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  1. Thank goodness those hideous parking lots will soon be gone forever! Thanks @KJP!
  2. Red light photo. I’m getting all early 80s Christmas nostalgic now
  3. Not development news per se, but cool nonetheless... walked through the set of the new Russo Bros. Film, “Cherry” on Murray Hill. Managed to snap a few pics before being very politely asked to keep it moving.
  4. I’m pretty sure there’s a direct correlation between this latest turn of conversation, and the SHW thread being locked for the last couple of days. The visceral energy and speculative frenzy simply HAD to be channeled elsewhere! I love UO.
  5. Lots of activity today, and things moving along rapidly at 11601 Euclid...
  6. Such an exciting morning! Thanks as always @KJP! Another ripple effect I’m pondering is if/how SHW’s decision might impact Realife’s proposed residential tower at 725 W. St. Clair, among other things...
  7. Thank you @Mov2Ohio! The “Height Over Everything” tribe are who baffle me. Especially considering the panic that has run through this thread several times over the past couple of months over conjecture that SHW might bolt entirely for another city. I’m pretty sure whatever SHW decides to build downtown will be dramatically transformative. I love a hulking phallic skyscraper as much as the next nerd on this board, but c’mon people!
  8. While like many others I’ve been rooting for the PS site, I would still be really happy with this! As others have noted, I love the thought of the potential for increased riverfront development that SWHQ is likely to trigger. But I’m also very intrigued by the sight of a large (even if not supertall), visually stunning, state of the art skyscraper slightly removed from PS. Aesthetically, I’m among those who would prefer the city’s tallest and most distinct structures to be a bit more spread out and interspersed throughout the CBD, rather than all clustered together in the center. (Not to say I don’t still wish for a huge, skyline-changing presence for the “4th wall” of PS)! Excellent work as always, @KJP
  9. Just noticed these signs in many storefronts along Mayfield and Murray Hill for the first time today. Increasing backlash from locals opposed to new neighborhood development. The proprietor of one gallery/boutique caught me snapping a pic, and came out to talk. He called Quattro “an abomination”, and said the city is “forcing new development down our throats”. How big of a factor will this growing coalition of resistance be going forward?
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