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  1. Since the first in December of last year, 6 residential building permits have been filed for different homes in this development. And still nothing has been built. I'm pretty sure they just weren't approved.
  2. When do we start crowdfunding this so urbanohio can buy the square?
  3. Here's a couple pics for this from last year. It should be noted that the homes are built to suit so who really knows how exactly they're going to look.
  4. While a pharmacy would be awesome, another grocery store might be enough to put constantinos under. They're just barely staying afloat from what I hear.
  5. Land studios is also making a playground downtown? I haven't seen this before and can't find any other info on it. https://www.land-studio.org/projects/216go Anybody know more about this?
  6. http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/brd/detailDR.php?ID=3342&CASE=NE 2019-040 Comments and info added on the Hough Paradigm development. In summary: They want to extend Wade Park Ave all the way from 65th to 55th. Looking at a 70/30 mix of subsidized housing. The first phase will be the 16 unit building at the corner of Wade and E 61st. The planning commission also advised that each building be developed individually with different designs so we won't see that same building at every corner. The E 90th buildings were approved as is with the condition of having a community discussion meeting.
  7. It opened up in February. It's doing pretty well and the selection is honestly great. Only complaint would be the price considering the area is rather low income. And I guess it can be a bit misleading considering it's not like the westside market.
  8. Zoning approval was given for the conversion of 11203 Stokes (was Cleveland Clinic Fairhill) to residential and today, a building permit was submitted for the 49.6k sq ft facility itself to be turned into apartments. Still waiting on the townhouses.
  9. Who remembers The Foundry Project? https://www.cleveland.com/architecture/2015/05/developer_j_shorey_plans_to_tu.html Commercial building permit filed this morning for some changes to a small portion of the parcel. After inspections and other developments throughout this year, it looks like we may finally see some movement forward with this project. I'm gonna reach out and see if I can get some more details.
  10. Commercial building permit filed this morning for the retail space in the Athlon which means that someone probably rented the space. No details yet.
  11. And so much of it is already perfect to develop. All of the green is owned by the city/landbank and all of the yellow is vacant land. And there's only 6 (red) owner occupied houses so not much to deal with in the way of NIMBYs.
  12. Ya im just an idiot and mixed up my dates sorry And in regards to the people: One owns the two neighboring properties on Cornell and lives in one. The other two are Random Rd and Murray Hill Rd so the development is almost behind them (literally NIMBY)
  13. Hemingway Development just submitted permits for new construction so it would seem that the NIMBY petition this morning to stop development failed. EDIT: Nevermind I guess I got my dates mixed up, sorry. They did still submit permits this morning
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