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  1. I think a grocery would be a great addition, even if it is just a "small market" concept that is becoming more popular. I think many people (but certainly not all) live in the immediate downtown because they enjoy a walking base lifestyle. Right now many can walk to restaurants, parks, jobs, and other places with relative ease. Having a store to walk to would be a big plus and I think would attract additional residents to the area.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a plan to put a downtown grocery store/all purpose store (ie. Target) close to the new LC complexes or near the new development between Gay and Long? Just seems odd to have so much new residential living downtown that lacks walkable amenities like a supermarket. I have seen it done successfully done in other comparable cities, but I have heard nothing in regards to walkable downtown stores in Columbus. I know the Hills market is on Grant near Gay, but that is rather far if you are trying to have a walking lifestyle.
  3. I hope updates are coming soon. I have a little more faith in this project compared to Millennial Tower, but not much.
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