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  1. The matt was poured on top of 9 Caissons. The Caissons were roughly 185' deep. None of the steel ties into those caissons however. The caissons were for a counterweight effect of the matt. Think more stability for the matt. The matt is actually the support for the building.
  2. If this development dosen't scream 1995, I dont know what does!
  3. Looks like it, hence the coolers. The samples need to be sent out to the lab in coolers.
  4. @KJP, the caps are either for a permanant well put in for sampling water, or an inclinometer. An inclinometer well is used to monitor groundwater levels. To me this is saying somebody is looking to build a structure with some below grade elements to it such as a garage. Tight site, tough to put a below grade garage in here. They may be considering a matt foundation for a building which requires mass excavation and dewatering of the higher groundwater table. All in all, they just want to see where water is naturally ocurring and at what level theyll encounter it..
  5. Maybe theyre confusing the fact that the foundations for the former Ameritrust Buildings are most likely still in the ground. They were probably over designed with a high factor of safety and could potentially support a building of that size. In any event, they will all need removed prior to the installation of new foundations.
  6. From what I've heard, this isn't geotechnical drilling, rather some environmental sampling hence the vac truck in some of the photos. Geotechnical sampling and reporting won't be complete until a building footprint is nailed down, and the location of the proposed foundation is set. No sense in drilling borings in areas where a foundation may not exist. In any event, another fantastic article KJP! Thank yo for sharing!
  7. Most highrises bearing on a Mat Foundation also have caissons beneath the mat to account for counterweight effects.
  8. I thought they manufactured jn Effingham, Illinois, but could be wrong.
  9. Was the Courthosue Tower that was proposed by Ferchill on Lakeside back in the late 90's to serve the same purpose, or was that general office?
  10. @KJP just out of curiosity, what are all of the yellow buildings to the east of the proposed tower in the bedrock massings?
  11. I'm going to be unlike myself, and be a debbie here, but choosing the bedrock site is instantly losing about 4 stories in height from the PS site (site grades). But miniscule issue in comparison to them moving out of town, LOL.
  12. Curious as to what you mean about the new football field/district? Also, was one of the mid-rises you reference downtown on Sumner Court?
  13. I still think strong negotiations are in play with other cities therefore. If they were sold in Cleveland, they could say that by months end and put employees and politicians minds at ease. They could then spend the next couple months thereafter deciding on a NE Ohio location.
  14. Good article Ken. My only doubts are the comment regarding Gilbane as being selected as a CM. Curious as to where that information was attained, and the person who mentioned that.
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