be useful with the opening of the Amazon Air Hub at the Wilmington Air Park. Now the question is, will Amazon insist it be widened all the way to I-71? An incredible amount of truck traffic will coming down that 2 lane road.
  6. Most lenders require condo developers to achieve 75% or more of presales before closing on the first units in a development. Therefore, early buyers don't know when they'll be able to move in. In large developments this presale requirement can take months or years. Therefore, most condo developments today are small 4-8 unit projects and larger projects are nearly always rental apartments.
  7. Amazon jets are leased and operated by third party cargo airlines. They are not losing any money via the Amazon Air system. It's needed to meet their new Prime Free 1 Day Delivery promise being rolled out. Using Amazon Air is much cheaper than paying UPS to haul their packages across country.
  8. Condos are too hard to finance anymore due to pre-sale requirements. Hard to sell condos when you can't give any promises as to when someone can move in. Seems to be the primary reason why nearly all multi-family developments are going rental versus for sale.
  9. Construction is now underway. A new stairway is being added as part of the hotel conversion.
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