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  1. Wow! I noticed the huge plume of black smoke from the window of my top floor apartment all the way over on Cedar Hill!
  2. The corner of 5th and Jefferson as of minutes ago. I told the project manager I would crop him out. I’m a man of my word.
  3. Good news provided this won’t negatively impact my beloved haunt, Moriarty’s
  4. Down with aesthetic enhancements, economic vitality and increased pedestrian connectivity between Public Square and the riverfront. Keep Cleveland beautiful!
  5. Thank goodness those hideous parking lots will soon be gone forever! Thanks @KJP!
  6. Red light photo. I’m getting all early 80s Christmas nostalgic now
  7. Not development news per se, but cool nonetheless... walked through the set of the new Russo Bros. Film, “Cherry” on Murray Hill. Managed to snap a few pics before being very politely asked to keep it moving.
  8. I’m pretty sure there’s a direct correlation between this latest turn of conversation, and the SHW thread being locked for the last couple of days. The visceral energy and speculative frenzy simply HAD to be channeled elsewhere! I love UO.
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