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  1. I do find it interesting that the CEO of Google Cloud is the keynote speaker according to Crains.... ...maybe I'm reading too much into a possible announcement from him during his speech? That would be cool
  2. Looking at the Vocon website, it seems on face-value that Goodyear HQ is/was their current biggest project... So something bigger than that? Another HQ?
  3. I'm willing to place a bet on that and not change my answer: Google on the Riverfront in Tower City / CityBlock. Check back in a year (or however long this stays quiet) and see if I'm right... BTW, weren't there rumors about this at some point? Anyways, we should probably stay on topic here, maybe move this discussion to general thread...
  4. That second one looks like that second land bridge is a widening of East 9th with greenery. Nice! That current bridge for East 9th over Route 2 can get CRAZY during big lakefront events, seeing as its the only good way to currently get there...
  5. For reference, here's what it used to be... ...it looks like the only thing that changed was adding back in buildings to the surface lots. So what does FirstEnergy do for parking now? Also, one can see the land bridge and possible multi-modal design in @marty15 zoomed-in image if you look very closely
  6. So it turns out this riverfront project is much greater in scale than I initially showed in the renderings... there appear to be at least three other buildings by the Courthouse that are part of this as well. Also notice SW's Breen in the bottom left by the courthouse (hopefully soon to close? ) Think about this: I can't imagine what a great walk it will be someday for someone to take a journey from the Rock Hall and Lakefront Development by FirstEnergy Stadium, past the Science Center, across the Land Bridge, down the Mall/Convention Center, into Public Square, through Tower City, Prospect Park and the new, high-tech City Block, and finally out, down the sloping hill/park towards the Riverfront. Sounds like the Yellow Brick Road of Downtown Cleveland to me.
  7. Wow, okay... so minus the two obviously apartment buildings in the center which I indicated previously.... (Not total volume of the building of course, but floor space) An estimated 1.35 million... Wow indeed...
  8. @Taller_is_better mentioned above buildings shown along Huron Rd. hidden away in the background on this page of the proposal for City Block. Here is the image that calls this into question: Depicted are new buildings where the current parking lots are, including what look like some bridges over Canal Rd that drop down to a new park area on the riverfront. This seems like a lot of new buildings on top of the already fairly large space inside Tower City reserved for City Block... I threw together my next Sketchup rendering to get a better understanding of the scale of this since the proposal doesn't touch on this at all for some reason... suspicious... how does this all connect to City Block? Anyways, here are some angles. The tallest building, assuming my almost correct scale, is about 350-400 ft. tall. Next to this mystery high-rise are two apartment buildings, and then another large building next to the sloping walkway down the park hill from Huron Rd. towards the river. Also, for those who've been following along with the renderings, the much taller yellow building in the second image represents a potential SW HQ on Public Square, for reference. *Note: As usual, these renderings are unofficial and do not yet represent the final product. They are to be used for speculative purposes only.
  9. I believe the entire project will cost $110 million, not just the first phase, but I'm not sure what the first phase entails. "The first phase of a $110 million renovation is set to begin in early 2020."
  10. And then, assuming we factor in SWHQ... just think about that... I know this isn't the SW thread, but I can't help but think that with City Block almost a certain lock at this point, it would only add another strong incentive for SW to stay downtown if they are looking to potentially develop/learn new ideas.
  11. Cleveland.com article on SW needs and considerations: https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/09/what-sherwin-williams-will-consider-as-it-searches-for-a-new-headquarters-according-to-national-site-selectors.html
  12. Sketchup Renderings with Updated Massing and Possible Land Bridge (9/10/19): *Note: All renderings are unofficial and are meant for speculation purposes until official versions are released.
  13. Excellent argument. Since I'm obviously not a shareholder in anything, how much of a say do shareholders have directly in matters as big as this? From what you argue, it would seem to me that most other shareholders would also be weary of SW making a move out of Cleveland that comes with so many unknowns...
  14. And so I'll post my Sketchup rendering from a couple pages ago of the 3-5 building proposal again. Let's hope the CEO sees this!
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