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  1. Keep in mind, the last two floors of the Lumen are 22' tall which is approximately double the height of the floors being poured last night. Last nights pour was for 26, so technically there are 10 deck pours left.
  2. The big points made yesterday in review were this project does not tie into the urban fabric. My point, and objection is, there is not fabric. Sure, it can be created similar to the way Crocker was, but criticizing this right of the rip for this is not fair.
  3. I know Aaron very well, and he does put all his efforts into his developments nationwide. This may have come back somewhat underwhelming, but I will disagree with the urban fabric comments. That's a joke. If there's one area in Cleveland that is not urban, this is it. There's one way in and one way out with no "fabric" or potential for "fabric". Anything done on Scranton Peninsula is a suburban lifestyle center built next to the city. Aesthetically can it be pleasing, sure, but from a spill over perspective this has very little potential.
  4. This will most likely be a Cleveland Construction run project with Arbor as the GC. Course neither one of them have contracts yet so who knows.
  5. Anytime after all star week to generate those parking revenues.
  6. I always appreciated the design concept with the panels, but from the beginning felt the building was too short/stout to pull it off.
  7. Had to meet some folks on Kellys today, and when I left the dock I snapped these pictures. Lake water levels are truly amazing with very little end in sight.
  8. This is designed at a maximum 17 stories on the lot you see being drilled with an adjacent 5-story parking deck to the east of the County garage along Prospect.
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