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  1. I'm definitely less hesitant about this whole development now than I used to be. Hearing the focus on preserving the Bolton house and incorporating greenery, wetlands and trees makes me very happy. Honestly, Mentor has been lacking (IMO) an area like this that makes a statement, offers diverse housing stock and creates a distinct and welcoming walkable district. I'll still wait to give full judgement until if/when this actually looks like it's happening and we see detailed renderings/proposals, but I think this would be a good thing for the city.
  2. Tomorrow, Ideastream / The Sound of Ideas is hosting a free public radio show discussion on the Woodhill Neighborhood Transformation Plan (@ CHMA's Woodhill Homes) and the future of public housing nationwide. It's a really exciting, important and monumental effort about rebuilding a neighborhood by its residents and for its residents. This event will be a great way to learn about it / help continue to spread its story to a larger audience. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-sound-of-ideas-community-tour-public-housing-in-cleveland-registration-76948048685?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=escb&utm-source=cp&utm-term=listing
  3. Yes. The next phase of the Cedar Estates / Sankofa Village townhomes and apartments are going there. Very exciting!
  4. As far as some ideas for (hopeful) physical form and design of the new HQ, I love some of these elements and concepts: Pedestrianized corridors, active sidewalks and streets, abundance of greenery, public seating areas/plazas, interaction between the architecture and public realm, etc...Really crossing my fingers that SHW/the city will pull off a campus with these features.
  5. For SHW and this specific site, I could possible see something like a fusion of the 7th & Market development in San Diego (39 story tower that steps down to an adjacent 15 story tower) with the Platform 16 tech campus in San Jose. I could envision the San Diego style style as the iconic new skyscraper on the Jacobs lot (plus it's right under 40 stories, per KJP's insight on what we'll likely see here), which then steps down to a series of shorter buildings that frame in the rest of the Weston lots. PLUS, note what is said about the San Jose campus, which I hope will parallel the new SHW development: "In what appears to be an effort to make the development pedestrian friendly and to integrate the complex with the nearby neighborhoods, two interior courtyards will be connected by walkways to adjacent streets. Potentially, that could give the campus a less isolated feel." San Diego tower: https://www.bisnow.com/san-diego/news/mixed-use/cisterra-working-on-downtown-mixed-use-project-and-office-campus-in-the-suburbs-63161 San Jose tech campus: https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/06/26/tech-mega-campus-gets-underway-downtown-san-jose-google-adobe/ In my ideal world, it would be amazing to have the scale, size and aesthetics of the San Diego tower to make a signature statement on Public Square with the pedestrian friendliness / urban campus feel and density of the San Jose campus that would transition through the Weston lots and connect into the Warehouse District. Iconic new modern skyline addition to frame in the last side of the square while getting an urban campus that fits into its surrounding low-mid rise buildings = win-win scenario.
  6. That’s awesome to hear! Having a nice gym in the building is a huge perk for me and is something I’m really looking for - that’s great news. I guess did you have any complaints you can think of, whether with your unit/the building overall? Also, as far as your short experience went, did the community there seem pretty friendly/social or people mostly stuck to themselves without much interaction? Lastly, what were your favorite and least favorite parts of living there? Thanks so much!
  7. I guess I never realized just how tall the Beacon is. The Lumen seems so much taller, but I guess it's just since it has no other bigger buildings around it really to give it context. This view is incredible!! Now I just gotta make friends with someone who lives there so I can see it in person. I do get the whole exclusive amenity space especially since it's a luxury building, but I do wish that any rooftop space added to a new development has public use - at least a publicly accessible bar/restaurant.
  8. Awesome to hear all the positives about Constantino's! It definitely seems like one of the major perks of living around that area. @mu2010 so I take it you lived in the Bingham? Any recommendations / personal experiences / insight you could elaborate on? I'm really interested in that building.
  9. How is selection / pricing at Constantino's? If I end up in the WHD, it would be convenient to be able to do most shopping there but wonder how much people would recommend still going elsewhere (ex. Heinen's, Dave's). In particular, how's the fresh produce and general options when it comes to being able to get most of the groceries I'd need? I've heard it's a little more limited than other larger stores.
  10. Wow, some pretty big developments for that area! Agree with previous sentiments though - E90th looks like it'll be really cool and I like the architecture and streetscape. Can't help but noticing that in small print, the location for the 2nd one is listed as being on "East 61th Street." Definitely not a fan of that one's design though. I'm excited for new residential development around the League Park neighborhood, but that just does NOT fit in with the context / existing aesthetics there. I guess we'll just have to see once completed.
  11. I dig it! For those of you who just want to see the site conceptual overview from the proposal, here ya go:
  12. "Ten small and mid-sized American cities can receive up to $25,000 each to implement their own arts-driven transportation projects to be completed by the end of 2020. Cities with anywhere between 30,000 and 500,000 residents are eligible to apply. Applications are due Thursday, December 12, 2019." https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2019/10/safe-streets-janette-sadik-khan-bloomberg-asphalt-art-initiative/600988/ Come on Cleveland!! I really hope people from the city / Land Studio go after this. A project like this would be incredible, and hopefully spark further initiatives down the road. Just look at these examples in the link! So very cool.
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