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  1. If you’re all not already tired of seeing so many crane pictures...here are my own contributions from this evening.
  2. The Residences (which appear to just be called 2125 Superior) now has an Instagram account, along with the first floor café, Green Goat Café. On both accounts, there are renderings shown for the residences and Café space. The residences are being dubbed as “Cleveland’s first wellness focused living space” and the Green Goat Café as “the healthiest café bar in the country.” FWIW, Green Goat looks to be a new Bobby George venture. https://instagram.com/2125superior?igshid=cc14uq6aiylk https://instagram.com/greengoatcafebar?igshid=toc1nf6u3eua
  3. It’s rather ironic that this neighborhood is trying to be designated as a historic district when in reality it replaced an actual historic neighborhood, but I’m all for it if this is its chance for new life. This area of downtown desperately needs enhanced, activated and built up more, so I’m hopeful that this could help it do exactly that in the coming decade. Like Michael Deemer was quoted as saying, this area poses the biggest challenges but also biggest opportunities in downtown.
  4. Wow - Ohio City rents are skyrocketing. I guess it’s a good thing to hear that units are leasing up quickly, but it’s definitely out of my price range.
  5. A Starbucks Reserve would be amazing in CLE - I’ve been to the one in Chicago and it’s a huge draw. Plus, the bar cocktails are amazing.
  6. Flats South Innovation District finalizing deal with Cleveland Whiskey as a key future tenant https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/flats-south-innovation-district-finalizing-deal-cleveland-whiskey-key-future-tenant?utm_source=afternoon-report&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200701&utm_content=article1-headline Wow!! This is awesome!
  7. UJerk Caribbean Eatery to open downtown this Friday! https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/05/12/ujerk-caribbean-eatery-to-bring-island-cuisine-to-the-heart-of-downtown
  8. Yep! It used to be Erie Island. But Six Shooter coffee will be part of the new space as well, so there will still be (an even better) coffee option here.
  9. E4th’s new Roman Café (new concept from Citizen Pie plus a collab with Six Shooter coffee) is coming along! I’m super excited for this place to open.
  10. Church + State really makes an impact on the skyline coming from the west on the Lakefront Bikeway! I can’t wait to see this same view once it’s finished.
  11. This building is absolutely beautiful. Not only does it extend the skyline East, but in the evenings it shines really bright because of its glass. It stands out among the sky/clouds and the neighboring buildings, as seen from Tremont / the Towpath Trail / Flats. Just imagine a couple more of these to brighten up the skyline!!
  12. Just wanted to share one more quick update and resource for anyone interested in or actively looking to move downtown. Freshwater Cleveland came across my apartment search via a social media post, and they reached out to document my process. I describe my extensive downtown search and give some other thoughts on why I wanted to move downtown and what’s so great about it. Let’s get more downtown residents!! Already I love it here so much. https://www.freshwatercleveland.com/features/hunting061820.aspx
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