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  1. @CleveFan, et. al. What Our Skyline Could've Been I'm missing a couple things, specifically since I don't know where Progressive Tower is supposed to go (information on that please), and also I can't find the original drawings for the rest of Tower City that was never built (where the existing parking lots are I believe...). If anyone has that type of image that would be swell. I really enjoyed making the Ameritrust model (I'd like to think it is very accurate), it actually makes me wish SW could've just recycled that plan and used it for their HQ. It would've been such a cool supertall to have. If built it would currently be tied for 11th tallest in the US with Chicago's new Vista Tower. 1. Ameritrust Center Height: 1,198 ft 2. Weston Superblock Height: ~310 ft (tallest building) 3. Doubletree at Couthouse Square Height: 350 ft 4. Lakefront Development Height: ~150 ft 5. NuCLEus (Original Proposal) Height: 647 ft 6. Cleveland Trust Tower Phase II (The 9) Height: 382 ft 7. The Lumen at Playhouse Square Height: 396 ft
  2. @CleveFan Will do (once the partying has subsided of course )! Happy 4th!
  3. Also, Happy 4th of July Everyone! Megatall Concepts by Request Ping An International Finance Centre - Shenzhen Height: 1,965 ft Floors: 115 Floor Area: 4.2 million sqft Signature Tower - Jakarta Height: 2,093 ft Floors: 114 Abraj al-Bait - Mecca (A.K.A. "And you thought OUR Tower City was big...") Height: 1,972 ft Floors: 120 Floor Area: 16.9 million sqft Shanghai Tower - Shanghai Height: 2,073 ft Floors: 130 Floor Area: 4.1 million sqft
  4. Topic for unofficial/random visualizations and massings that don't belong in a designated topic or relate specifically to the topic in question. For example, official massings of the new SWHQ would go in the SW discussion thread (once released) while unofficial massings or massings using buildings in the real-world could go here. Anyone can post a rendering, and people can request concept/random renderings from others as well.
  5. Megatall Series?! ***But before I begin, thoughts on starting a thread where I can just take requests for random massings and post them there instead of filling up the threads where we should technically be having discussions/posting news? While I want to keep doing these and want you guys to be able to see them, they also kind of stray away from the main topic... I don't know if I have the ability to create it, but to those who do/want, maybe call it "Cleveland: Hypothetical Massings" or something like that? Maybe this page already exists?
  6. No worries, no worries! By request, here's 710 ft of pure twist! Twist Concept - Cleveland Height: 710 ft Floors: ~45-50 Floor Area: ~890,000 sqft *NOTE: In order to reach the desired 1,000,000 sqft and give some architectural space on the top, this building would have to be about/at least 800 ft tall, or be wider* **See Evolution Tower, Moscow (807 ft) for comparison and even more twist** ***Forgive the jarring horizontal lines haha***
  7. Happy to share my orange skyscrapers with you all! I will also take requests @Geowizical ? If so then thank you kindly! Also I agree on BNY, although something striking like 609 would be welcome if it were slimmed down a bit imo.
  8. While I agree we have done a great job of not speculating too much, given @KJP's breakdown of the numbers I just thought I would entertain some possibilities on why I think we will get a 700-800 ft building from SW. Given the floor area numbers of the buildings I have looked at (non-residential), I think we can get something around 700 ft for sure (SW-willing of course). Also this is a good exercise to see what a flat versus spire roof would look like in the skyline. I guess you can debate on what roof type you like better or what would work well for Cleveland lol. If there's anything to get out of this slightly unthorough exercise , it is that a 700 ft building no matter the shape will look massive in the skyline given similar examples from around the country (although this is something we probably already know). And all of these options at least would lend the second tallest building moniker. (I'll preface this by saying 609 Main at Texas is my favorite, and I think something of similar shape could look cool in the skyline, PLUS it is 1.1 million sqft which is really close to SW's projected floor area). The official renderings can't come soon enough! Hopefully they have an architect by now - if not that's very disappointing, but somewhat understandable I guess. I'm antsy to get my hands on some real material . Enjoy! 300 North LaSalle - Chicago Height: 785 ft Floor Count: 60 Floor Area: 1.3 Million Sqft Mixed Use, mainly Office "Flat" 609 Main at Texas - Houston Height: 755 ft Floor Count: 48 Floor Area: 1.1 Million Sqft Mixed Use "Slanted" BNY Mellon Center - Philadelphia Height: 792 ft Floor Count: 54 Floor Area: 1.7 Million Sqft Office "Crowned/Spired"
  9. Amazing project! Adding height to Midtown now that things are expanding in the area is great and I think this will definitely spur that progress if (more like when hopefully) this comes to fruition. It's honestly amazing in general to me that projects such as this and other high rises are still being announced/built (ex. INTRO) despite the pandemic. Truly amazing! On the visual-side of things, I think it is mildly interesting that - at least for me - the first thing I thought of when I saw the rendering was the proposed Cleveland Foundation HQ nearby in Midtown. Maybe that's the goal, maybe not, but I think that similar designs such as these that work together cohesively (for both projects I mean) can really give Midtown a unique vibe as a hotspot between downtown and UC.
  10. I'm thinking something like this... ...Just line up the render image, a little Photoshop wizardry, and you've got yourself endless fun @Frmr CLEder @Mov2Ohio
  11. Alrighty... this was quite an interesting render! Because of the weird topology of the Flats compared to the rest of the city, things like the viaduct may seem a bit off height-wise, but I did my best with what I could - hopefully all of the heights are mostly accurate. I also put in a placeholder thing for Brickworks even though I'm pretty sure we don't know what it looks like just yet... Nonetheless, I think that the development as described will do much to extend the skyline west across the river, and give a more lively environment to the west bank. As you can see from my renderings, literally half of the bank between Route 2 and Detroit Ave is orange, and that is somewhat mind-boggling to see! I am especially fond of the plans for 1250 Riverbed building on top of the existing building. Hopefully we can get these 20-ish-story towers in there because they really add some much needed height in interesting ways. As always, white is existing, orange is planned/under construction, green is parks, gray is RTA, and red are parking lots. If I got anything completely wrong or there are any questions just let me know!
  12. I'm on it! I was actually planning on sketching out the entire Nautica/West Bank area anyways ... and maybe Ohio City as well
  13. Hopefully I can distract us for a couple more if you all don't mind It's been forever since my last post, but I've finally gotten around to updating the nuCLEus massing in my rendering, so I just thought I'd entertain you all with some nice skyline shots and new angles we haven't gotten yet! (As a reminder, orange is under construction/planned, and red are all of the hideous parking lots we need to get rid of!) Have a lovely Mother's Day! (In hindsight, I realize I forgot the Herold Building... Oh well, I'll get to that eventually)
  14. I do find it interesting that the CEO of Google Cloud is the keynote speaker according to Crains.... ...maybe I'm reading too much into a possible announcement from him during his speech? That would be cool
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