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  1. Regarding why Dorrian Commons is fenced off, the answers is unfortunately not development related. My brother works for the Franklin County Sherriff and does building and site security for the court houses and county buildings. According to him, the official line is that the area is being fenced off for "potential development and preservation." However, he claims that it is being done to prevent the homeless population from camping out in the commons and from using the fountain as a bath/restroom facility. There is a homeless center behind the parking garage which increase the traffic and the county got tired of dealing with the various issues that comes with it. I pushed him on this point and he said that the commons are still open to county employees on their break and that the county wants to sell off the land that the Commons, Karne' building, and County Services Building sit on. Obviously none of that is verifiable by outside means, but I trust my brother's knowledge as he has been there some time.
  2. Plan Revealed for First Phase of Scioto Peninsula Development "The Columbus Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC) unveiled a plan today for the first phase of the redevelopment of the Scioto Peninsula.The new plan involves six acres of land in the center of the site and calls for an eight-story hotel, flanked by an 11-story residential building and an eight-story office building. Directly to the west of those three buildings – each of which will front Belle Street and look out on Dorian Green, the park that serves as COSI’s front lawn – will be two additional residential buildings and a second hotel building. Also planned is a 1,400-space parking garage, to be built on three acres of land between Starling Street and the railroad tracks." https://www.columbusunderground.com/plan-revealed-for-first-phase-of-scioto-peninsula-development-bw1 https://www.columbusunderground.com/plan-revealed-for-first-phase-of-scioto-peninsula-development-bw1
  3. I think a grocery would be a great addition, even if it is just a "small market" concept that is becoming more popular. I think many people (but certainly not all) live in the immediate downtown because they enjoy a walking base lifestyle. Right now many can walk to restaurants, parks, jobs, and other places with relative ease. Having a store to walk to would be a big plus and I think would attract additional residents to the area.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a plan to put a downtown grocery store/all purpose store (ie. Target) close to the new LC complexes or near the new development between Gay and Long? Just seems odd to have so much new residential living downtown that lacks walkable amenities like a supermarket. I have seen it done successfully done in other comparable cities, but I have heard nothing in regards to walkable downtown stores in Columbus. I know the Hills market is on Grant near Gay, but that is rather far if you are trying to have a walking lifestyle.
  5. I hope updates are coming soon. I have a little more faith in this project compared to Millennial Tower, but not much.
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