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  1. The CLE5 label and other numbered CLE Amazon facilities are fulfilment centers while the DCL facilities are distribution centers. Just different types of Amazon locations, so Twinsburg is not counted as one of the 6.
  2. Updated site plan for Wade Park townhomes based on CPC feedback. The new plan was approved. ORIGINAL: UPDATED:
  3. Awesome to hear! Didn't see much of those projects online. Do you know any details about this one in particular?
  4. On June 2nd, certificates of disclosures were posted online for the three buildings with Panzica as the listed buyer. So definitely still part of the project, and last I remember, they were supposed to be all part of the same phase.
  5. Agenda for tomorrow's CPC meeting is out! http://clevelandohio.gov/sites/default/files/planning/drc/agenda/2020/CPC-Agenda-WebEx-meeting-060520.pdf One thing I found interesting is that Dureiko Construction (who specializes in kitchen and bath remodels) is trying to get in on the development game to build townhomes at the southeast corner of Keiper Ct and W 34th Pl. I'm wondering how realistic this proposal is. Hopefully find out once more details are revealed.
  6. That definitely sounds better than my current job as a part-time delivery driver ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe I'll switch to Amazon for delivery driving since they're planning this lol
  7. Feel free to move this, I couldn't find a topic for development in the industrial valley. Amazon is planning to build a 112k sq ft delivery station off of Heidtman Pkwy. These aren't full distribution centers, they're more focused towards last mile delivery to help with fast shipping. They're proposing 253 parking spaces for associates and managers (yellow area). The loopnet listing for this currently unused land shows that it is under contract.
  8. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cleveland-metro/an-office-space-specifically-designed-to-prevent-the-spread-of-viruses-is-being-built-in-cleveland?_amp=true Update on the Avian
  9. Please be inner ring But maybe not Cleveland Heights again. As great as that would be, I don't wanna listen to endless complaining like with Top of the Hill.
  10. Anyone wanna buy 45 Erieview Plaza? It's going up for auction. I'll see how far the $20 in my bank account can go. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/45-Erieview-Plz-Cleveland-OH/19629480/
  11. Wow this is an amazing project. And it's been a bit since we've see gotten something so big out of nowhere like this one.
  12. I'm always gonna complain that it doesn't properly evoke the history of the area the way a lot of other new developments do. That's fine in some areas, but as an attendee said, the area has a lot of grit. It's that history and industrial chic aesthetic that partially makes this specific area attractive.
  13. Hopefully some more will be coming soon https://www.bisnow.com/national/news/opportunity-zones/investments-in-opportunity-zones-growing-during-pandemic-104437
  14. You snooze you lose lol. Joking aside, there's still plenty info on it and the other developments planned for the area to warrant an article. I just can't wait for one of them to finally pull the trigger and start construction.
  15. Stumbled upon this while looking at projects seeking opportunity zone funding: 70 units of workforce housing proposed for a neighborhood WRJ Developers is dubbing "Edgewater East." Project is currently titled on the site as "ArkiTainer on 72nd" and will be made of shipping containers. Drawings are dated 3-30-2020.
  16. Should we expect a new article soon? Or at least some hint at just how many projects you're talking about?
  17. I know it's thin brick but that isn't a bad thing. Just helps to reduce cost while still providing the visual benefits.
  18. From the CPC presentation: the new Knez townhomes on Wade Park by the Hough Bakery. 37 units. Personally a fan of the brick townhomes, but I'm just a sucker for historical motifs. The vinyl ones on the other ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Regardless, this is some awesome density coming to the area. Plus whatever they'll be doing to repurpose the Hough Bakery building. Plus all the other houses Knez is building by here. Driving through this area is just a barrage of for sale and coming soon signs.
  19. Since "A Cookie and A Cupcake" moved to Ohio City, it's spot in Tremont at 2681 W 14th St is being repurposed as a cigar shop and lounge, the "Tremont Cigar Company." Not really notable to the company, but I also find it funny and unfortunate that the owner's name is Alex Jones.
  20. No big news but a permit was filed for the renovation of 910 Literary Rd. It's to be prepared for 2 tenants (one per floor). That first floor is the perfect spot for another local restaurant or store. And it'll be great to have this more lively with windows planned to be added to the space.
  21. If there's not first floor retail with a sex toy shop I'm gonna be extremely disappointed.
  22. Definitely the case with those over $250k places. Just basing off of counting Zillow sales over that price (not a perfect method but it's something), February has 43 sales, March had 48, and April only had 21.
  23. Building permit was filed online today for an 8 unit micro apartment building at 2270 W 14th St by MRN. 2 stories and a total 4800 sq ft.
  24. I also love the brochures mention of that "forthcoming mixed use development" They put the point in the wrong spot on the map, but I assume that since it'll be built where the Vibrator Company was, that the project is the 120 unit "The Vibe" as seen here:
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