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  1. Good map! Any way you could make it so users could add spots?
  2. I went in and looked around and was surprised to the prices inside. The basic households/groceries were not expensive at all, the cheapest I've seen downtown. They have fresh produce, milk, eggs, frozen. It's nice seeing a concept store like this come downtown, but I hope it doesn't take away business from smaller mom n pop convenience stores downtown(I think it will, but that's just my opinion) I've seen many videos and read many articles about the trouble DG and other dollar chains have caused to small retail outlets in rural communities https://www.fastcompany.com/90278384/why-dollar-stores-are-bad-business-for-the-neighborhoods-they-open-in Would it be unwise to say they could possibly cause similar havoc disruption in a downtown environment?
  3. True, this one might be of similar fashion. There is also a new BoA by CSU in the Langston building and it is just a series of ATM machines with no actual teller.
  4. This is going to be a Bank of America. I talked with a contractor from Chicago who is doing work in Cleveland and he was telling me Bank of America is expanding their presence in Cleveland.
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