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  1. New building permit was added online yesterday for the renovation. Does anyone know if the planning commission will be looking at these?
  2. 22700 Lake Rd, Rocky River Right on the coast in the northwest corner of Rocky River.
  3. Also in Ohio City and with a newly posted listing are the Harbor Whitman Townhomes https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1899-W-44th-St-S-L-C-Cleveland-OH-44113/2080388344_zpid/
  4. I don't think anyone has posted it yet so here's the listing for these 4 townhomes starting at $539k: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1535-Vine-Ct-1-Cleveland-OH-44113/2080741849_zpid/
  5. Yep just one really big house. As per the building permit: "2.5 STY 4,036 SF WOOD FRAME SINGLE FAM RES W/ATTACHED GARAGE" If it makes you guys feel better, this plan is directly across the street:
  6. As low as $1.56 in the city from what I've seen with projections that the price is still gonna be dropping further. But also aside the point of Ohio City Development sorry.
  7. This should be going before the Northeast Design Review tomorrow. Plans are for 39, three-story townhomes.
  8. Design review case for Knez's new townhouse development around the old Hough Bakery. Hopefully be seeing some renderings soon. http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/brd/detailDR.php?ID=3457&CASE=NE 2020-006
  9. These aren't even affordable housing. They're $1500 per month for a 1br 457 sq ft apartment.
  10. Construction permits submitted today for the redevelopment of the corner at Lorain and Randall where Old Fashioned Hot Dogs is closing down. I'm assuming this means demolition should start in April or May. And an image reminder of the plan:
  11. No specifics were given in the online copy of the permit so it's yet to be seen
  12. There's an overlap where midtown is between Chester and Carnegie, West of 79th. You are right though as 7911 is just past 79th St which means it's not in Midtown.
  13. Permit was submitted today for new construction at 7911 Carnegie Ave. Not a lot of info given online, but piecing together info, it seems to be from the people who owned the now closed middle eastern grocery/hookah bar: Almanar Market on the westside. TBD if this is going to be a similar concept. This location is by the new Dunkin Donuts and the new Angie's Soul Cafe.
  14. I finally understand why they were so excited about architect CARLETON MOORE! He earned that exclamation point.
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