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  1. The Feast of the Assumption started today so I took a few pics. La Collina really does a great job filling in Mayfield and making it more walkable (just needs some retail finally), and I'm excited for Mayfield Station to do the same when it's completed. And then Quattro just always makes me jealous of the people who get to live there.
  2. Any progress or updates on this? I haven't been down to the area or heard anything about the project in quite a while.
  3. When I started reading UO I never would have imagined this level of adrenaline pumping suspense, but @KJP really knows how to captivate an audience.
  4. The sidewalk all around the building is being completely repaved. They just still have a bit of work left to do.
  5. Just a couple progress pics I got while walking past today!
  6. I'm just excited to have development near an underutilized redline station. The whole area along the redline between Tower City and University Circle are so disappointing. I wanna have a reason to stop there rather than always skipping past all of the stops.
  7. In an ideal world, I'd love for the waterfront to complete the loop and for a separate line to go along those tracks. Have it start in Lakewood near the Gold Coast and follow the tracks east, diverge to stop at tower city, then continue along the waterfront line tracks, but branch off and keep heading east along the shoreway all the way to MLK. It would definitely support development and park usage from Edgewater Beach to the downtown lakefront to Gordon Park. Maybe throw in a mostly direct bus along MLK from the Gordon Park location down to the Cedar University station to tie it all together with the red line and University Circle. In an ideal world...
  8. In regards to what Uptown 3 will have: Sheng Long Yu, owner of Kenko in University Circle along with some other Asian concepts, wants to open up a new restaurant. This is likely to be in the spot on the Eastern side that will share an outdoor patio with Piccadilly. Nothing definitive, but they're looking into putting an Amazon Hub into the other space. Kind of odd considering it's useless to CWRU students who already have two locations on campus with lockers for picking up packages.
  9. The issue is that I don't believe it'll be well used. CWRU already has a location on both the North and South side of campus with lockers for picking up packages, Amazon included. I'm not sure if there's enough need for it once you subtract the student population.
  10. Zack Bruell has been in discussion with Glidden House to possibly takeover the carriage house where Trentina used to be. The issue of the matter is that he wants 100 seats. I'm currently unsure if they'll follow through and attempt to expand it due to the historic nature of the building. The only info I have about the concept is that he wanted to keep and make use of the wood-fired oven. The currently under construction Uptown Phase 3 at the intersection of E 115th and Euclid will have two commercial spots. One is being eyed by Sheng Long Yu who owns a few Asian concepts including Kenko just a short walk away. For the other spot, they're trying to get an Amazon hub. Personally, I'll be upset if that's what happens because it's such a prime location for another shop or restaurant.
  11. Looks to be a different brand. The word "fried" is neatly in the title unlike the NYC restaurant and the logo is completely different. No other online information on it, so I guess it's a new local restaurant.
  12. Long time lurker first time poster. Progress coming along on the Uptown 3 student housing. In other news, there's still a bit of interior work to be done in the Commodore where "Hell's Fried Chicken" will be opening.
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