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  1. Great Scott, I hope that's true! Assuming 24 stories, and a generous average ceiling height of 12 ft per floor, that's already 288 ft, so let's pray they add in 12 more feet at least
  2. Agreed lots of potential. Plus, I think the new Lakefront plans might actually allow for Tall Ships to still be feasible should they come back in the future. From what it appears, there would still enough green space to put up the tents (as I drew in below, probably not to scale) and lakefront walking paths to line the ships up along (the ships probably aren't to scale either). I'm curious how this new development would affect Tall Ships in the future...
  3. Pretty much like this: Image Credit: marty15 (We should probably stay on topic though...)
  4. Hotel is already part of the new plans it appears (gray building left of William G. Mather):
  5. Yeah, I'm curious what those restrictions are... On the Fox 8 website, they have one extra image not shown previously which actually look pretty tall. They must've designed them with height restrictions in mind (I would hope), but at the very least, I think the overall heights of the buildings blend in nicely with the stadium:
  6. Thanks! That's what I noticed too, the malls do line up almost perfectly! And I think when Pace referenced "connecting the mall" in the livestream, maybe he was hinting at doing just this... expanding the mall down and connecting it to this vertical strip of green space. If so, I think something like this would literally be perfect.
  7. Thanks! I do have lots of experience with Sketchup so it did go fairly quickly, but yes, I threw it together once the images came out after the livestream. All I did was outline the buildings from the image and then extrude upwards (since there were no good 3D renderings to go off of) so that helped make it go quicker.
  8. Sorry if this question seems dumb, but are these renderings related to or in conflict with the Thunderbird project? It seems as though it doesn't impede on the Great Lakes Brewing Co. land directly to the south (right in the image), but I'm curious about the rest...
  9. I think so, especially since the buildings in the older renderings were all low-rise as well. And since we only got two images of the new master plan and this is kind of important... For the second addition to my series of Unofficial Google Sketchup Renderings (see nuCLEus thread for the first), I took the master plan image and made a best-guess mock-up of what I think the future Lakefront would roughly look like in 3D to give us all a better idea of what's what... And the Money Shot... (I only take credit for creating the models in yellow which are future/proposed buildings)
  10. Very feasible indeed. Pace said himself that these new plans were much more feasible than what they had previously drew up and that they would be able to move forward more quickly with the new changes (obviously these are still proposals and not final). From what I understood from the live stream (before it cut out and didn't return...) was that, like you said, they aren't holding out for an office tenant and rather just creating the space for future use. Funding wise however, I didn't hear anything about it...
  11. Major Points from Dick Pace currently on on Let’s Be Clear: Light Gray (South) New School on the Lakefront to capture younger generation of downtown families to fill in the educational offerings gap downtown Light Gray (North) - Conversion of one of the warehouses (Dock 39, center of plan below) currently onsite into collaborative, open office space beginning relatively soon Brown/Orange - 1,000 Lakefront Apartments Dark Gray (East) - (Possible) Hotel with connection to GLSC (Unclear due to image quality) Not Pictured - Supposed extension of Mall A B C towards the lakefront (land bridge?) Unclear - 50,000 sq ft. of Retail Information Courtesy of WKYC News
  12. Anyone know when an official groundbreaking announcement is coming? While I’m finally feeling optimistic and excited as well, I won’t 100% believe an August groundbreaking until I see it...
  13. Who knows... with the way hotel rooms are filling up these days downtown, they might need to find a place to put a Holiday Inn
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