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  1. Mt. Adams is not dead. The Teak will be reopening over the next 3-4 months only it can no longer be called the Teak due to the fact that when I sold the business in 2002, the individual I sold it too gets to keep the name even though he ran my creation that my family built into the ground. That individual also was the seed that led to many of the downfalls of Mt. Adams as he owned The Fishhouse, which closed down, took over Longworth's which was the beginning of the end of that place, and finally owned the former Celestial, which closed and is now something else. There is a plan for Mt. Adams and we will be a part of the revitalization of the business district by introducing new restaurants and night life that caters to everyone. In particular, the former Teak will now be called 1194 representing the day we originally opened Teak. We will have some of the old favorites, but we are planning some really interesting and new things that are not served or underserved in our genre of food in the Midwest. We will see you in a few months as the Hill will be back just like we are!!!
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