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  1. Its tiem for Cleveland officials to earn their pay. There is alot of undeveloped land of Cle. Im sure froma business decision it would make sense that the RD center beas close as possible to the HQ. This can be resolved the city needs to do a full court press. As much as I want it go on the scranton peninsula how many other projects in the city could use an anchor of this magnitude e.g midtown (could be huge for connecting/development btwn midtown and downtown) opp corridor, lakefront w/ new apts, etc..
  2. Cleveland is wayyyy too conservative. I love the change up/energy the building will provide Euclid. I remember alot of people poo pooed the The Beacon but it has added so much to Euclid even though its not your typical Cleve designed apartment building. Cle doesn't have much color on Euclid, we r finally getting some glass with The Lumen. Its time "excitement/quirky/different" meets downtown.
  3. I guess all the new retail for the May Co building will be facing Prospect. It looks like Euclid side is 100% occupied
  4. I cant tell from the angle of the pic but are the new builds taller than previous built townhomes?
  5. Great reporting Ken. Cleveland urban enthusiast are lucky to have you. I am hoping for the Jacob/Weston lots, these are generational decisions that can dramatically push the city forward. I hope the city/county stands downs and push for integrated business in downtown core on the Jacob lots.
  6. It definitely needs more interactive spaces for people who do not live/reside there.
  7. For non construction crane aficionados, is the bottom of the crane is where the roof tops out at?
  8. ^Based on your on response it will be very interesting what Gilbert puts on the ground floor of the May Co apartment building conversion. Just by the sheer size there is an opportunity to have 2 - 3 retailers on the ground floor
  9. Does anybody know how the crowds were in the Flats? I hope they got a nice bounce in business...
  10. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/06/cleveland-foundation-plans-to-relocate-from-playhouse-square-to-midtown-despite-legal-tussle-over-site.html
  11. Should being black NOT be a prerequisite in developing black leadership?
  12. Has any additional work began on the townhouses, since the 4/15/19 pics?
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