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  1. Though Rising Star left, there space was filled back in March by a new coffee shop called Blue Sky Brews. Idk if they've reopened yet but give them a shot, they're great.
  2. Permits filed today for the demolition of the J&M International building between 70th and 73rd. Glad to see this all moving fast.
  3. The deck is gone. You can still technically climb on it if you wear gloves and cling to the rusty beams on the side and carefully step, but I've only ever gone partway across before going back. I know at least one person who crossed the whole thing like that, so at the least, it's somewhat stable.
  4. I don't believe anyone has posted the artwork proposal yet that would wrap around the parking garage floors. Really pulls together the building and is an awesome contemporary method for ornamentation and beautifying a parking garage. The intent is to change out the artwork every 3-5 years.
  5. Plans for this have gradually been altered with advice from different meetings. I apologise for the livestream quality. And what a massive improvement. Beautiful. Here's from the Landmarks meeting Thursday where it was approved:
  6. I believe leasing already started at the beginning of the month. A couple units based on their balconies look lived in already. A lot of students just won't be showing up till needed for classes. And yes, there will be a fall semester on campus; however, it's shortened. It ends Thanksgiving week and then finals will be done online.
  7. My bad, forgot to mention. 75-77 units are proposed.
  8. They seemed very aggressive in their original timeline which would have had it completed at the end of this month. Obviously COVID threw those plans off quite a bit. With a stable income from 1900 Train, they would be able to feel safer moving into it. And their co-work space would have offered subsidized rents to 20 small businesses. The hope is that though they would not be profiting from them, they would be enough to make the space lively in order to attract ~100 other users to the space.
  9. Here's the new plan. Plots for some more units built up around Gerome Court along with two small park spaces (far left and top left). As reference, here's the old 2009 plan for this development for anyone interested:
  10. Metro North new images from the CPC meeting today and a big sorry to Joanne but your pic was in the way of the stream. Compare to the very early design from late last year:
  11. West 73rd Street apartment building proposal that was presented this morning. Not quite Battery Park, but bordering it just south of that development and the other apartment buildings proposed for the area. Edit: 75-77 units proposed
  12. Permit was just uploaded for the 4000 sq ft of 1901 Train that will be the dog park bar. I believe the building should be nearly filled up with that after which NextGen's business plan entails converting the 25k sq ft 1900 Train into a co-work space which they named "Innovo."
  13. A permit was uploaded today for converting 4835 Broadview Rd, an empty former nursing home, into 12 apartment units. Nothing huge, but it's great to see work like this happening in Old Brooklyn.
  14. Knez is on the agenda for Friday's CPC meeting. They're proposing a revision to plats for their Trailside development. Means we'll likely be seeing more homes built soon. All of the other listings for this development have been sold.
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