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  1. Thank you as always, @KJP! Scrolling through the CPC slideshow for the multimodal hub really quickens my pulse. I absolutely love the cited inspirational elements, especially the “Great Halls”- style trans hubs of other cities, and the Great Lakes Exposition of ‘36-‘37, which conceptually ties the project back to the city’s grand history. Here’s hoping the new lakefront development can trigger a cyclical momentum that results in the land bridge and new trans hub finally seeing fruition in the next 5 years or so!
  2. @Clefan98 no offense but you know you can’t just casually toss something so inflammatory into this thread with such ambiguous language and not expect it to cause a big stir. Whether you like it or not, folks are going to press for further detail and clarification.
  3. That statement was soaring poetry by Mayor’s standards.
  4. Couldn’t we just “relocate” that store to a ground floor retail space in Market Square to preserve that unblemished record?
  5. I really like Colin Woodward’s approach in his book: “American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures in North America”. In his model, NEO falls distinctly within “Yankeedom” (see map), which helps to explain why many Clevelanders identify more closely with both East Coast and Chicago, than say, Columbus, Indy, or Pittsburgh. I became intrigued with this stuff when I (lifelong Clevelander) moved to Dayton temporarily for work. Its culture was surprisingly foreign to me, despite it being a mere three hour drive from home. But in Woodward’s model, Cleveland and Dayton are actually two “nations” apart, culturally speaking. His model is just one attempt to explain deep regional divisions. And it’s sure to fuel some passionate arguments. But I think it’s a pretty good step toward a more thoughtful conversation. Fascinating stuff. https://uk.businessinsider.com/the-11-nations-of-the-united-states-2015-7?
  6. I must admit, I’ve never heard the Rockside-480 interchange referred to as “bucolic”. To me, that area has always represented the apex of beige, mid-late 20th century freeway sprawl. You’re right. Top-Golf might not be eye candy, but I’m among those looking forward to disposing of some income there.
  7. Wow. I bought a couple of rehabbed old bikes there from Mitch (?) back in the day. I also had a good friend who once briefly rented the “apartment” upstairs from him. It was... modest. Many hazy nights spent hanging out in that creepy building. Another slice of old Tremont vanishing for good. But I agree with you, @marty15. Not surprising at all.
  8. ^^^ Thanks! No fisheye, just my iPhone camera. The slightly concave look is the result of my inability to keep the guide arrow straight while panning skyward.
  9. A couple of fun attempts with the pano technique described by @ASPhotoman above. The effect is cool and slightly whimsical
  10. So disappointing. I’m realizing once again that even very cautious optimism about this particular project may be misplaced. I hope they somehow prove me wrong. But it may be time for me to get off the emotional rollercoaster for awhile
  11. I’m with you! I think it adds an interesting visual contrast and offbeat uniqueness. Not everything has to be so neat and uniform.
  12. I work on Lakeshore Blvd near MLK. This is going to turn my commute into a nightmare for the next 10 months, but I do believe these are necessary improvements.
  13. ^Thanks for this! Outstanding high-level view. I currently consider myself a passive fan. I haven’t been truly fanatical since I was a kid on travel teams, and Kai Haaskivi, Gino DiFlorio and the Force were running around the Coliseum in the old MISL. But I love the game, and am following this thread closely.
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